Blending Trends With Studio FB Eyewear

A designer’s greatest misstep is trying to incorporate multiple popular trends into one piece, overwhelming what could have been a classic and beautiful style. The eyewear industry should take cues from Studio FB eyeglasses, a new collection that seamlessly weave multiple fashion trends of 2012 into flawless, minimalistic designer frames.

Studio FB W05 eyeglasses

Studio FB eyewear takes on three of this season’s hottest ideas: going retro, mixing materials, and using organic materials. Each of the brand’s designer glasses have a distinct vintage inspired look, from Wayfarer style silhouettes of the eighties to sexy cat-eye shapes of the sixties.

Studio FB W06 eyeglasses

Another trend you’ll see with eyewear companies is using multiple different materials in one frame. While most are opting for a mix of metal and plastic, Studio FB has chosen to design its frames with 70% acetate and 20% wood fibers. This interesting blend is buffed down for a chic matte finish.

Studio FB W10 eyeglasses


Many designers in the industry are working hard to keep their processes as eco-friendly as possible, and the use of natural materials is one of the hottest trends this year. The wood fibers give the frames a beautiful and earthy vibe with a dark, handsome appeal.

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