Out with the Old, in with the Blue!

Tweet Out with the Old, in with the Blue! Cheers to 2016! Let’s make a New Year’s Resolution that is actually going to be fun to stick to. It seems pretty normal to clean out our closets to get rid of the old to make room for the new. In doing so we are keeping […]

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Eye Spy… Daniel Radcliffe in Robert Marc 677 Sunglasses

TweetTo emphasize our point in the last blog post that just because a frame is within a men’s or women’s collection, it doesn’t mean it only flatters men or women, we present you with this photo of Harry Potter himself Daniel Radcliffe wearing a pair of Robert Marc 677 sunglasses – from the women’s collection! […]

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Frame of the Week: Robert Marc 657 Sunglasses

TweetWe had a beautiful first day of fall in New England this weekend – a warm, sunny day with a crisp breeze, hot enough to wear our summer clothes but with reminders that the cooler weather is fast approaching. Many people don’t think they have to wear sunglasses when it’s cold out because the sun […]


What glasses did Steve Jobs wear?

Tweet Steve Jobs had one of the most iconic looks in our culture. We remember him with his signature mock turtleneck shirts in black with a pair of casual jeans, and only one other accessory. The master of simplicity chose rimless Robert Marc eyeglasses as his frame of choice, an intelligent design with a wonderfully […]


Frame(s) of the Week: Robert Marc 206 and Woow Come On 3 Eyeglasses

Tweet Designer eyeglasses are like dessert. When there’s so many options in front of you, you can’t pick just one! Have a little taste of everything to satisfy your cravings – just like we’re doing this week. Instead of picking one frame, we decided to go with the two that this wonderful couple recently chose. […]

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Frame of the Week: Robert Marc 265 Eyeglasses

Tweet Last week our friend Ellen left Vizio Optic with a big smile on her face thanks to her new pair of tortoise glasses. Each designer has their own interpretation of what this classic pattern looks like and in a variety of colors as well, but she knew exactly what she was looking for and […]

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Recap: Vizio Optic Goes to VisionExpo

TweetOn a recent trip to New York, Vizio Optic owner Galina Rabkin headed to Vision Expo to check out the 2013 collections from our favorite brands. Not only did she discover the new and exciting WOOW eyewear from Face a Face, but she got to meet the masterminds behind the most creative and beautiful frames […]


Central Park Inspires Robert Marc’s City Garden Collection

Tweet Nothing signifies the arrival of spring like blooming flowers and the buzz of nature. Paired with the buzz of the city, New York City’s Central Park features both, inspiring the new City Garden collection from Robert Marc Eyewear. The Spring/Summer 2013 collection takes cues from “the vast and sophisticated swathe of nature, in the […]


RECAP: Robert Marc Private Fitting Event

TweetThis weekend we held an exclusive private fitting event for Robert Marc eyewear. Fans got to explore the American designer’s current collection in full and plenty of people found their new favorite brand! We had a great time showcasing his eyewear and sunwear to our friends in the Greater Boston area and giving them a […]


Focus On: Robert Marc Eyewear

TweetIn the world of designer eyewear, the name that comes to mind time and time again is Robert Marc eyewear. Robert Marc’s years of expertise and design knowledge led him to create one of the world’s finest brands. Robert Marc’s designs can be found on every one from high profile celebrities to people who just know […]