CHANEL Spring Show Recap

This past weekend was our annual CHANEL Private Fitting Event, something we look forward to every spring! The Vizio Optic team welcomed many customers in the Greater Boston area to enjoy a look at the Prestige collection of CHANEL eyeglasses and sunglasses, along with new styles for 2012. We had a great time, and visitors got to enjoy delicious chocolates from our Brookline neighbor Serenade Chocolatier while they listened to live jazz and tried on some brand new frames. Here are the top sellers from our spring show:

CHANEL 3234 eyeglasses

CHANEL 3234 eyeglasses stray a bit from the brand’s typical classic looks – bright colors are huge this season and CHANEL is getting in on the trend by offering a few new hues like this stunning red. The newer colors were a hit at the show!

CHANEL 3228Q eyeglasses

Another popular style at the event was CHANEL 3228Q eyeglasses in tortoise. Our customers were enamored by the lambskin quilted leather on the temple – a subtle detail that sets it apart from other designer glasses. This style also features a small signature logo in each corner in gold.

CHANEL 5225Q sunglasses

When it came to the shades, CHANEL 5225Q sunglasses were a success. The matte finish of the frame is subtle and elegant. The oversized frames feature the quilted pattern on the arm pieces with a black-lacquered CC logo, and also polarized lenses for the ultimate protection against the sun.

For more information on how you can purchase CHANEL glasses, give us a call at 866-411-9428 and we’ll be happy to assist you.


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