Eye Spy… Celebs in LINDBERG Eyeglasses

Our favorite celebrities know a thing or two about great style, they have virtually instant access to some of the most sought-after brands in the world. One in particular, a Danish brand celebrated globally for its innovations in the eyewear industry and intelligent designs, is a go-to designer for many stylish stars. LINDBERG eyewear has long been a top choice, worn by Robert Deniro, Tyra Banks and many more.

Kate Bosworth and Mads Mikkelson wearing Lindberg eyeglasses

Above, actress Kate Bosworth wears a pair of LINDBERG Horn 1822 eyeglasses, a small round frame that perfectly complements are square face shape. The dark brown rims look beautiful with her auburn hair, an unexpected change from her usual platinum blonde locks. Its arms are made with titanium, attached to the front via a screw-less hinge.

In the black and white photo, Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen models a pair of LINDBERG 1235 eyeglasses, a great geometric shape that flatters his already angular face. The structured rectangular design features many straight lines, giving it a particularly masculine silhouette.


A closer look at the 1235 frame reveals its dark brown color that is deep but doesn’t provide as harsh a contrast as would a black frame, flattering the model’s skin tone. We can see the titanium arms, also featuring the innovative hinge technology – this material is used primarily for its feather-light weight and extreme flexbility, which in turn adds to its overall strength. If the Danish know one thing, it’s incredibly smart design, and we’re sure our celeb friends with the best style would agree!

What’s your favorite LINDBERG frame?

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