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Introducing: Pierre Eyewear

At Vizio Optic, we are big fans of designer eyeglasses that shows off your individuality. We love frames that are totally unique, brightly colored, patterned a-plenty and featuring bold designs, which is why we are so excited to bring a brand new collection to our store: Pierre eyewear. Pierre is based in France, where all of its frames are handmade with the finest materials. The company was founded shortly after its designer returned from a ten-year stint in the United States working in development for Lacoste. Pierre firmly believes that designer eyewear should be a work of art and an object of beauty. See our team below modeling his amazing creations!

Pierre PAOLA c.VCB30 eyeglasses

These are Pierre PAOLA c.VCB30 eyeglasses, a standout pair of specs that put a twist on the typical geek-chic look. With oversized oval lenses and a thick plastic rim surrounding them, Paola is a knockout, giving off a sophisticated and artistic vibe.

Pierre MAO c.RN21 eyeglasses

Pierre MAO c.RN21 eyeglasses are an eye-catching style in a bright, bold red. The silhouette is curvaceous and flared, resembling a pair of vampy lips more than a cat-eye. Reminiscent of Dali’s Mae West Lips Sofa, MAO would be the perfect choice for those who want to show off their playful side and appreciation for the arts.

Pierre ARTHUR c.BTN88

For the man who wants to tell the world he is daring, unique, and totally stylish, there are Pierre ARTHUR c.BTN88 eyeglasses. These rectangular frames are every bit geek as they are chic. The thick plastic rim speaks to the nerd herd and the stunning blue pattern keeps you standing out amongst the crowd.

Pierre eyeglasses are not yet available on, but can be purchased in the store (11 Harvard St., Brookline, MA) or by calling 866-411-9428.