ic! berlin: Making Chopsticks Out of Eyeglasses Since 1999

Have you ever gotten takeout sushi, only to get all the way home and realize they forgot to include a pair of chopsticks? It’s a panicky moment, but if you have a pair of ic! berlin glasses, don’t worry your pretty little head! Besides being a lightweight and fashionable pair of specs, your designer glasses are also innovative and totally convenient in ways you’ve never imagined. Where are we going with this?

This is where. No, they’re not broken. ic! berlin eyeglasses and sunglasses feature a screw-less hinge design made of interlocking pieces that snap on and off with ease. This ability was originally made for simple repairs (if your frames happen to endure accidental harsh treatment, such as being sat on, the arms just snap off to avoid breakage) and to eliminate the requirement of routine adjustments, but you can get a little more creative with them as well.

You don’t have to be MacGuyver to fashion a pair of chopsticks out of your glasses. The arms may be lightweight, but the titanium material they are made out of is also very strong and durable, so they will be able to hold up a piece of sushi in a pinch!

Okay, okay, stop looking at us like we’re crazy. We’re just showing you how convenient ic! berlin eyewear can be. If you do want to try eating sushi with your sunglasses, make sure to wash them well after, you don’t want to smell like a spicy tuna roll all day.

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