Focus On: CHANEL 5186 Sunglasses

You might not be a movie star, but you can look like one in one of 2012’s hottest styles. CHANEL sunglasses are always in fashion, and this year is no different. Every woman should own a few classic pieces to add versatility to their wardrobe, pieces that will last and that will still be as the seasons go on, and that is just what CHANEL does for you.

One of the trendiest frames this year is CHANEL 5186 sunglasses. These beautiful shades can be worn anywhere, making a woman feel fabulous at the beach or all day in the city. The 5186 is both sweet and bold, with an acetate frame that boasts either tone-on-tone or bi-color camellias along the arms that add a delicate accent.

CHANEL 5186 C.714/3B Sunglasses
Not only are the CHANEL 5186 sunglasses beautiful, they are good for your eyes. Rays from the sun can damage the eyes, and sunglasses with UV resistant lenses can help protect and keep them healthy.
CHANEL 5186 C.501/3F Sunglasses
CHANEL sunglasses are one of the most sought-after and desirable eyewear today. They can be sophisticated or flirty, trendy or vintage, depending on whatever mood you’re in at the moment. So wear them, and feel beautiful.

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