Frame of the Week: Etnia Praha eyeglasses

We’ve been focusing a lot on women’s eyewear lately, but now it’s time for the guys to shine! This week, our special Frame of the Week is from Barcelona, with vintage details and modern technology weaved seamlessly into a flattering accessory.

Etnia Praha eyeglasses

Who: Alex and our friend Terry Mahoney

Etnia Praha eyeglasses

WearEtnia Praha eyeglasses

Why: As we always say, it’s all about balance. This frame works for them because those with strong jaw lines benefit from adding curves, as do those with sharp facial features, thus the round silhouette of Praha is the perfect choice to create harmony in their appearance. The arms on this frame make it top-heavy, which flatters triangular faces by drawing attention to the upper half, evening out its shape.

Look closely. Could you tell that these Etnia Praha glasses were two toned? The unique pattern combination is very subtle and is playful without straying from a professional appearance. The super-small black stripes are complemented by the Havana tortoise pattern on top, lightening the frame just a bit.

We love the round silhouette, which is a major trend this season, paired with the keyhole bridge, particularly because these retro aspects are paired so beautifully with the latest in eyewear technology and creative design. Etnia’s penchant for cool color and pattern combos means that there’s something for everyone out there, whether you want to enjoy a bit of playfulness without sacrificing sophistication, or if you want to fully embrace your artsy side with multi-colored checkers and stripes.

Get yours here.

Check out the latest Etnia eyeglasses available on our website and let us know which one makes the cut for your Frame of the Week.

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