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Eye Spy: Anthony Bourdain in Persol Sunglasses

If you’ve seen Anthony Bourdain’s hit show “No Reservations,” you know that the chef/author is quite experienced with the beauty you can find all over the world. Whether he’s sampling live seafood in Korea or enjoy the local delicacies of Morocco, it’s clear that Bourdain knows a thing or two about the finer things in life.

This obviously means he is a huge fan of Persol sunglasses! We’ve seen him out and about on “No Reservations” with his favorite pair of Persols in the past, but he’s donning a brand new style in the ads for his new CNN show “Parts Unknown.”

Persol 3028S sunglasses

Above, Bourdain is wearing Persol 3028S sunglasses in color 95/31, a beautiful Italian-made frame with a vintage-inspired keyhole bridge, a patented Meflecto design on the temples that relieves pressure on the head, and the brand’s signature arrow motif around the hinges. Silver accents can be seen on the bridge as well. This particular frame is quite convenient for those who are always on the go, as there are actually multiple hinges so you can just fold them up and tuck them away. Aside from the typical hinges on the outer corners, the bridge also folds in as well, making it easy to keep in your shirt pocket or a small compartment in your purse. This frame is also available in tortoise with silver accents.

Luxury doesn’t have to be inconvenient – would you go for a pair of fold-up sunglasses?

Frame of the Week: Persol 3017S Sunglasses

Persol 3017s sunglasses

Who: Lee Rachel Jurman

Wear: Persol 3017S sunglasses in color 945/32

Persol 3017S sunglasses c.945/32

Why: These Persol sunglasses are so flattering on Lee Rachel! The flared tips bring width to the upper half of her face, while the rounded, teardrop-shaped lenses are a nice complement to her angular features, especially because they fit so well beneath her brows and aren’t overwhelmingly large.

This frame is light gray with very subtle detail in the plastic rim. Persol’s famous arrow motif is seen on the sides in silver, making these shades an instantly recognizable and luxurious accessory. Those two silver lines on each temple are the patented Meflecto hinge, a patented design that alleviates pressure on your head that the arms of sunglasses and glasses may cause. Persol shades aim to provide the utmost style and comfort.

And just wait til Lee Rachel heads outside! The translucent color of the 3017S will become illuminated in the sunlight, emphasizing the cool smokey tone of its frame. We also love how she went for a color that’s not always so typical of peoples’ designer sunglasses choice. Many view these frames like a classic handbag and go for black, brown, or tortoise shades – but this gray is a nice alternative that’s still neutral and quite timeless as well.

Get a pair of Persol 3017S sunglasses for yourself here.

Celeb Style: Johnny Depp at the Grammy Awards

As per usual, Johnny Depp looked pretty great at last night’s Grammy Awards. But it’s not just his long locks and handsomely disheveled outfit we’re looking at, it’s his great designer sunglasses! Mr. Depp is always a source of eyewear envy, from his small, circular glasses he wears on a regular basis to the cool shades he dons on the red carpet. Never one to choose something ordinary, the actor always goes with a frame that makes a statement, and below, he wears a pair of traditional aviators with lenses that are anything but.

We love the cool slate blue color of the lenses, adding to the retro look of his outfit. Rather than the typical teardrop-shaped lenses of aviator sunglasses, Depp opted for more of a rectangular silhouette. The narrow frame flatters his triangular face, adding a little width to the eye area for a more balanced appearance. Because that’s what you’re looking for when trying to find the perfect pair of sunglasses, a great balance so no one area of you face is more overwhelmed than another.

Get the look:

Mosley Tribes Cayton sunglassesMosley Tribes sunglasses in silver with blue lenses

Persol 2394S c.518/4N sunglasses

Persol 2394S c.518/4N sunglasses in silver

Mosley Tribes Aviatrix 56S sunglasses

Mosley Tribes Aviatrix 56S sunglasses in silver with ice blue mineral glass lenses

Vizio Optic Holiday Gift Guide: Men’s Sunglasses

No matter which man in your life you’re shopping for, Vizio Optic has a style for your every need! Designer sunglasses are always a great choice – they’re stylish, they’re versatile, and they are a year-round necessity. Here are our top picks for men’s sunglasses that’ll make your dad, husband, brother, son, or best friend feel cool and on trend:

For your dad:

Mosley Tribes Aviatrix G Polarized sunglasses

Whether your father cares about fashion or not, Mosley Tribes Aviatrix sunglasses are a cool and classic style. The aviator is a timeless design, with the rectangular shape harkening back to the Sixties – think Don Draper of Mad Men. The Aviatrix comes in gold with polarized lenses for extra protection in the sun.

For your husband:

LINDBERG 8555 sunglasses

Your husband will look stylish and sexy in a pair of LINDBERG 8555 sunglasses, a silver aviator made with the latest innovations in the eyewear industry. The titanium frame is ultra lightweight, and its screw-less design makes it a strong, low-maintenance accessory. Polarized teardrop-shaped lenses keep him protected against the sun.

For your brother:

Maui Jim Ho'okipa sunglasses

If your brother’s a sporty guy, or someone who just enjoys spending plenty of time outdoors, he’ll love Maui Jim Ho’okipa sunglasses. The semi-rimless frame features neutral gray lenses and a small black rim, with a rectangular shape that keeps the look casual.

For your son:

Oliver Goldsmith MINI Glyn sunglasses

Oliver Goldsmith MINI Glyn sunglasses in Sailor Boy protect your sun from harmful ultraviolet rays in the prime of his eyes’ development, and keeps him looking pretty trendy as well. The vintage inspired frame for kids features a chunky plastic aviator shape with a trapezoidal double bridge in blue, attached to white arms accented with red stripes and silver dots.

For your best friend:

Persol 0649 sunglasses

Do you want to get on your best friend’s REALLY good side? Give him a pair of Persol 0649 sunglasses, loved by the hottest Hollywood stars like Jay-Z and Zac Efron. Teardrop shaped lenses come in brown, surrounded by Havana plastic with a keyhole bridge and the brand’s signature arrow motif on the hinges.

What Do Celebs Think Is The Hottest Eyewear Brand?

Fashion is important year-round, but fall tends to bring out great style in everyone, and this month we’ve noticed a definite trend among the Hollywood elite. Persol sunglasses seem to be the running favorite this month – they’re a subtle way to add a luxurious item to your everyday wardrobe. Timeless silhouettes and classic colors give these shades the perfect combination for a elegant and chic look this season.


Persol 0649 Sunglasses

Both Jay-Z and Zac Efron are fans of Persol 0649 sunglasses, a retro frame that seems to be based off modern aviators. The teardrop shaped polarized lenses come in brown, surrounded by a tortoiseshell frame that has a vintage-inspired keyhole bridge, textured templs, and the brand’s signature arrow motif on the hinges.

Persol 2977S sunglasses

Julia Roberts look sleek and chic in her Persol 2977S sunglasses in black. These rectangular shades have a slight cat-eye shape, with the brand’s famous Meflecto hinge accenting the arms in silver. This style also features the arrow motif that allow people to spot Persol sunglasses in an instant. It is also offered in brown.

Persol 2747S sunglasses

Lastly, we have Katie Holmes in a pair of Persol 2747S sunglasses, a rectangular frame that is beautifully flattering on her square face. It keeps everything in balance and doesn’t overwhelm her facial features. The 2747S, also available in black, is embellished with the arrow motif in silver on the hinges.

Persol: Roadster Edition is Sexy and Adventurous

Persol Roadster GT sunglasses

Persol Roadster Gran Turismo Sunglasses

Nothing defines “cool”  like a European sports car. As the epitome of great taste and style, it’s no wonder that Persol has released a line of Roadster Edition sunglasses.

The Italian designer’s latest collection was inspired by the brand’s roots – back when Persol sunglasses were primarily worn by racecar drivers like Steve McQueen. Taking cues from the “romance, heroism and obsessive attention to detail” of retro roadsters, you’ll find that these frames are a refreshing contemporary take on a classic concept.

Persol Roadster sunglasses

Handcrafted in Italy, these plastic frames feature Meflecto temples and a VictorFlex bridge – part of Persol’s patented flexible design that molds to the shape of your head for proper fit and superior comfort. Offered in Targa Florio and Gran Turismo models, both styles also have a special brow rivet, which, as you can see above, resembles the rivets in the roadster’s body style.

Persol Roadster TF sunglasses

Persol Roadster Targa Florio sunglasses

The Persol Roadster, available with blue or rose photo-polar lenses, is a beautifully made model of Persol sunglasses. Polished for four days, the acetate looks smooth and shines like a perfectly waxed race car. What better way to bring out your sleek and sexy personality than with a frame that screams adventure?

Persol Roadster TF SunglassesPersol Roadster GT Sunglasses with blue photo-polar lensesPersol Roadster GT Sunglasses with rose photo-polar lenses

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