BOZ Eyewear Makes You Anything But Ordinary

Fans of JF Rey, listen up! We have added a brand new selection of BOZ eyewear, its sister company, to our website for you to enjoy. Both brands are run by a husband and wife team, with the lovely wife in charge of creating beautiful glasses for BOZ. She is also a jewelry designer, so her eyewear is created to not only be a way to correct your vision, but to be a flattering accessory as well. Check out some of her latest styles:

BOZ News eyeglasses

BOZ News eyeglasses are a bold and unique style, with oval lenses surrounded by white rims that flare in the upper corners. The left edge of the lens is exposed, while the rim extends outward to the twisted design along the arms. The white brown-line is accented by a thin strip of purple, which also makes an appearance along the curves of the arms and in the transparent plastic ear tips.

BOZ Nenette eyeglasses

BOZ Nenette eyeglasses are like nothing you’ve seen before. The rectangular silhouette may be a classic, but it is surrounded by glossy plastic with a black and pink pattern throughout. Its arms feature a fin-like design in both colors, capped at the ends with a matching patterned ear tip. Nenette is guaranteed to be a conversation starter among your fashionable friends.

BOZ Nymplea eyeglasses

Perhaps the most unconventional of the three is a pair of BOZ Nymplea eyeglasses. This bright pink style has a flat-metal rim that extends far beyond the outer edges of the lens, giving it a three-dimensional quality unlike anything we’ve seen from other designers. Connected to the hinge is another finned accent temple in solid pink and textured gold, capped with dark plastic along the tips.

What do you think? Are you bold enough to wear BOZ eyeglasses?

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