Celeb Style: Catherine Zeta Jones in ic! berlin

Since we’ve investigated what frames Mila Kunis, Julia Roberts and other actresses have been wearing in their latest movies, we thought it’d be fun to do another this week, since the beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones wears a stunning pair of designer glasses in the film Side Effects (which is out in theaters now). Looking as stunning as ever, CZJ dons a pair of slim, dark-rimmed specs that give her a professional and incredibly sexy look.

Now, on to what she’s actually wearing! CZJ is wearing a pair of ic! berlin glasses known as Black Hole, part of its plastic! collection. This large, rectangular frame comes in black, flattering her round face shape by adding more angles to her look. This creates balance, which is what we look for in the perfect pair of glasses. The color also stands out wonderfully against her fair skin and looks great with her dark hair. Great choice!

ic! berlin black hole eyeglasses

ic! berlin Black Hole eyeglasses feature the brand’s patented screw-less hinge, which uses a spring clasp to connect the arms and rim rather than a screw that could become loose or require adjustments over time. It is also made of titanium (with acetate mounted on the front rim), which improves its strength and makes the frame highly flexible. This style is also available in brown with turquoise accents and brown or pearl arms, Havana with chrome arms, and gray matte with pearl arms.

For more information on how to purchase this frame from Vizio Optic, please email sales@viziooptic.com.

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