Interview With Thomas Lafont of Lafont Eyewear

Thomas Lafont of Lafont Paris eyewear interview in 20/20 magazine

The brands we choose to carry at Vizio Optic have some important things in common – they have their own distinguishing styles and display an intense passion for incredible eyewear. One such designer who consistently shows off his propensity towards making men and women look and feel their best is Thomas Lafont of Lafont eyewear, who recently gave an insightful interview to 20/20 Magazine that made us appreciate his work so much more – and we know you will, too!

Inspired by flowers he picks himself, old books, various fabrics, garden furniture, pottery and more, it’s safe to say that Mr. Lafont is an observant creature, letting the world around him become a catalyst for creation.

“When you buy Lafont, you buy the spirit, quality and ideas associated with Lafont, and you always buy something new and different,” he told the magazine. “We like to compare our eyewear to fine wine. It’s always good, but like good wine, the taste is a little different with each production.”

Lafont eyewear

To further the enophilic analogy, wines have recognizable characteristics that link them to their native countries, but the greatest vintages are enhanced by outside influences that make them truly unique – this is what Lafont strives for.

“It’s important that we bring a little bit of the flair associated with Paris to the outside world, but we are more than French, we are global. Creating eyewear is like cooking,” Mr. Lafont said. “French cuisine is great, but sometimes it’s good to add elements of another country, changing the taste a bit, but still keeping the French connection.

To read the full article, head on over to 20/20 Magazine and enjoy 🙂 Don’t forget to view our entire selection of Lafont eyewear on our website as well.

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