Frame Yourself: Oval Face Shapes

Choosing the perfect pair of designer glasses requires you to consider several things, including your favorite colors, which shapes will look good on you, what materials you want, and what embellishments you enjoy (or would rather avoid). There are so many options out there that it can be difficult to narrow down your choices, but keeping one thing in mind can make a world of a difference: your face shape! Knowing what looks good on your face shape makes the hunt for eyeglasses and sunglasses much simpler, which is why throughout the next few weeks we will highlight popular face shapes and show you examples of what will look great on you! This week, we’ll talk about oval faces:

Those with oval faces typically have even features, meaning you want to find a frame that maintains this balance instead of throwing it all in one direction.

Oliver Goldsmith Kendal sunglasses are a great choice for those with oval faces, and trendy, too! Geometric styles are very popular right now, and flatter oval faces by adding sharper angles that complement your soft features.  This style is available in Coulis Sandwich (above), Black Truffle, and Electric Tortoise.


Keep in mind the size of your face as well. Is your oval face petite as well? Stick to frames that are moderately sized, you don’t want to overpower your small features with an enormous frame. However, oversized, nerdy glasses are pretty popular recently, and while the large frames may be a bit overwhelming, you can still make the style work for you with a frame like Studio FB W10 eyeglasses, with their rectangular silhouette and chunky black frame that is totally geek-chic. As a bonus, this brand uses wood fibers in its glasses that results in a super natural-looking matte finish, going along with with the organic trend of the summer season.


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