Achieve Elegance and Style with Lafont Eyewear from Paris

Lafont is a designer eyewear brand known worldwide for elegant details, incomparable use of shapes and colors, and superb craftsmanship. Lafont eyewear is the premier designer of glasses and sunglasses that blend luxury and high-tech innovation with a playful sensibility. More than just specs, Lafont provides an accessory akin to fine jewelry and designer handbags that can be coordinated with the day’s ensemble or serve as a fashion showpiece.

Lafont Audace eyeglassesA family-owned business, Lafont eyewear can trace its origins back almost 90 years to 1923, when patriarch Louis Lafont opened an optical shop in Paris. Husband-and-wife team Phillipe and Laurence Lafont carried on the company’s tradition of offering the world superb eyewear when they created the Lafont brand in 1972. It was Phillipe who suggested that Laurence design a few frames for the boutique, and her first small collection sold so well that in 1979, the couple devoted themselves full time to eyewear design.

Since then, son Thomas Lafont has joined the design team and released his own collections under the Lafont umbrella. And Lafont has continued to lead the pack in designer eyewear fashion, creating the trends instead of following them with original and smart lines of women’s, men’s, and children’s glasses and sunglasses that represent a true diversity of styles.

It is precisely that talent for range that has made Lafont one of the most celebrated eyewear brands in the fashion accessory industry. A pair of Lafont eyeglasses or sunglasses brings the eyes to life, framing them with impulsive colors, architectural construction, and surprising features like cutouts, flares at the brow, or clever inlays. This is where a lust for leopard prints, crystals, and even coral appears. And yet, as lightheartedand mischievous as Lafont frames can be, they are also an homage to long-established eyewear styles like the cat-eye silhouette and the half-rim frames of yesteryear.

Lafont Borgia eyeglasses

All Lafont eyewear is designed and manufactured in Paris using the highest quality materials (like rich acetates and pure metals) and the latest technological advancements, so a pair of the brand’s eyeglasses or sunglasses is guaranteed to be a lasting part of one’s wardrobe. Perhaps that is one piece of the magic of Lafont? Whether flashy or traditional, glasses and sunglasses by Lafont are rich, vibrant, warm, and utterly brilliant.

Today, Lafont eyewear is sold only in select authorized optical shops throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America, including Vizio Optic in Brookline, MA. We hope you like Lafont as much as we do – it has several amazing collections, both elegant and fashionable for all ages.

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