LINDBERG Rim Titanium Glasses: Simply Smart

LINDBERG Air Titanium Rim HERMOD eyeglasses

In the case of Danish eyewear master and designer Paul-Jorn Lindberg, of LINDBERG Eyewear, inspiration was born of exasperation – namely, exasperation at the fact that the eyeglass frames in his very own shop held little appeal for him. First came his groundbreaking LINDBERG Air Titanium rimless frames (the predecessor of the LINDBERG Spirit Titanium), which have stayed on the  radar for almost 30 years. Then came LINDBERG’s innovation: LINDBERG Rim Titanium eyeglasses, sleek, super lightweight, full-rim frames without any screws. These are the favorite of executives, politicians, and royalty alike.

Just as in the original LINDBERG rimless eyeglasses collection, everything superfluous – welding, screws, and rivets – has been eliminated from LINDBERG Rim Titanium glasses, leaving behind only what is necessary for absolute comfort and superior style. These are frames that have been reduced to the bare essentials while maintaining their innate magnificence of design. It’s not at all surprising that LINDBERG Rim Titanium glasses are the glasses for anyone who wants to project a calculated image – the eyes reveal what they want to reveal while the super slim titanium rims add just the tiniest touch of mystery.

LINDBERG Air Titanium Rim PERRY eyeglasses

As far as looks go, LINDBERG Rim Titanium glasses take Danish minimalism to a whole new level with incredible design finesse and true aesthetic innovation. Their simple elegance belies strength and flexibility that demonstrates that, yes, less can be more and beauty can be strong.

We really like these LINDBERG Rim Titanium glasses. How do you like them?

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