Top 10 Tips to Make Sure That You Are Buying Authentic CHANEL Sunglasses

CHANEL sunglasses have a unique style and are unique and very special. They have been in fashion for decades and will continue to be for many decades more. Because of their popularity, every year and every new season’s designs are exploited when counterfeiters go to work copying these styles. Counterfeiters may try to copy the elegant designs of genuine CHANEL sunglasses but no copy has the true details that set authentic CHANEL sunglasses apart from their imitators.

The first and most important factor to consider when buying authentic CHANEL is to consider where you are making the purchase in the first place. Look only for an authorized retailer! CHANEL is very selective and very particular about whom they will give a license to sell their products. For this very reason, street vendors and various other mall stall owners will never be authorized to sell CHANEL sunglasses. You can be absolutely confident that any street vendors’ CHANEL sunglasses are counterfeit.

Another huge sign that you are buying fake CHANEL sunglasses is any kinds of discounts. It is well known that CHANEL does not allow any authorized retailers to discount the products. So no matter where you are and no matter how good their discounts seem, you should quickly pass on their wares and go elsewhere to buy the genuine CHANEL product.

While it is easy to avoid street vendors for the reasons above, it is unfortunate that many regular eyewear and sunglass shops with legitimate-looking storefronts may be also be guilty of selling fakes. In that case, you should look very closely at their sunglasses and pay close attention to the details. You should also ask whether they are an authorized dealer. Usually you will be able to tell by how they answer. Another tip that will help you discern the authorized CHANEL dealers is to look around the store for CHANEL promotional materials such as posters and signs because those can only be received directly from CHANEL to help the store market the brand and products.  If you don’t see any posters or any promotional materials then this vendor does not carry any authorized or authentic CHANEL eyewear.

So what are all the key ways to check for the authentic product?  Here are the Top 10 Tips to help you make sure that you are buying authentic CHANEL sunglasses:

1.    The store is offering you discounts and this is the first clear bad sign  because CHANEL does not permit its authorized retailers to discount the products.
2.    You are inside the store and notice that they don’t have any CHANEL promotional materials or posters. This is a reliable sign that they are not an authorized dealer.
3.    Look for authentic CHANEL logos on the side. For example, two interlocking C should be correct. Fakes often fudge the logo.
4.    Look at the lenses. Do you see an etched CHANEL name or logo? Authentic CHANEL sunglasses clearly bear their quality brand mark.
5.    New authentic CHANEL sunglasses will have unique identification and serial numbers etched on one of the lenses, typically laser etched on the right lens.
6.    Note the full packaging. Real CHANEL sunglasses come with an elegant authentic case and a CHANEL certification confirming that the product is authentic.
7.    Remember that quality control for genuine CHANEL products is exacting. If there are any visible flaws in the sunglasses, they aren’t genuine CHANEL.
8.    Real CHANEL glasses are heavy for their size. Lightweight lenses are likely impostors.
9.    Ask about the return policy. Unscrupulous dealers selling fake CHANEL goods have either a poor return policy or none at all. Genuine CHANEL retailers have nothing to hide and are very clear with their return policies.
10.    Real CHANEL sunglasses have one color of hardware throughout. If hinges are silver, check carefully the rest of the visible metal inside the temples of the glasses.

Also, note that the serial number should be laser etched on the side of the right lens. Today there are some counterfeit sunglasses that come with serial numbers etched on the lens but carefully note that there should not be a space between the first two characters of the serial number and the remaining numbers. Below is an example of fake sunglasses (source: that help you see this example:

Online sunglass retailers may be authorized dealers that carry authentic CHANEL sunglasses but be especially wary of difficult return policies and you should also call and talk to them. As it’s impossible to examine the product before buying, it’s imperative for you to seek only authorized dealers with clear return policy. Some people also buy CHANEL sunglasses secondhand from auction sites like eBay but as there is virtually no guarantee of authenticity and it’s hard to justify spending CHANEL prices on what could well be a fake.

Do careful research before spending a large sum on a pair of sunglasses. Authentic CHANEL designer sunglasses are built to last and worth their price but paying for CHANEL and getting a counterfeit is no bargain.

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