Eye Spy: Tara Savelo in Oliver Goldsmith Moosh Sunglasses

Tara Savelo may not be a household name, but her boss certainly is. She just happens to be the best friend and makeup artist of the one and only Lady Gaga, and the two seem to share an affinity for unique designer eyewear. As we’ve mentioned before, Gaga is a huge fan of Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses, and it seems her penchant for bold shades is rubbing off on Tara.

Oliver Goldsmith Moosh sunglasses

Seen wearing Oliver Goldsmith Moosh sunglasses, Tara looks absolutely fab pairing them with a fur coat and a red lip. The square lenses are surrounded by an acetate frame in Blue Opal, with two silver dot accents embellished each corner. You’ve heard us say it a thousand times, the frame’s extreme silhouette, geometric to stay in line with current trends of course, works with her oval face shape because of the balance – the center-set arms give the frame symmetry, and the large lenses don’t overwhelm either half of her face because they have the same proportions with their length and width.

A unique frame deserves an even better name. So where does Moosh come from? According to the Oliver Goldsmith website:

The Moosh is called so due to the design of the frame – its spells Moosh! The M starts from the right to left of the frame, the OO are the lenses, the S is taken from the top right hand corner, to the left bottom corner and the H is in the middle – and there you have it!

Moosh is also available in black and gold, black and silver, matte black claret, matte English summer, and wakame. If you would like to purchase this frame or would like more information, please call us at 866-411-9428 or email sales@viziooptic.com.

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