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Best Tortoise Eyeglasses

Tortoiseshell eyeglasses have been a trend for as long as designers can remember. Whether you want to add a bit of a classic flair into your look or just want to keep up with current fashions, tortoise frames can do both.

At Vizio Optic we carry a huge selection of tortoise eyeglasses. Some of our favorite designer tortoise frames selection include the brands LINDBERG and Oliver Goldsmith.

If you are in the market for a modern style, but enjoy the classic appeal of the LINDBERG design, LINDBERG 1020 in tortoise is a great option, not to mention that it comes in 4 sizes to ensure a really great fit.


These frames work for both men and women and are the perfect everyday accessory to complete a look.

Oliver Goldsmith Annabel eyeglasses are a perfect example of classic tortoise frames. These Oliver Goldsmith designer spotted tortoise frames are a great option as a pair of up-to-date stylish women’s eyeglasses.

The classic pattern and modern shape of tortoise designer frames can dress up even the most boring work outfit and turn it into a chic look.

Oliver Goldsmith Annabel Eyeglasses

What’s My Eyeglasses Size?

When you’re buying eyewear online, one of the most important factors in your decision is the size of the frame. Will it fit your face? Will it be too wide or too large? For first-time wearers, this can be a bit difficult. But we’re here to help! 

how to read the numbers on your glasses

Most brands have size information that includes three numbers in order: the horizontal lens size, the width of the bridge and the length of the temples, all measured in millimeters (along with other information we’ve shown you how to read above – click to enlarge). These are written on the inside arm of your glasses, typically as 54-16-135. Other times you will just see the first two numbers, such as with MYKITA eyewear below.

Mykita eyewear eyeglasses size

A fourth number, known as the B size, is not often listed but is still important in determining whether the frame will be a good fit for you – we try to provide it in our product information when we can. This is what we list as the “lens height,” or the measurement of the lens in millimeters from top to bottom. With geek-chic eyewear growing in popularity, many designer eyewear styles are becoming larger and taller, so it’s becoming increasingly important to know what will work for you.

Glasses-wearers, simply look at an old pair of glasses to see what your size is. New to specs? Check out some of your sunglasses and see if there are sizes listed, and then scale down accordingly. If you still need some help deciding, here’s our usual guidelines:

  • Extra Small: Lenses that measure 46mm and smaller. (This size is typically found in kids glasses or those with round lenses.)
  • Small: 47mm to 50mm lenses
  • Medium: 51mm to 53mm lenses
  • Large: 54mm to 56mm lenses
  • Extra Large: 57mm lenses and larger

As for the temples, we consider a length of 120mm to be small, 130mm to be medium, and 140mm as large. You can estimate your correct size given these ranges.

Preview: The Vizio Optic Lookbook Ft. Boston Fashion Bloggers!

Vizio Optic Lookbook Preview

This weekend Vizio Optic had its very first blogger photo shoot! We’re working on our latest lookbook and this time around we decided to feature some of our favorite fashion bloggers from around Boston. They were natural models and looked fantastic in the photos, we can’t wait to show you how it turns out! Until then, here’s a preview of what you’ll be seeing very soon (photos from Instagram by Kristen Ciccolini):

Lindsey of L's Fashion Dish in Beausoleil 296 eyeglasses
Lindsey from L’s Fashion Dish wears a pair of Beausoleil 296 eyeglasses in brown, accented by a muted blue on the inner surface. The cat-eye curves looked great on her and went very well with her chic white blazer and jeans.

Kelsey of Tickle Me Pink in Woow Never Mind 1 eyeglasses

Kelsey from Tickle Me Pink loved the bright color of these Woow Never Mind 1 eyeglasses, they stood out beautifully with her cream-colored lace dress. We shot her photos at the Brookline Public Library right down the street from our shop!

Holly of Holly Dolly in Etnia AF280 sunglasses

Holly from Holly Dolly was a natural, and she made some pretty perfect choices when picking out the frames she liked. Here, she wears Etnia AF280 sunglasses in mint green with coral accents.

Kristen of The Boston Fashionista in Oliver Goldsmith Camp sunglasses

If you’ve visited Kristen’s blog before (The Boston Fashionista), you’ll know how much she loves her oversized shades, which is why we knew she’d be perfect for Oliver Goldsmith Uuksuu sunglasses. The glamorous frame features a two-tone design called Caramel Split, with black along the top half and a rich caramel shade on the bottom.

Lei Ann of Lei Ann Off Duty in Etnia La Rochelle eyeglasses

Lei Ann of Lei Ann Off Duty chose Etnia La Rochelle eyeglasses for their cool pattern that lines the top of the frame. Her reasoning? She’s short, so while the pattern is subtle from the front, her taller friends will be able to see the cool design in all its glory. Sounds good to us!

Vizio Optic Wins 2013 Best of Boston Award!

Boston Magazine 40th Anniversary Best of Boston Awards 2013

The 2013 Best of Boston issue of Boston Magazine is out on stands this week, and we are honored to announce that we’ve won an award for Best Optical Shop! Here’s what the editors over at the city’s top magazine, presenting its 40th Anniversary awards issue, had to say:

Regardless of your spectacle tendencies – quirky or clean – Brookline’s Vizio Optic will identify the most flattering frames for your face, then present you with options: Chanel, Beausoleil, and Ray-Ban are just a few of the brands carried. An optician on site guarantees that you’ll soon be seeing – and looking – much better.

The Best of Boston Award is considered one of the most aspired-to accolades in both Greater Boston and much of New England, so it is with great honor that we accept the title and with much gratitude to our wonderful customers as well. Without you, our readers, our customers and our friends, we would not be an award-winning company!

Celebrate in 2013 sunglasses

This year marks our sixth Best of Boston award! We first won in 2006 for the Best Eyeglasses, also winning in that category in 2007 and 2009. In 2010, we earned our first Best Optical Shop award, then Vizio Optic was named the Best Sunglasses shop in 2012. To be given these titles by members of our local community is a sign that we’re doing something right, and we thank everyone who has ever visited our shop for being a part of our story.

What is a PD Measurement?

What is a pupillary distance measurement?

When buying a pair of designer glasses with prescription lenses at, we require some important information in order to ensure your lenses provide the most precise vision possible. It is vital that you email or fax your prescription to us, but it’s even more important that this document includes your PD measurement.

The PD measurement is a figure denoting your pupillary distance. It is measured from the center of your left pupil over to the center of your right pupil. If this number does not appear on your prescription, you will have to visit your eye doctor to get an exact measurement, or you may check old prescriptions to see if it appears there (adult PD does not change).

We do not recommend trying to measure this yourself, as it can be quite difficult to get an accurate reading. If you absolutely cannot get to an eye health professional, have a friend help you out. Pupillary distance is measured in millimeters, and should be determined while you are looking straight ahead, focused on an object across the room.

If you have a dual PD listed on your prescription (32/33, for example), each number is the distance from your right and left pupil’s center to the center of your nose, respectively. We must emphasize that the right measurement is the number on the left, and vice versa, so try not to confuse the two.

Why is this number important? It is used to ensure that your lenses are perfectly customized to your eyes, as it pinpoints your exact optical center. Lenses are produced with a slight curve, rather than with a completely flat surface, so the PD measurement lets us know that your personal optical center is reflected exactly within the lens.

For more tips on how to buy glasses online at, please visit our guide to ordering lenses.

Photo: Flickr

Put Your Face Between These Legs

Face a Face Bocca 3 eyeglasses

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ve probably wondering what these glasses were all about. This is an enormously clever new style from Face a Face Eyewear called Bocca 3 – a glossy plastic cat-eye that gives the inherently sensual silhouette a big and bold punch of major sex appeal.

While the front of the frame is voluptuous as it is, with its oval lenses surrounded by flared rims along the brow line, Bocca 3 gives this feminine style a quirky touch with its curvaceous arms (or legs, really) that are capped with a pair of come-hither heels in fire-engine red and pretty purple. You’ll definitely be turning heads wherever you go with these glasses sitting on your face.

Face a Face Bocca 3 eyeglasses

Face a Face Bocca 3 eyeglasses

Although they’re a bit funkier than they are sexy, these Face a Face glasses are undeniably brilliant. They’re actually a play on the original Bocca frame, which the French designer modeled after the famous Mae West couch by Salvador Dali. This style is all about glamour and femininity, with a special touch of wit that you won’t find in any other frame.

Face a Face Bocca 3 eyeglasses

What do you think? Are you bold enough to wear this style?

Celebrate the Holidays With Vizio Optic!

Holiday microfiber cloth

“The Gift of Giving” microfiber cloth

To give our thanks this holiday season, Black Friday begins a special few weeks of exciting promotions for you to enjoy, and you don’t need to wake up at the crack of dawn to enjoy them either! After you’ve overcome your food coma on Thursday and spent some time with the family, log on to to get a special gift with your purchase! We have three promotions for our online and in-store customers:

Online and In-Store:

Beginning Friday, November 23
All customers online and in-store who purchase a pair of non-prescription designer sunglasses will receive a $50 gift card to use on a future purchase or to give as a gift!*

In-Store Customers Only:

Also beginning on November 23
Purchase a prescription package (includes a designer eyeglasses frame and prescription lenses), you receive a $100 gift card for a future purchase or to give as a gift!*

For only $50, you can purchase a $100 voucher to Vizio Optic! **

Last, but certainly not least, we are proud to announce that this holiday season we will be donating a portion of sales to the Red Cross to help victims of Hurricane Sandy! Your generous purchase will help us contribute to a cause dear our hearts!

*One gift card offered per qualifying transaction.
** One voucher offered per qualifying transaction. Both frame and lenses purchase required. Cannot be combined or used in conjunction with any other offer or applied to previous purchases. Excludes readers or non-prescription sunglasses. Certain brands excluded, including Maui Jim. Some restrictions may apply. Savings applied to lenses. See store associate for details. Voucher expires 12/31/13.

Back To School!: The Top Kids Glasses For Fall

It’s that time of year again – school is almost back in session and it’s time to get shoppin’ for clothes, supplies, and most importantly, kids glasses! It is vital for children to have precise vision at school so they don’t get frustrated or distracted from learning. But the fun part lies in letting your son or daughter choose a frame that represents their personality, something that is always evolving and which may have changed from previous years! Let your child express his or her personal style with these popular frames this season:

LINDBERG Oval and Ophus eyeglasses

LINDBERG Oval and Ophus eyeglasses are a great start for those who are new to wearing glasses. Not only do they look nice and flattering, but they are also extremely lightweight, which helps kids avoid being distracted by their new accessory. This style comes in multiple solid colors, and also features a screw-less hinge that parents will appreciate for its lack of screws. No need to worry that they will loosen or come apart!

Etnia Metroville eyeglasses


Etnia Metrovile eyeglasses come in nine different colors and patterns. Kids will have a field day choosing from two-toned checkers, stripes, polka dots, and more. This frame is a chunky Wayfarer-style that is more flattering on older children’s faces. Bonus: If your child absolutely loves these Etnia glasses, they can have the same frame in a sunglass version.

 JF Rey Delly eyeglasses

Little girls will love the laser-cut floral designs of JF Rey Delly eyeglasses. The rectangular pink frame features little daisies along the arms in a complementary orange, with gray plastic capped on the ends to sit comfortably over the ears. This style is also offered in teal with silver accents.

Ray Ban sunglasses: Limited edition Ultra collection

Looking for last-minute ideas for your holiday gifts? Ray Ban sunglasses are an excellent choice for the family or friend with a fashionable sense of style. The brand has released its latest Limited Edition line just in time for you to finish up the last few loved ones on your list.

Ray Ban’s Limited Edition Ultra collection takes the Aviator and Caravan styles to a luxurious new level. Both models are made of titanium and plated with 18-karat yellow or white gold.

Ray Ban Ultra Aviator Sunglasses
Ray Ban Ultra Aviator sunglasses feature the classic aviator shape, with a double bridge and adjustable nose pads for the best fit. There are also plastic tortoise ear pieces for supreme comfort.

Ray Ban Ultra Caravan Sunglasses
Ray Ban Ultra Caravan sunglasses are similar to the previous style, but have a squared off lens shape for a more retro vibe. A thinner double bridge sets this model apart from the traditional aviator, and features an engraved Ray Ban logo on the frame’s temples.

Both pairs of sunglasses in the Ultra collection have P3 polarized lenses that are treated with anti-reflective and hydro-oleophobic coatings. The latter treatment essentially makes the lenses waterproof, so that you have optimal vision in various weather conditions.

Ray Ban glasses are a wonderful idea for gifts this holiday season. Not only are they a staple of the fashion elite’s wardrobe, but the Ultra line is a collector’s item that your friends and family will always love and enjoy.

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