Are Glasses More Important Than Shoes?

What do you notice first?

What do you notice first?

You’ve heard it plenty of times – shoes set the tone for a person’s outfit and makes the biggest first impression. But let us ask you one thing – when you’re talking to a friend, are you looking at her feet or her face?

Glasses are far more powerful than shoes when it comes to how others view you! Thus, it is important to choose the perfect pair that looks great, evokes the right vibe, and matches your personality. No one is looking at your feet when they’re having a conversation with you, and if they are, they don’t sound like someone you want to be impressing in the first place! One of our favorite things to say here at Vizio Optic is that you want to treat designer glasses like they are jewelry for your face. They are just as important an accessory as a bracelet, necklace, or ring, and you wouldn’t wear the same ones every day, would you?

Many of our brands are 100% focused on designing high-quality eyewear, with a huge range of frames that help you look your best and feel sexy, fresh, professional, creative – whatever you want!

Hilary in Etnia eyeglasses

Above, Hilary is wearing Etnia eyeglasses. See what personality they give her? No matter what kind of look you want to project, we carry the perfect frame for you. Just by looking at her, you can tell that Hilary is showing off her playful side with bright colors and a cool design. Want something a little more sophisticated for your work days? Try on a pair of ic! berlin glasses on for size. The sleek frames and innovative technology used to create them will give off that executive look you’ve always dreamed of.

We do not exist as one-dimensional figures, so why should you only have one look? As we’ve mentioned before, we’re  big fans of having multiple eyeglasses for our multiple personalities. They are a much better way to give off the right impression than a pair of shoes. For work settings, a simple metal frame with a little detailing gets the job done. Your creativity can bloom in social settings with a laser-cut floral frame from Kata, or if you’re a minimalist who appreciates bright pop of color, look to Lafont or Face a Face.

No matter what type of impression you want to give, Vizio Optic has got the perfect style for you. Call us for a free consultation so you can be on your way to showing the world your true self through a great pair of designer glasses.

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