Are your eyeglasses giving off the wrong vibe?

Your glasses should be a reflection of your personality. After all, they are an accessory that you wear every day. While facial expressions can give us certain cues, your general appearance gives off another impression, and you want to make sure that you are giving the right one.

In an environment where first impressions are supremely important (such as a business setting), non-verbal cues are equally as significant, if not more, than your oral communication skills. In these instances, the safest route is to go with frames that are conservative and neutral in style, shape and color to convey professionalism, order and sensibility. Rimless eyewear from LINDBERG is a great option, as is Prodesign for classic, understated looks.

Prodesign Glasses

Top: Prodesign 1231 for women. Bottom: Prodesign 1170 for men.

Perhaps you are an active person outside of a professional atmosphere. Frames that are designed for athletic purposes not only look sporty and cool, but they serve an important protective purpose. Oakley eyewear, a brand renowned around the world for its popularity in the sports world, has excellent options for those who like to get their heart racing. Oakley Ratchet frames, for example, are outfitted with Unobtainium earpieces that maintain their grip through wetness and perspiration. The sleek look of the half-rim frame gives off a strong, yet casual vibe.

Oakley Ratchet
Fancy a bit of fun? Colorful frames with intriguing designs say a lot about your appreciation of good art and ability to take life in stride. Those who like bold colors and flirty concepts should take a look at the Face a Face eyewear collection.

Face a Face eyewear

Clockwise from top right: Face a Face Agape, Face a Face Roxan, Face a Face Axess, Face a Face Elvis, Face a Face Adore

The French designer offers each of these styles, among many others, in a vast selection of eye-catching colors.

For those who enjoy interesting design, Lafont eyeglasses take it to the next level. With laser-cut frames, bright color schemes and unconventional rim shapes, the brand helps you to show off your unique and playful personality.

Lafont eyewear

Top: Lafont Audace. Left: Lafont Borgia, Lafont Boutade, Lafont Evidence. Right: Lafont Tresor, Lafont Bibi, Lafont Eldorado.

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