CHANEL. Sunglasses. Sometimes two of the coolest terms in the fashion world come together and hit the spot in a style symphony.

CHANEL is known for stealing the show on haute couture runways and for unearthly scents condensed into tiny glass bottles. The fashion powerhouse’s clothes, make up, perfumes and accessories are known by fashionistas far and wide to be “the best”. And CHANEL sunglasses are no exception.

Just like many of its other lines, CHANEL’s eyewear collection has undergone its seasonal reinvention. The Spring 2011 lineup of CHANEL sunglasses in Boston at VizioOptic includes some iconic new designs and statement invoking pieces to protect your eyes with 100% UV protection and prescription lenses, if needed, in high style this year.

The CHANNEL 4186 and 4187 models both feature thin metallic frames with some enamel, and large but not overly dark lenses, the main difference between the two models being their lens shape: the 4186 is more square than the rounder bottomed 4187. Both glasses boast inscriptions of CHANEL on the enameled temples, and come in a variety of enamel-lens color combinations, including silver metal with white enamel-light gray lens, black-light or dark gray, maroon, and violet-red; gold metal with brown enamel and lens.

CHANEL 4186 C.395/3B Sunglasses

CHANEL 4187 C.3953B Sunglasses

The CHANEL 5187H lends a retro style to the 2011 CHANEL sunglasses collection, featuring a bold frame and vintage cat eye shape. The 5187H comes in clear white, black, light tortoise shell accented with teal blue, and a variety of other colors, all of which include a relief floral design on the temple, as well as the famed double-C CHANEL logo.
CHANEL 5187H C.539/3L Sunglasses
Model 5185 is the classic sunglass style, and is a perfect light weight pair for CHANEL sunglasses in Boston. A large lens with a thin plastic frame, the 5185 comes in several shades or tortoise shell and bone, black, and white, showing the CHANEL logo at the beginning of the temple, and with different colored accents toward the back of the temples.

CHANEL 5185 C.714/3G Sunglasses

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