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Out with the Old, in with the Blue!

Out with the Old, in with the Blue!

Cheers to 2016! Let’s make a New Year’s Resolution that is actually going to be fun to stick to. It seems pretty normal to clean out our closets to get rid of the old to make room for the new. In doing so we are keeping up with the most up to date clothing styles, accessories and shoes!  Updating our wardrobe is fun, and makes us feel good. However, let’s not forget to include new and fashionable eyewear into our look for 2016.

A new pair of glasses and sunglasses is the perfect  way to complete your new look from head to toe. Thankfully, still trending in fashion eyewear is the color blue. I consider blue to be the new black. One of my favorite designers, Robert Marc has been incorporating various shades of blue into his collection for years.  Robert Marc 2015 Fall/Winter Collection was inspired by American Abstract painters. These beautiful acetanium frames showcase a pallet of blues including, Teal-Azure, Nightfall-Mulberry, and Cobalt-Raw Sienna.

Jumping right into 2016 Robert Marc has not disappointed us.  Robert Marc 2016 Resort Collection continues to feature bright, yet very compatible shades of blue that will complement any wardrobe while enhancing your beautiful eyes.

Robert Marc’s inspiration for this collection happens to be Palm Beach. Just visualizing the beautiful blues of Palm Beach makes me think I need this color in my life. This is Robert Marc’s representation. Take a look at  Mar-a-Lago and Breakers Blue.

What do you say?  Can we get out with old and in with the blue? For additional inspiration visit where you can see just how many luxury eyeglass  brands are making room for blue acetanium frames. See you there.

Erin Stiles

Licensed Optician, Vizio Optic

Eye Spy… Daniel Radcliffe in Robert Marc 677 Sunglasses

To emphasize our point in the last blog post that just because a frame is within a men’s or women’s collection, it doesn’t mean it only flatters men or women, we present you with this photo of Harry Potter himself Daniel Radcliffe wearing a pair of Robert Marc 677 sunglasses – from the women’s collection!

Daniel Radcliffe is sporting Robert Marc sunglasses



Now that the actor has hung up the cape and wand for good, he’s looking pretty stylish these days, especially with his choice of accessories. With such dark features, the lightness of the Vintage Crystal acetate frame adds contrast that really makes the sunglasses stand out. The complementary tortoise pattern along the arms rounds out the whole look as well.

Robert Marc 677 sunglasses

This frame has a great retro look, with its rounded grey lenses and wide keyhole bridge. The arms feature the brand’s signature hinge design as well, with the silver strip around the temple and a silver dot accent on each side. The 677 is also available in Vintage Tortoise with gray lenses, Matte Tortoise with brown lenses, Amber with gray lenses and tortoise arms, and Clear Gray with gray lenses and black arms.

So that settles it – don’t be afraid to peruse the men’s section if you’re a lady, and vice versa. You just might find the most flattering style for you!

Photo shared by Robert Marc on Facebook

Frame of the Week: Robert Marc 657 Sunglasses

We had a beautiful first day of fall in New England this weekend – a warm, sunny day with a crisp breeze, hot enough to wear our summer clothes but with reminders that the cooler weather is fast approaching. Many people don’t think they have to wear sunglasses when it’s cold out because the sun is not as strong (that’s why you’re cold, right?). Wrong! The sun may not be warming you up, but it sure is reflecting a lot of light, especially when the snow starts to fall, so it’s time to stock up on your fall designer eyewear!

Robert Marc 657 sunglasses

Our friend Jennifer found her perfect pair for fall, a Matte Vintage Tortoise pair of Robert 657 sunglasses in color 186. The frame is from the men’s collection, which has more structured features than the women’s line with its rectangular silhouette and minimal curves. This type of frame is flattering on faces with soft features by adding angles. (Which brings up a good point, just because a frame is in a men’s or women’s collection, that doesn’t mean it only looks good on a man or woman!)

Robert Marc 657 eyeglasses

We think Jennifer looks fantastic, and she picked out a timeless pair of Robert Marc sunglasses that will be stylish for many years to come. The tortoise pattern is a classic look, with details in the hinge that make the designer instantly recognizable. The 657 is also available in Nero, Tortoise, Amber, Matte Ashwood, and Vintage Crystal.

What glasses did Steve Jobs wear?

steve jobs eyewear

Steve Jobs had one of the most iconic looks in our culture. We remember him with his signature mock turtleneck shirts in black with a pair of casual jeans, and only one other accessory. The master of simplicity chose rimless Robert Marc eyeglasses as his frame of choice, an intelligent design with a wonderfully minimal sense of style, just like our favorite Apple products.

Jobs wore a rimless pair from the Lunor collection known as the Classic Round, which Ashton Kutcher also wore in the recent biopic of the Apple founder. According to the brand, Jobs chose the frame in 1998 with custom round lenses, and wore it til the very end.

“Jobs was a long term customer of Robert Marc, and over the years he wore the Lunor frames in both antiqued silver and custom 18K white gold with the now famous round lenses,” says the brand.

At Vizio Optic, we have several styles that mimic the highly desired look that the tech industry hero wore, including LINDBERG Spirit Titanium 2111 eyeglasses, a round, rimless frame made of super lightweight material and featuring screw-less hinges.

LINDBERG Spirit Titanium 2111 eyeglasses

This style also features an additional tortoise accent along the arms and is customizable to your desired size of lens, bridge, temple and more.

Steve Jobs is just one of many eyewear icons from the last few decades. Who are your favorites?

Photo: Flickr

Frame(s) of the Week: Robert Marc 206 and Woow Come On 3 Eyeglasses

Robert Marc 206sm c.135 eyeglasses and Woow Come On 3 c.2039 eyeglasses

Designer eyeglasses are like dessert. When there’s so many options in front of you, you can’t pick just one! Have a little taste of everything to satisfy your cravings – just like we’re doing this week. Instead of picking one frame, we decided to go with the two that this wonderful couple recently chose.

Robert Marc 206sm c.135 eyeglasses

Above, our friend Serge wears Robert Marc 206sm eyeglasses in color 135. The “sm” indicates that it comes in a smaller size, an important design feature that many other labels don’t have. The light brown shade, known as Ashwood, looks great on him, and the rectangular silhouette flatters his face shape wonderfully.

Woow Come On 3 c.2039 eyeglasses

Tanja is wearing a style from the newest name to join our lineup of wonderful designers, Woow Come on 3 eyeglasses in color 2039. If you haven’t heard, Woow comes from the creators of Face a Face, and features little messages of encouragement known only to the wearer, as they sit on the inner surface of the ear tips. Tanja’s frame is a beautiful, modern cat-eye shape with oval lenses and a glossy plastic frame, a flattering brown in the center with complementary navy on its pointed corners. We love the color combo here, it’s a very subtle way to step out of neutral territory without completely leaving your comfort zone.

Check out our selection of Woow eyewear on our website and see some of the encouraging messages and bright designs for yourself!

Frame of the Week: Robert Marc 265 Eyeglasses

Robert Marc eyeglasses

Last week our friend Ellen left Vizio Optic with a big smile on her face thanks to her new pair of tortoise glasses. Each designer has their own interpretation of what this classic pattern looks like and in a variety of colors as well, but she knew exactly what she was looking for and we didn’t stop until we found it!

Robert Marc 265 c.146 eyeglasses

Ellen is wearing Robert Marc 265 eyeglasses in color 146, Spotted Tortoise, her ideal tortoiseshell look. We love the flared corners of the brow and how the oval lenses provide balance by adding some curves to her angular features. The shade is also very flattering on her fair skin and blonde hair, don’t you think? This style also features a silver dot accent on each temple as well as the matching signature hinge, letting everyone know in an instant that you’re wearing a chic Robert Marc frame.

Robert Marc 265 glasses are also available in Tortoise/Raspberry, Mocha/Avocado, Night Sky, Canyon Sunrise, and Mocha/Aqua. Would you like to purchase this frame? You can do so by calling us at 866-411-9428 or sending us an email.

Love your new designer glasses from Vizio Optic? Send us a photo of yourself here in your new specs to be featured on Frame of the Week!

Photo: Instagram @ellendiamond

Recap: Vizio Optic Goes to VisionExpo

On a recent trip to New York, Vizio Optic owner Galina Rabkin headed to Vision Expo to check out the 2013 collections from our favorite brands. Not only did she discover the new and exciting WOOW eyewear from Face a Face, but she got to meet the masterminds behind the most creative and beautiful frames in fashion.

Galina Rabkin Vizio Optic with Thomas Lafont eyewear at VisionExpo New York City

Here she is with Thomas Lafont, chief designer of Lafont eyewear. Color is one of the defining characteristics of this French brand, as you can easily tell with the bright and bold setup of their VisionExpo booth.

“Essentially people’s wardrobes consist of navy blue, black or dark brown. My job as a designer is to escort both the optician and the consumer to a new idea of color and offer them a new story,” Lafont recently told 20/20 Magazine.

Galina Rabkin Vizio Optic VisionExpo 2013 New York City with Robert Marc eyewear

You may notice the background of this booth looks a little familiar, just another stunning photo that’s part of the Robert Marc City Garden Collection. Photographed here with Mr. Marc himself, Galina loved the juxtaposition of urban life with natural scenery that is the inspiration of his 2013 line. Check out more photos of the Robert Marc booth at VisionExpo on Facebook, where you can see his Spring Show in full bloom.

One more thing, we know you wanted to ask… Galina is wearing Face a Face Smoke 3 eyeglasses in color 9329.

Central Park Inspires Robert Marc’s City Garden Collection

Robert Marc eyeglasses city garden collection

Nothing signifies the arrival of spring like blooming flowers and the buzz of nature. Paired with the buzz of the city, New York City’s Central Park features both, inspiring the new City Garden collection from Robert Marc Eyewear.

The Spring/Summer 2013 collection takes cues from “the vast and sophisticated swathe of nature, in the heart of a busy metropolis, framed by soaring limestone buildings. The result is an unexpected synergy of concrete and nature, with a muted color palate randomly charged with brilliant shocks of color.”

“Central Park is one of the most exceptional urban gardens in the world,” says Robert Marc, “and what’s
astonishing is that while this magnificent expanse appears natural, it wasin fact entirely designed and
landscaped with a clear, creative vision.”

Using a blend of organic and man-made materials, the designer glasses collection mirrors what is contained within the great park, also using textured color layers as an interpretation of the colors in the city garden. The women’s collection is described as urbane yet romantic, with the vitality of spring in bloom, and will be available in Midnight, Turtle Pond, Honeycomb, Poppy, Blue Iris and Turquoise Pine shades.

The men’s collection is an interpretation of the juxtaposition between the park and its city surroundings, according to the designer, modeling the frames after architectural inspirations. Men’s colors include Matte Black, Tortoise (Matte and Shine), Smoketree, Vintage Tortoise (Matte and Shine), Matte Ashwood, Matte Mottled Tortoise, Gray Tortoise, Ash, Vintage Crystal and Clear Gray.

Photo: Eye Elegance

RECAP: Robert Marc Private Fitting Event

This weekend we held an exclusive private fitting event for Robert Marc eyewear. Fans got to explore the American designer’s current collection in full and plenty of people found their new favorite brand! We had a great time showcasing his eyewear and sunwear to our friends in the Greater Boston area and giving them a special look at what’s to come for 2013. Couldn’t make it? Here are a few trends we noticed at the event:

Robert Marc 206sm eyeglasses

Robert Marc 206 eyeglasses are the only style in the collection that come in two sizes and was our most popular selling style of the day. The 206 is the original, and the 206sm is a smaller frame that is more flattering on petite faces. The classic shape and simple design of this unisex model makes it a perfect choice for just about anyone! It is available in black, tortoise, ashwood, spotted tortoise, olive Havana, dark gray, and vintage crystal.

Robert Marc eyeglasses

Our friends at the event also loved these Robert Marc glasses in the color of the moment – oxblood! This is the hottest hue of the season and we couldn’t stop swooning over its glossy, understated style. Whether you are cool or warm-toned or have light or dark hair, this shade is so versatile, it flatters pretty much anyone’s coloring.

Robert Marc glasses

Lastly, we have beautiful marbling in colors 194 (red) and 195 (blue). We’ve gushed about marbling before with Alain Mikli’s uniquely layered frames, so you know these were a favorite of the day! The bold colors stand out beautifully and add a little artistic flair to your everyday wardrobe.

Did you visit us this weekend? What did you think of the new Robert Marc collection?

Focus On: Robert Marc Eyewear

In the world of designer eyewear, the name that comes to mind time and time again is Robert Marc eyewear. Robert Marc’s years of expertise and design knowledge led him to create one of the world’s finest brands. Robert Marc’s designs can be found on every one from high profile celebrities to people who just know what they want and where to find it.
Robert Marc Sunglasses
As an optician in a upscale Manhattan eyewear boutique he learned the importance of how the angle or a curve on a frame could enhance the look of a face. He took this knowledge and created his own line of designer eyewear by use of hand crafted technique. Robert Marc opened his first eyewear boutique over 20 years ago and it did not take long for him to establish himself as a forerunner in the industry. Since the very beginning he has bolstered his reputation with consistent designs, attention to detail, and uncompromising service. It has always been his desire to provide each customer with the perfect frame that looked like it was designed especially for them. The Robert Marc signature collection was introduced in 1999 and it was the beginning of eyewear’s rise from necessity to personal statement.
Robert Marc Eyeglasses
Each pair of eyewear Robert Marc creates carries his signature hinge that matches the elegance of each frame while adding superb quality to his craftsmanship. The vast array of colors and styles in both optical as well as sunwear will give even the quirkiest or most serious of buyers something they can feel confident wearing. The unmistakable design and character of Robert Marc frames comes in part from his distinctive technique of layering contrasting colors and patterns which brings forth a uniqueness and sophistication not found in other designer eyewear. The frames themselves are always constructed of the highest quality materials, such as Titanium or an Italian Acetate known as Zyl. From time to time special collections will be created in small quantities, and such exclusive offerings are crafted with special materials that convey rarity and sumptuousness.

With nine boutiques in the New York and Boston area, desire for this impeccable frame is obvious, but the point of acquisition doesn’t stop there, they can also be found at exclusive dealers in many areas of the world including Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The Robert Marc Collection of eyewear is synonymous with elegance, sophistication, quality, and unrivaled design.

To explore the full collection, join us this weekend for our private fitting event featuring Robert Marc eyewear. We will be showcasing his entire line and offering free consultations, as well as the chance to win a free frame of your choice. Please RSVP here – we look forward to seeing you on December 1 from 11-4!