‘Alma Gets Glasses’ Gives Children a Positive Experience

Alma Gets Lindberg Kids Glasses

Alma Gets Glasses is a wonderful children’s book that a Danish teacher, Tina Torp Aaby, wrote when she discovered her own 3-year-old daughter needed glasses, an experience that many parents can relate to, especially with the increase of technology usage in the younger generations.

As the author explains in an interview, “The book describes everything that is fun and positive about having to wear glasses, and we follow Alma’s first visit to the ophthalmologist and the optician in order to help open children’s eyes to what actually happens.”

Alma, now four years old, chose her very own LINDBERG glasses. Just like anyone searching for the perfect frame, it took a while to find the ones she liked because, as Torp Aaby says, they are “very particular.”

“For us, it’s so important that people notice and appreciate Alma’s face – not just her glasses. It’s also important that her specs can take a battering, and not hold her back when she’s playing. And they also have to look cool, of course!”

Parents who have to help their children through getting glasses for the first time may want to pick up this book from LINDBERG, as it will make the experience more positive for little ones. Alma Gets Glasses makes getting glasses seem less overpowering for your child, and the story about Alma gets kids actively involved in the whole process of getting fitted for glasses.

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