A New Toy for the Eyewear Hoarder

Face a Face eyeglasses

Part of our mission is to provide you with an expertly curated selection of designer eyewear. We offer many unique models to you for a few reasons – most importantly because each of us has our own individual taste, and there are so many different kinds of frames and colors and patterns and materials that we just know you’ll find the perfect one that fits your sense of style (and if you get overwhelmed we are so very happy to help!).

And just like you wouldn’t wear the same top every day, why should you limit yourself to one pair of glasses every day? Having multiple frames is a fun way to switch up your look according to your moods. We all have a few different sides to us, and we like our glasses to match!

Now, for all of you who are on the same page and have already amassed a collection of cool frames, we understand that storing a bunch of cases can contribute to some closet clutter. The solution? A slim, six-frame glasses case, available in a polished wooden finish as well as multiple colors of faux alligator skin. We’ve got just what you need for easy organization and safe storage.

Polished wooden eyeglasses case

Green faux alligator skin eyeglasses case

Red faux alligator skin eyeglasses case

These cases are especially convenient for the spatially limited. They are slim enough to slide into a bookcase or to store on your bureau to eliminate the clutter of six bulky glasses cases sitting in a pile.

Could you use one of these? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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