Designer Eyeglass Frames are More Than Meets the Eye

TweetHere we go! Let’s talk about what makes high end designer eyeglass frames so special. Eyeglass frames have transformed over the years into more than just the three basic types of frames (Plastic/Zyl, Wire/Metal, and Rimless/Drilled). Every designer brand of eye wear has a story and technology behind them to make their frames extra special […]

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Frame of the Week: ProDesign 7906 Eyeglasses

TweetLast year we talked about our love for glasses with a strong brow line, worn by actors like Zachary Quinto and Nick Kroll and highlighted in the The New York Times’ T Style Magazine’s Fall Fashion issue with a gorgeous frame from Tom Ford. While that model had a price tag up in the thousands, we […]


What Glasses Does Mary McDonnell Wear on Major Crimes?

TweetFun fact: Mary McDonnell, star of TNT’s Major Crimes TV show, wears a pair of designer glasses you can find right here at Vizio Optic! Her role as LAPD Captain Sharon Raydor requires a strong and intelligent look, so they dressed her up in a flattering suit and finished the look with a pair executive-style glasses. […]

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Customize Your ProDesign Glasses for Total Comfort

TweetFashion and flattering style are pretty high up on our list of priorities when helping customers select the perfect frames, but our number one concern is your comfort. Glasses that look fabulous don’t always feel that way, so it’s important that brands offer ways to customize the fit. ProDesign Eyewear is one brand of designer […]


Frame(s) of the Week: Prodesign 6604 and CHANEL 3233Q Eyeglasses

TweetMany people like to say that your eyes are the windows to your soul, but we like to think that your eyeglasses offer the real clues to your personality. Whether you’re going for a professional look or a way to show off your bold and bright style, there is definitely something for you at Vizio […]

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Support Sustainable Development With ProDesign Biodegradable Glasses

Tweet These days, most companies are trying to find a way to go green in some aspect. Whether it’s going paperless, cleaning up manufacturing processes or other methods, we commend businesses on making their environmental impact a priority – and now, the concerns are moving into the eyewear industry. Last year, we showed you some […]


Our Favorite Executive Eyewear for Your Professional Side

TweetMYKITA Jana eyeglasses  Helping you look and feel great is our biggest focus, and lately we’ve been getting a lot of questions about professional eyewear. Our selection includes plenty of brightly colored and unique designer glasses, but sometimes what you need is a streamlined look that emits a powerful and intelligent vibe, and we’ve got […]


Face It: ProDesign’s New Virtual Mirror App

TweetWe know that shopping online can be an arduous task, which is why we are always trying to find ways to help make the process smooth and simple for you. From our fabulous customer service team that will provide assistance every step of the way, to our Frame Yourself guides to finding the perfect style […]


Top 5 Minimalist Eyeglasses

TweetWith the New Year, one of the most popular resolutions is to slim down – whether its losing some weight or cutting expenses, we’re all looking to get back to basics in some area. Why not streamline your style, too? Minimalist eyeglasses are a great way to look sleek in a no-frills way, without having to […]


Powerful Masculinity: ProDesign Denmark 4th Dimension Eyeglasses

TweetThis all-male 4th Dimension collection from ProDesign eyewear has a uniquely designed hinge, milled from a block of aluminum. This innovative solution adds an industrial feel to the urban, modern collection. The aluminum temple has been carved away to reduce weight and form a pattern that expresses power and energy. It is repeated in the […]