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Circle Gets the Square

It is always so interesting to meet new clients and learn about the eyewear styles that they are looking for.  It is not uncommon for one to not know exactly what they want, however, one can be very quick to dismiss the round frames right off the bat, while others only want the roundies. I have been told, “I do NOT want to look like Harry Potter”. I have also been told “ I want to look like John Lennon”.  No matter what square you might fit into, circle gets the square in this year’s upcoming world of eyewear fashion.

Brands like WOOW have brought classic round eyeglass styles back into the rotation of what was old is new again. Check out WOOW All Right 6 c 90. I am partial to this frame as I own it and wear it. I love the gold and brown tortoise rim and temples with the gold accent bridge and hinges.  WOOW eyewear has cute names that are noted on the temple ends which contributes to the overall fun feel to the frame.

Keep Cool 1 in Satin Turquoise is another fun example created by WOOW. This colorful, round eyeglass frame adds a little sass to this style keeping it modern and lively.  How can you not smile while wearing this frame?


I have not forgotten about my frame fans who might want to revisit round frames but are not quite ready to plunge into the  new bold and colorful styles just yet. I know there are those who want frames on your face, not in your face.  Let’s take a look at LUNOR. Lunor is a luxury eyewear line made in Germany.  Lunor makes both rimless and acetanium frames that always radiate classic, timeless, elegant style and sophistication. Here is Steve Jobs wearing Lunor Classic Rund (Round).

                                                                                                                             photo ©  Apple, Inc.

Lester Holt of NBC Evening News also wears Lunor 226 in Matte Tortoise. Very classy.

                                                                                                                                             photo ©  NBC, Inc.

Round eyeglass frames are also taking over the fashion world of sunglasses. Brands like Oliver Goldsmith never let this style go. Take a look at Oliver Goldsmith Oops! (1973)

Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses are all original molds used and created by Oliver Goldsmith in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  His fashion eyewear was worn by all of the most noteworthy and glamorous celebrities of this time. He named many of his frames after the icons who wore them.  Most publicised is the Oliver Goldsmith Audrey 1963 frame. Named after Audrey Hepburn.


 Coming back around full circle you can see that there really are many different ways to work round eyeglass styles into your own personal wardrobe. Have fun finding your way out of the square and into the round. Visit to explore other great designer frames and round eyeglass and sunglass styles.


Erin Stiles, Licensed Optician