Frame of the Week: Etnia Montpelier Eyeglasses

Etnia Montpelier c.BRPU eyeglasses

Today we want to talk about dueling desires. Two things you love and want to have but their fate seems inevitably doomed – much like clashing patterns. But fashion is all about the unexpected, and many times two separate pieces that you wouldn’t consider pairing end up working together beautifully. Case in point, Etnia eyewear consistently shows us how seemingly conflicting patterns can actually come together for a perfect union.

Above, our friend Alison wears a perfect example of a frame that shows your desires can be anything but dueling – Etnia Montpelier eyeglasses. This style features a brown striped pattern along the brow and arms, matched with a mini-polka dot pattern in purple throughout the front rims. These designs work well together because they’re colored in complementary shades and because the details are small and subtle.

Etnia Montpelier c.BRPU eyeglasses

This style isn’t overwhelming either because it starts out with a classic silhouette that brings the unconventional pattern pairing down a notch. This rectangular style is also available in tan stripes with brown checkers, solid brown with red checkers, black stripes with blue checkers, and black stripes with fuchsia checkers.

Etnia Montpelier eyeglasses

This is just one frame among many that boast cool color and pattern combinations, and we encourage you to scroll through the Etnia eyewear selection available on our website. There are so many styles to choose from, we know you’ll find the perfect one for you.

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