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It’s Vizio Optic’s 8th Birthday!

This spring, we’re celebrating something special – our 8th birthday! When we opened in 2004, our dream was to bring a new and different eyewear selection to the Boston area that allowed our friends in the community to express themselves in a unique way. Since then, we’ve gone international with our online shop and have won several Best of Boston awards from Boston Magazine achievements we owe entirely to you! And we have something special for you this month to show our gratitude.

Many beautiful frames have come and gone in the last eight years, but some great styles still remain. Each member of the Vizio Optic team has chosen their favorite frame to highlight for our anniversary, ones that have stood the test of time and some new arrivals that are sure to have a long-term presence in our shop. Without further ado, here are our favorite styles of designer eyewear from over the years:

Face a Face Bocca c.400 eyeglasses
Galina, Owner – Face a Face Bocca 4 eyeglasses

Lafont Ispahan c.537 eyeglasses
Mary-Ann, OptometristLafont Ispahan eyeglasses

 Face a Face Jodie 1 c.2014 eyeglasses
Erin, Store Manager/OpticianFace a Face Jodie 1 eyeglasses

Vue dc DOT c.2800 eyeglasses
Hilary, Online Sales Manager – Vue dc DOT eyeglasses

Cecile 191-13190/85 eyeglasses

Sean, Frame Stylist –  Cecile 191-13190/85 eyeglasses

Oliver Goldsmith Koko c.Black Lace sunglasses
Alex, Frame Stylist Oliver Goldsmith Koko sunglasses

Mykita Maple c.140 sunglasses
Kristen, Marketing Manager (and Resident Blogger, hello!)MYKITA Maple sunglasses

Etnia AF280 c.TQCO sunglasses

Milane,  Online Marketing Specialist Etnia AF280 sunglasses

As a thank you to you, our wonderful customers, we are offering $50 towards any of these frames (in any color) until June 30, 2013. Price will be adjusted at checkout when you enter the code HAPPY8. For frames that are not available online (Face a Face Bocca 4, Cecile, and Vue dc DOT), we are able to process your order with the promotional price via phone or email.

Call: 866-411-9428

What do you think of our choices? What would you have picked? Let us know in the comments below!

Vizio Optic Holiday Gift Guide: Men’s Eyeglasses

What do you get the guy who has everything? A pair of designer eyeglasses certainly doesn’t hurt! He can alternate with a pair he currently owns, or perhaps you want to give him a break from the contacts he wears every day – no matter what he does with them, you’ll be the reason he looks stylish and stunning!

For your dad:

Vue dc MAR eyeglasses

Give him a blast to the past with Vue dc MAR eyeglasses, a great retro style that will spruce up his look. He’ll feel new again when he transforms his usual appearance with these round black frames in the fashion of Stanley Tucci. Handsome and classic, these specs are a timeless choice.

For your husband:

LINDBERG Spirit Titanium 808 glasses

Your husband deserves the finer things in life, and LINDBERG Spirit Titanium 808 glasses give him the gift of innovation. The Danish brand is known for its excellence in design, winning awards every year for the famous screw-less hinge that contributes to the glasses’ flexibility and durability. This style has silver cut-out arms in titanium metal the look modern and stylish, with a subtle rimless frame that emphasizes his handsome features.

For your brother:

Giorgio Armani 823 eyeglasses

You’ve known him your whole lives, so your gift should be a true reflection of his personal style. These Giorgio Armani 823 eyeglasses are a great vintage-inspired look with its rounded silhouette and keyhole bridge for the guy who wants to feel as cool as Geoffrey Zakarian and as suave as Johnny Depp.

For your son:

JR Rey Dis-non eyeglasses

Kids love to show off their funky style, and your son can do it every day with a pair of JF Rey Dis-non eyeglasses! The semi-rimless rectangular frame looks flattering on little faces, and the metal rim is colored in blue with orange accents. The arms look pretty cool with their laser cut chevron design along the temple.

For your friend:

MYKITA Haakon eyeglasses

We assume you hang out with some pretty stylish people, so for your male friends we’ve chosen MYKITA Haakon eyeglasses. From the MYKITA Lite collection, this frame is as simple as it gets, made with lightweight titanium and only three pieces! There are no screws involved – just the minimalist design of the oversized, aviator style silhouette.

Look out next week for the sunglasses edition of our Holiday Gift Guide!

How to Make a Perfect First Impression

Did you ever consider that your designer eyeglasses may be the first thing someone would notice when they meet you for the first time?

You might think people would look at your new shoes or your tie, your dress or clothes or hair or other more things first.But it’s almost impossible not to look at someone’s face or eyes when you see them. And if you wear glasses, your specs are going to be a big part of that first impression.

That means that when you’re designer glasses, you should be thinking about not only what frames look good on you, but also the impression your frames will give people who are meeting you for the first time. When people come to Vizio Optic to learn more about buying glasses, we like to recommend that they think of eyewear in terms of creating a signature look.

Vue dc LEA eyeglasses

What’s a signature look? It’s the sum of your style, your accessories, and the way you carry yourself that says to the world “I am me! I am X, Y, or Z!” How do glasses fit into a signature look? Think about the chunky frames worn by designer Yves Saint Laurent – what did his glasses say about him? Or if you meet someone wearing glammed-up cat’s eye frames, how does that change your first impression of them?

Because your glasses play such a large role in that first impression people form, it pays to choose frames carefully. To give you a more concrete idea of what we mean, here are four designer frames along with the first impression they might convey:

Alain Mikli Al0322 C. 0102 Eyeglasses The person wearing these Alain Mikli glasses is most definitely fun and fashionable. She or he probably has a vibrant and outgoing personality.

Giorgio Armani 895 eyeglasses

Anyone who chooses these Giorgio Armani glasses has got to be smart, secure, and responsible because it’s such a mature, intelligent style.

Vue DC Art C. 850 Eyeglasses

If you’re wearing Vue dc ART glasses, people will regard you as being geek chic – in other words fashionably intelligent, not a slave to fashion. You may even be taken for an Andy Warhol devotee.

Prodesign -1224-C.5031- Eyeglasses Now ProDesign glasses are some of our favorites in the first-impressions department because from the front they say “responsible adult” but from the side they say “I’m still one of the cool kids!”  That definitely keeps people guessing!

What first impression do your glasses convey?

Multiple Eyeglasses For Your Multiple Personalities

Face a Face Bloom 3 eyeglasses

Face a Face Bloom 3 eyeglasses

In the past few years we have seen many customers buy and wear multiple pairs of designer eyeglasses, and the trend has been continuously growing in popularity. Yet we have to ask: Just why is it that some other folks consider it to be extravagant to have multiple pairs of glasses for different activities, in different environments, or to harmonize with different outfits?

People wouldn’t wear the same pair of shoes every day. Similarly, they wouldn’t wear the same shoes on the ball court, in the boardroom, and on the beach (we hope). So why should we think that they must only have one pair of glasses for every day?

Vue dc ART eyeglasses

Vue dc ART eyeglasses

Face it, those who need to wear glasses should be wearing glasses that flatter their face shape and convey the right image. Good glasses are a must-have for anyone who wants to look their best at home, at work, and out on the town.

Once upon a time, you might have gotten by with a basic utilitarian frame that would take you from day to night, but today’s designer glasses come in so many colors, shapes, and materials that it seems almost crazy not to have some fun with your specs by investing in multiple pairs of glasses. It’s all about initial impressions. Glasses are one of the first things people will notice when they look at you, and a great pair of frames can say so much about who you are. Maybe one day you want to show the world you’re sensible and professional, but you’d rather be seen as daring and creative the next.

To put it another way, would you really want to wear the same glasses with your wedding gown as you wear when you’re gardening? Owning multiple pairs of glasses means your glasses are always apropos.

MYKITA Barbara eyeglasses

MYKITA Barbara eyeglasses

So next time you’re buying frames, think in terms of multiple pairs of glasses. In our own wardrobes, we have at least one classic pair that coordinates with business and formal wear (we like Lindberg glasses for this) and something a little more fun for when we’re feeling inspired (Lafont glasses come to mind).

Are you trying to get by with only one pair of glasses? Have you tried to round out your wardrobe and give it a little pizzazz with two or three eyeglass frames?

Frame Yourself: Triangle Faces

In the final week of Frame Yourself, we will help those of you with triangle-shaped faces fine the perfectly flattering pair of designer glasses! This shape is exactly what it sounds like – a silhouette that begins narrow around the forehead and widens from the cheeks to the jawline. Minnie Driver and Renee Zellweger are two famous faces with this shape, and they definitely know how to dress it up!

The main idea in finding a great pair of glasses is to create balance. With triangle-shaped faces, you want a top-heavy style, or one that draws the most attention to the upper half of the face.


CHANEL 5207 Sunglasses

Minnie Driver wears CHANEL 5207 sunglasses in this photo, which are an oversized pair of shades that are upswept at the outer corners, drawing the eye upwards and giving the illusion of balance. This style features a glossy black, thin, plastic rim surrounding dark lenses, with round, riveted temples that bear the brand’s signature CC logo.


Vue dc ROB eyeglasses

For designer eyeglasses, Renee Zellweger has chosen a pair that brings the focus upwards as well. The flared corners and pronounced top line make it a perfect top-heavy style. For a similar frame, try Vue dc ROB eyeglasses. This has the same round silhouette with a glossy plastic rim. It is available in clear, black, brown, tortoise, and more.


Ray Ban 3025 sunglasses

The two actresses have the same idea in this photo. Ray Ban 3205 sunglasses are a great choice for triangle faces. Since the broadening of the face does not typically begin until the cheekbones, these aviator sunglasses do a great job bringing balance to the upper half of the face.

Frame Yourself: Round Faces

This week in Frame Yourself, we’re talking about the best frame for round faces. As we’ve discussed, there are plenty other shapes than just the typical square and oval, and knowing your true shape is important to help you find the perfect designer glasses for you. Round faces do not have many angles, and you generally have equal length and width, with full cheeks. Some great examples of celebrities with round faces include Christina Ricci, Kirsten Dunst, and Elijah Wood.


MYKITA Luna sunglasses

Christina Ricci knows how to thing big when it comes to buying the perfect pair of designer sunglasses. With round faces, large and upswept styles bring the focus to all the right places. For a style similar to Christina’s, with oversized lenses and a slight cat-eye, try a pair of MYKITA Luna sunglasses, which are available in the above Taupe, Black, Tobago, Blue Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet.


CHANEL 2118HB eyeglasses

In this photo, Kirsten Dunst wears a pair of narrow, short eyeglasses with a rectangular silhouette, which are flattering because they help lengthen the face and thin it out a bit. CHANEL eyeglasses in 2118HB are a similar style to the one Kirsten wears, with silver metal rims, a straight bridge, and wide black arms that slope into a curve over the ear.


Vue dc GUS eyeglasses

Elijah Wood is a great example of how geometric frames can help flatter a round face. The extra angles help sharpen your soft features, bringing a good balance to your appearance. A similar style to Elijah’s is by Vue dc eyewear, knows as GUS. It is a glossy plastic in black with three silver dot accents on each side. It is aso available in Tortoise, or in Black with Red arms.

The top vintage-inspired glasses for 2012

With Pan Am’s rising popularity and the highly anticipated return of Mad Men next month, retro style has never been so prevalent. While the period dramas are set in the sixties, you can draw inspiration from both shows to join in on the trend that has been infiltrating international runways with the top vintage designer eyeglasses for 2012.

Lafont Alibaba eyeglasses

For a true throwback look, find a pair of glasses with totally round lenses and a minimalist frame. One of the most authentic models we’ve found is Lafont Alibaba eyeglasses. With minimal accoutrements, the tortoise frames are simple and old school, perfect for a hip vintage look.

Vue dc LEA eyeglasses

In true retro fashion, cat-eye shapes are the epitome of sixties specs. Vue dc LEA eyeglasses are an extreme look, with sharp angles that would compliment fierce femmes with softer angles in their facial features. The lenses have a rounded triangular look, with two silver dots accenting the outer rims.

MYKITA Ernest eyeglasses

Seen on Mad Men’s Harry Crane and on several characters in Pan Am, the combination of a plastic top rim over a metal frame is classic and makes for a great vintage appearance. MYKITA Ernest glasses are a great way to get this look, and bonus!, they have a conveniently modern touch with the screw-less hinge. Another excellent option for retro glasses is the optical version of Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses.

Cat-eye sunglasses for a fierce retro look

Cat-eye sunglasses have long been the face of the retro trends of high fashion. While models strut their stuff down the runway donning a pair of these flared shades, you can wow everybody around you with a pair of your own designer sunglasses as well. CHANEL, Face a Face, and Vue dc make it easy for just about anybody to add some couture into their everyday looks.

CHANEL 5203 sunglasses

Bold fashionistas should look to CHANEL 5203 sunglasses, an extreme cat-eye frame that has been seen on Lindsay Lohan and other stylish celebs. The oversized black frame is very glamorous, subtly accented by the signature CC logo that we all know and love in white lacquer.

Face a Face Brune 4 sunglasses

Interested in a more understated style? Face a Face Brune 4 sunglasses offer a more delicate look, with a feminine, recessed trim around the front rim and curvy arm pieces. The temples have a single round dot on each side. This style from Face a Face is offered in several colors, including white and gray, black and gold, and brown and gold.

Vue dc CAT sunglasses

Those who want to make an impression on their peers will love Vue dc CAT sunglasses. The brand is known for making standout pieces in their sunwear collection, and CAT’s mix of a cat-eye shape and round lenses are a beautiful blend of sixties trends. This style comes in a clear black pattern or transparent brown.

Spotlight on Vue DC Eyewear

style=”text-align: justify;”>Everybody enjoys a bit of nostalgia, which is why retro styles are often at the forefront of fashion. Vue DC eyewear has taken this trend to new heights with its line of “modern vintage” eyeglasses and sunglasses, which help you see “the future by reflecting the past.”

Founded by longtime friends Yoma, Christian and Frederic, Vue DC glasses are heavily influenced by the fashions of previous generations. The French designers have done plenty of research to create authentic vintage-inspired eyewear, the hard work of which is reflected in their flawless handmade frames for both men and women.
Vue DC Lea M369 Eyeglasses Vue DC eyeglasses may be fashioned after older looks, but you can’t deny that they are pretty funky. The Vue DC LEA for women is a full acetate frame that comes in red/white (above), black, white/black and clear. Cat-eye glasses are a great ode to retro fashion and look best on diamond and base-down triangle-shaped faces.

Vue DC P50 C. 173 Eyeglasses The Vue DC P50 model is a unisex style with round frames that pay tribute to the past while being playful with a fun, new pattern. Available in the above black/clear style, as well as tortoiseshell, clear red, yellow, white and brown, there are plenty of colors to choose from to suit your personal look.

Vue DC Ron 325 Eyeglasses For the man who is not afraid to be bold, Vue DC RON frames make an important fashion statement. Certainly not for the timid, those who choose this model in tortoiseshell, black, brown, red or clear brown will be the most prominent and stylish among the crowd.

Vue DC sunglasses are a fantastic selection as well. The above cat-eye and round styles are just some more of what the designers have envisioned for their signature modern vintage look. In the left hand column are two shades of the popular Vue DC SLY, along with the Vue DC CAT (top right) and Vue DC STA.

Images source: