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NEW ARRIVALS: Studio FB Eyewear

If you haven’t checked out our selection of Studio FB eyewear yet, you haven’t seen the awesome wooden finish that these French frames have. Our most eco-friendly choice, these glasses are constructed with 80% wood and 20% acetate for a totally natural =-looking appearance. Up until this week, we’ve had 10 great styles in black and brown available to you, but Monday we expanded to 18 and added six new colors for you to enjoy: silver, gray, gunmetal, bronze, red, and violet! Check out our favorites below:

Studio FB W16 c.VIO eyeglasses

Studio FB W16 eyeglasses in Violet – This rimless frame has a subtle violet tint that gives your glasses a slight pop of color without standing out too much. It’s a nice way to be a little playful and still be appropriate for work. Slim hinges and a straight bridge give the W16 a modern look and adjustable nose pads provide comfort.

Studio FB W11 c.GUN eyeglasses

Studio FB W11 eyeglasses in Gunmetal – A semi-rimless frame, the W11 has a strip of gunmetal along the brow line and extending beyond the rectangular lenses, connecting to black wooden arms. Gunmetal also edges down around the nose where pads offer comfort. This is one of Studio FB’s more modern styles.

Studio FB W20 c.RED eyeglasses

Studio FB W20 eyeglasses in Red – The perfect cat-eye for someone who wants something bold…but not too much so. The silhouette stands out nicely with a toned down red throughout the frame. The W20 is a great blend of vintage fashion with modern trends – organic materials in eyewear have been very popular lately!

What do you think of the new styles?

Blending Trends With Studio FB Eyewear

A designer’s greatest misstep is trying to incorporate multiple popular trends into one piece, overwhelming what could have been a classic and beautiful style. The eyewear industry should take cues from Studio FB eyeglasses, a new collection that seamlessly weave multiple fashion trends of 2012 into flawless, minimalistic designer frames.

Studio FB W05 eyeglasses

Studio FB eyewear takes on three of this season’s hottest ideas: going retro, mixing materials, and using organic materials. Each of the brand’s designer glasses have a distinct vintage inspired look, from Wayfarer style silhouettes of the eighties to sexy cat-eye shapes of the sixties.

Studio FB W06 eyeglasses

Another trend you’ll see with eyewear companies is using multiple different materials in one frame. While most are opting for a mix of metal and plastic, Studio FB has chosen to design its frames with 70% acetate and 20% wood fibers. This interesting blend is buffed down for a chic matte finish.

Studio FB W10 eyeglasses


Many designers in the industry are working hard to keep their processes as eco-friendly as possible, and the use of natural materials is one of the hottest trends this year. The wood fibers give the frames a beautiful and earthy vibe with a dark, handsome appeal.