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Circle Gets the Square

It is always so interesting to meet new clients and learn about the eyewear styles that they are looking for.  It is not uncommon for one to not know exactly what they want, however, one can be very quick to dismiss the round frames right off the bat, while others only want the roundies. I have been told, “I do NOT want to look like Harry Potter”. I have also been told “ I want to look like John Lennon”.  No matter what square you might fit into, circle gets the square in this year’s upcoming world of eyewear fashion.

Brands like WOOW have brought classic round eyeglass styles back into the rotation of what was old is new again. Check out WOOW All Right 6 c 90. I am partial to this frame as I own it and wear it. I love the gold and brown tortoise rim and temples with the gold accent bridge and hinges.  WOOW eyewear has cute names that are noted on the temple ends which contributes to the overall fun feel to the frame.

Keep Cool 1 in Satin Turquoise is another fun example created by WOOW. This colorful, round eyeglass frame adds a little sass to this style keeping it modern and lively.  How can you not smile while wearing this frame?


I have not forgotten about my frame fans who might want to revisit round frames but are not quite ready to plunge into the  new bold and colorful styles just yet. I know there are those who want frames on your face, not in your face.  Let’s take a look at LUNOR. Lunor is a luxury eyewear line made in Germany.  Lunor makes both rimless and acetanium frames that always radiate classic, timeless, elegant style and sophistication. Here is Steve Jobs wearing Lunor Classic Rund (Round).

                                                                                                                             photo ©  Apple, Inc.

Lester Holt of NBC Evening News also wears Lunor 226 in Matte Tortoise. Very classy.

                                                                                                                                             photo ©  NBC, Inc.

Round eyeglass frames are also taking over the fashion world of sunglasses. Brands like Oliver Goldsmith never let this style go. Take a look at Oliver Goldsmith Oops! (1973)

Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses are all original molds used and created by Oliver Goldsmith in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  His fashion eyewear was worn by all of the most noteworthy and glamorous celebrities of this time. He named many of his frames after the icons who wore them.  Most publicised is the Oliver Goldsmith Audrey 1963 frame. Named after Audrey Hepburn.


 Coming back around full circle you can see that there really are many different ways to work round eyeglass styles into your own personal wardrobe. Have fun finding your way out of the square and into the round. Visit to explore other great designer frames and round eyeglass and sunglass styles.


Erin Stiles, Licensed Optician


Out with the Old, in with the Blue!

Out with the Old, in with the Blue!

Cheers to 2016! Let’s make a New Year’s Resolution that is actually going to be fun to stick to. It seems pretty normal to clean out our closets to get rid of the old to make room for the new. In doing so we are keeping up with the most up to date clothing styles, accessories and shoes!  Updating our wardrobe is fun, and makes us feel good. However, let’s not forget to include new and fashionable eyewear into our look for 2016.

A new pair of glasses and sunglasses is the perfect  way to complete your new look from head to toe. Thankfully, still trending in fashion eyewear is the color blue. I consider blue to be the new black. One of my favorite designers, Robert Marc has been incorporating various shades of blue into his collection for years.  Robert Marc 2015 Fall/Winter Collection was inspired by American Abstract painters. These beautiful acetanium frames showcase a pallet of blues including, Teal-Azure, Nightfall-Mulberry, and Cobalt-Raw Sienna.

Jumping right into 2016 Robert Marc has not disappointed us.  Robert Marc 2016 Resort Collection continues to feature bright, yet very compatible shades of blue that will complement any wardrobe while enhancing your beautiful eyes.

Robert Marc’s inspiration for this collection happens to be Palm Beach. Just visualizing the beautiful blues of Palm Beach makes me think I need this color in my life. This is Robert Marc’s representation. Take a look at  Mar-a-Lago and Breakers Blue.

What do you say?  Can we get out with old and in with the blue? For additional inspiration visit where you can see just how many luxury eyeglass  brands are making room for blue acetanium frames. See you there.

Erin Stiles

Licensed Optician, Vizio Optic

Frame of the Week: Woow Never Mind 1 Eyeglasses

Everyone always needs a little encouragement on a Monday, don’t they? Woow eyewear is here for you, with its words of encouragement that stay with you all day. How? They’re on your glasses! Each frame from the French designer has a little message of positivity that only the wearer knows about, as it is written on the inner ear tips giving you good vibes all day long. This week, we push away bad thoughts with a pair of Woow Never Mind 1 eyeglasses.

Woow Never Mind 1 eyeglasses

Last seen on our friend Kelsey in turquoise, this version that our friend Susan is wearing features a gradient blonde tortoise design in transparent acetate that lets the colors truly stand out. With the little message Never Mind with her all day, Susan will pay no mind to negativity and embrace how wonderful she looks in her brand new pair of glasses.

Woow Never Mind 1 c.2092 eyeglasses

Never Mind is a flattering style on many people. Its rectangular lenses have rounded edges for a softer look, while flared corners let the two-tone design really shine. This frame is also available in solid black, grey with yellow accents, and plum with red accents.

Need more encouragement throughout your week? Take a look at more styles from Woow, including Come On, Rock Me, and Wake Up over on our website. Let us know which one is your favorite!

Frame(s) of the Week: Robert Marc 206 and Woow Come On 3 Eyeglasses

Robert Marc 206sm c.135 eyeglasses and Woow Come On 3 c.2039 eyeglasses

Designer eyeglasses are like dessert. When there’s so many options in front of you, you can’t pick just one! Have a little taste of everything to satisfy your cravings – just like we’re doing this week. Instead of picking one frame, we decided to go with the two that this wonderful couple recently chose.

Robert Marc 206sm c.135 eyeglasses

Above, our friend Serge wears Robert Marc 206sm eyeglasses in color 135. The “sm” indicates that it comes in a smaller size, an important design feature that many other labels don’t have. The light brown shade, known as Ashwood, looks great on him, and the rectangular silhouette flatters his face shape wonderfully.

Woow Come On 3 c.2039 eyeglasses

Tanja is wearing a style from the newest name to join our lineup of wonderful designers, Woow Come on 3 eyeglasses in color 2039. If you haven’t heard, Woow comes from the creators of Face a Face, and features little messages of encouragement known only to the wearer, as they sit on the inner surface of the ear tips. Tanja’s frame is a beautiful, modern cat-eye shape with oval lenses and a glossy plastic frame, a flattering brown in the center with complementary navy on its pointed corners. We love the color combo here, it’s a very subtle way to step out of neutral territory without completely leaving your comfort zone.

Check out our selection of Woow eyewear on our website and see some of the encouraging messages and bright designs for yourself!

Introducing WOOW Eyewear

Woow eyewear

Positive energy is the only way to get through the day, and when you’ve got a case of the Mondays, it helps to find any little thing that makes you happy. Woow eyewear seeks to give you good vibes all day long with its collection of designer glasses that feature sayings on them like “Rock me” and “Well done” for a little motivation.

From the designers of Face a Face eyewear, Pascal Jaulent and Nadine Roth, the French masterminds have come up with another high-quality collection but with a lower price point at $294. We are proud to be the only store in Boston to carry this beautiful line of unique frames.

The “anti-crisis eyewear collection,” these Italian-made frames feature the friendly messages on the endtips inside hypoallergenic metal inserts, hidden to others but known to you, written in vintage-inspired typewriter font.

“WOOW is designed for everyone with a good sense of humor, ready to be coached by their frames,” says the designer’s website.

WOOW Come On eyeglasses

WOOW Come On eyeglasses

We fell in love with this collection at last weekend’s Vision Expo, and promptly ordered eight different styles: Come On 1, Come On 2, Come On 3, Never Mind 1, Rock Me 1, Wake Up 2, Wake Up 3, and Who’s Who 1 in every color. We especially love the beautiful gradient options. Be sure to explore the WOOW website to see the styles that will be available on shortly. We love the inspirational little messages that offer positive vibes through the day, and the best part? It’s your little secret.

What do you think? Which style is your favorite?