The Most Famous Sunglasses in the World

TweetCelebrities all over the world have shown their affection for Ray Ban sunglasses over the years, many opting for the wildly famous Ray Ban 3025 sunglasses. Model 3025 is a classical pair of aviators and is one of the brand’s most iconic looks, next to the Wayfarer. You’ve seen them on famous faces for years. It’s actually […]


The Hottest Vintage Style in Men’s Eyewear Fashion

TweetEach season, we have another retro “it” look to love – and this fall it’s the brow-line silhouette. This style of designer glasses has peppered vintage-inspired fashion for quite some time, but it has been showing up everywhere lately in the news and on TV, spanning the decades from the 1960s (Zachary Quinto in American […]


The Designer Eyewear That Reigns Over Hollywood

TweetWe are constantly watching our favorite celebrities for fashion cues throughout the seasons, and the one accessory that is a constant year after year is a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses or eyeglasses. Ever since Tom Cruise brought them to the big screen in the Eighties, they’ve been a staple in the wardrobes of stylish people […]


Eyewear Style Icons: James Dean in Tart Arnel Glasses

TweetTrendsetters come and go but a select few go on to become fashion icons, inspiring millions of people to replicate their style for many years to come. From Old Hollywood, we know these icons as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and of course, James Dean. The epitome of cool, Dean was known for his acting chops, […]


Aviator Sunglasses: An Instant Classic

Tweet  Even if the name “aviator sunglasses” doesn’t immediately ring a bell, we guarantee you’d know them on sight. You may have missed them in the 1960s when they were a hit with the most stylish kids, but it’s a rare person indeed who wouldn’t recognize a photo of a young Tom Cruise in his Ray-Ban […]


Polarized Lenses for a More Colorful World

TweetThe first thing most people look for when it comes to sunglasses is design and fashion, and you’ll never hear us debate that style is important to looking attractive and modern. But it’s easy to forget what is even more important for the health and safety of your eyes – the lenses which protect you […]


Are you on Instagram?

TweetFashion is our number one love, but photography is a close second! We love connecting with you on all different platforms and Instagram lets us bring you beautiful photos of the designer eyewear and sunwear Vizio Optic has in store. Follow us at @vizio_optic! Here is a preview of what you’ll find on our feed:


A Tribute to Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

Tweet Every once in a while we love to pay homage to our favorite classic eyewear styles. Today, we are as in love with Ray Ban sunglasses as we were back in the Eighties when Tom Cruise donned a pair on  the big screen. Lots of customers come to Vizio Optic each season to see the newest […]


Frame Yourself: Triangle Faces

TweetIn the final week of Frame Yourself, we will help those of you with triangle-shaped faces fine the perfectly flattering pair of designer glasses! This shape is exactly what it sounds like – a silhouette that begins narrow around the forehead and widens from the cheeks to the jawline. Minnie Driver and Renee Zellweger are […]

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Frame Yourself: Oblong Faces

TweetWhen thinking of the basic face shapes, oblong is not the first that comes to mind. But getting this deep into discovering your true face shape truly helps when selecting the perfect pair of designer glasses. Oblong faces typically have a narrow width and are longer than they are wide. Your cheekbones are often centered […]

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