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Circle Gets the Square

It is always so interesting to meet new clients and learn about the eyewear styles that they are looking for.  It is not uncommon for one to not know exactly what they want, however, one can be very quick to dismiss the round frames right off the bat, while others only want the roundies. I have been told, “I do NOT want to look like Harry Potter”. I have also been told “ I want to look like John Lennon”.  No matter what square you might fit into, circle gets the square in this year’s upcoming world of eyewear fashion.

Brands like WOOW have brought classic round eyeglass styles back into the rotation of what was old is new again. Check out WOOW All Right 6 c 90. I am partial to this frame as I own it and wear it. I love the gold and brown tortoise rim and temples with the gold accent bridge and hinges.  WOOW eyewear has cute names that are noted on the temple ends which contributes to the overall fun feel to the frame.

Keep Cool 1 in Satin Turquoise is another fun example created by WOOW. This colorful, round eyeglass frame adds a little sass to this style keeping it modern and lively.  How can you not smile while wearing this frame?


I have not forgotten about my frame fans who might want to revisit round frames but are not quite ready to plunge into the  new bold and colorful styles just yet. I know there are those who want frames on your face, not in your face.  Let’s take a look at LUNOR. Lunor is a luxury eyewear line made in Germany.  Lunor makes both rimless and acetanium frames that always radiate classic, timeless, elegant style and sophistication. Here is Steve Jobs wearing Lunor Classic Rund (Round).

                                                                                                                             photo ©  Apple, Inc.

Lester Holt of NBC Evening News also wears Lunor 226 in Matte Tortoise. Very classy.

                                                                                                                                             photo ©  NBC, Inc.

Round eyeglass frames are also taking over the fashion world of sunglasses. Brands like Oliver Goldsmith never let this style go. Take a look at Oliver Goldsmith Oops! (1973)

Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses are all original molds used and created by Oliver Goldsmith in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  His fashion eyewear was worn by all of the most noteworthy and glamorous celebrities of this time. He named many of his frames after the icons who wore them.  Most publicised is the Oliver Goldsmith Audrey 1963 frame. Named after Audrey Hepburn.


 Coming back around full circle you can see that there really are many different ways to work round eyeglass styles into your own personal wardrobe. Have fun finding your way out of the square and into the round. Visit to explore other great designer frames and round eyeglass and sunglass styles.


Erin Stiles, Licensed Optician


Best Tortoise Eyeglasses

Tortoiseshell eyeglasses have been a trend for as long as designers can remember. Whether you want to add a bit of a classic flair into your look or just want to keep up with current fashions, tortoise frames can do both.

At Vizio Optic we carry a huge selection of tortoise eyeglasses. Some of our favorite designer tortoise frames selection include the brands LINDBERG and Oliver Goldsmith.

If you are in the market for a modern style, but enjoy the classic appeal of the LINDBERG design, LINDBERG 1020 in tortoise is a great option, not to mention that it comes in 4 sizes to ensure a really great fit.


These frames work for both men and women and are the perfect everyday accessory to complete a look.

Oliver Goldsmith Annabel eyeglasses are a perfect example of classic tortoise frames. These Oliver Goldsmith designer spotted tortoise frames are a great option as a pair of up-to-date stylish women’s eyeglasses.

The classic pattern and modern shape of tortoise designer frames can dress up even the most boring work outfit and turn it into a chic look.

Oliver Goldsmith Annabel Eyeglasses

Style Icon: Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn Quote

If you follow us on Facebook, you may have already seen us sharing this quote, but we simply couldn’t agree more. Audrey Hepburn has always been a style inspiration to us, and we’re obviously not alone. From her words of wisdom shared daily on Pinterest, to her chic sense of style that women still covet to this day, our favorite actress of Old Hollywood has proven to be timeless in all sorts of ways. One of the many ways we choose to remember her is via her amazing choices in eyewear, many styles that she wore are actually available at Vizio Optic.

The obvious place to begin is in the most famous film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, where her little black dress and pearls were part of her iconic look, as were her dark tortoiseshell sunglasses. Often mistaken for Wayfarers, the glamorous, oversized shades are actually Oliver Goldsmith Manhattan sunglasses.

Oliver Goldsmith was behind many of Hepburn’s famous shaded looks in the fifties and sixties, such as the frames seen in the films Charade and  How to Steal A Million. While these specific frames are no longer in production, Oliver Goldsmith Audrey sunglasses have been selling since 1963, when the designer created this style inspired by Ms. Hepburn herself.

This classic round-eye frame is incredibly popular and, according to the brand, one of its most sought-after styles. Currently, the Audrey frame is available in black, black aqua, black lace, light rum, matte black, raspberry coulis, dark tortoiseshell (above), and leopard.

For more information on how to purchase your very own pair of Audrey Hepburn-inspired designer sunglasses, give us a call at 866-411-9428.

Frame of the Week: Oliver Goldsmith Berwick Sunglasses

Oliver Goldsmith was a true artist and a magnificent observer, taking in all that he saw and letting it fuel his work. His designer sunglasses were inspired by the most beautiful things around him – especially beautiful faces and places. As for faces, we’ve all seen his frames adorned by and for Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren and more, but he also created frames that were odes to his home of London.

Oliver Goldsmith Berwick sunglasses

Above, one of our customers wears Oliver Goldsmith Berwick sunglasses, which was designed in 1979 and named after a street in the capital city where his favorite pub, the Berwick arms, was located. Back in the ’80s when the brand was an official outfitter for the Royal Family, this particular pair was given to Prince Charles. His then wife, Princess Diana, decided to enjoy them herself and was famously seen wearing them  on the cover of Tatler magazine in 1985, creating a surge in its popularity.

Oliver Goldsmith Berwick sunglasses in electric tortoise

The color our friend is wearing is Electric Tortoise, which features a tortoise frame complemented by blue details throughout, most prominently on the stripes that detail the bridge and brow. Berwick is also available in black and white, crystal sapphire, black quartz, white quartz, and black raspberry. We love the distinctively retro design with its plastic aviator silhouette and keyhole bridge. The blue is complementary and looks fantastic when hit by the sun.

Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses have been worn by many icons over the years and each have an intriguing story behind their creation. Head over to to explore our selection of ICONS shades and pick up a pair of your own!

An Interview With Claire Goldsmith

Galina Rabkin of Vizio Optic and Claire Goldsmith of Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses

Galina with Claire Goldsmith at Silmo 2012

We know that the industry trades are of little interest to most people outside of our field, but we often find some enlightening articles in these magazine that we just can’t wait to share. Recently, Eyewear Magazine conducted an insightful interview with Claire Goldsmith, great-granddaughter of the man who brought Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses to the world in 1926, and she had some wonderful things to say about eyewear fashion.

A little background: The Oliver Goldsmith brand became hugely popular in the 1950s through the 1970s, with everyone from Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly to the Rolling Stones seen wearing a pair. Princess Diana even wore them on the cover of Tatler Magazine later on in 1990 (and rightfully so, the Goldsmiths were once outfitters of the Royal Family). Now under the reign of Claire Goldsmith, who revamped the company in 2006, they’re doing better than ever.

oliver goldsmith sunglasses

“A brand is really just a condensation of its values, quality guidelines and standards that are injected into the products. At least that’s how it should be,” Claire told the magazine. High quality is exactly what you’ll get with sunglasses from her family’s company. Each frame is handmade in London with the utmost care, not only to produce your frame but to create top-quality designs as well.

“The Goldsmiths have now been working for four generations to make sure that eyewear design will never get boring … [Today], the number of choices is overwhelming for customers and you have to work significantly harder to create something that stands out.”

Oliver Goldsmith Y-Not sunglasses in black

They certainly do stand out. Just ask Lady Gaga, who is one of the label’s biggest fans. She’s been spotted in numerous styles, most popularly Oliver Goldsmith Y-Not sunglasses in black. But even as a go-to designer for the more eccentrically dressed celebrities thanks to its range of unique silhouettes and colors, Claire feels the most strength in timeless options.

“I think that eyewear is very similar to fashion; there will always be extremes and less exciting things out there – but at the end of the day, classic shapes will remain unbeatable.”

For a look at the more classic styles from Oliver Goldsmith, check out Consul, Lord, Manhattan, Sophia and more at

Would you like to hear more from your favorite designers? Let us know in the comments who you’d love to hear from next.

It’s Vizio Optic’s 8th Birthday!

This spring, we’re celebrating something special – our 8th birthday! When we opened in 2004, our dream was to bring a new and different eyewear selection to the Boston area that allowed our friends in the community to express themselves in a unique way. Since then, we’ve gone international with our online shop and have won several Best of Boston awards from Boston Magazine achievements we owe entirely to you! And we have something special for you this month to show our gratitude.

Many beautiful frames have come and gone in the last eight years, but some great styles still remain. Each member of the Vizio Optic team has chosen their favorite frame to highlight for our anniversary, ones that have stood the test of time and some new arrivals that are sure to have a long-term presence in our shop. Without further ado, here are our favorite styles of designer eyewear from over the years:

Face a Face Bocca c.400 eyeglasses
Galina, Owner – Face a Face Bocca 4 eyeglasses

Lafont Ispahan c.537 eyeglasses
Mary-Ann, OptometristLafont Ispahan eyeglasses

 Face a Face Jodie 1 c.2014 eyeglasses
Erin, Store Manager/OpticianFace a Face Jodie 1 eyeglasses

Vue dc DOT c.2800 eyeglasses
Hilary, Online Sales Manager – Vue dc DOT eyeglasses

Cecile 191-13190/85 eyeglasses

Sean, Frame Stylist –  Cecile 191-13190/85 eyeglasses

Oliver Goldsmith Koko c.Black Lace sunglasses
Alex, Frame Stylist Oliver Goldsmith Koko sunglasses

Mykita Maple c.140 sunglasses
Kristen, Marketing Manager (and Resident Blogger, hello!)MYKITA Maple sunglasses

Etnia AF280 c.TQCO sunglasses

Milane,  Online Marketing Specialist Etnia AF280 sunglasses

As a thank you to you, our wonderful customers, we are offering $50 towards any of these frames (in any color) until June 30, 2013. Price will be adjusted at checkout when you enter the code HAPPY8. For frames that are not available online (Face a Face Bocca 4, Cecile, and Vue dc DOT), we are able to process your order with the promotional price via phone or email.

Call: 866-411-9428

What do you think of our choices? What would you have picked? Let us know in the comments below!

Top 5 Red Sunglasses for Summer

Face a Face Senso 2 sunglasses

Deborah, a Vizio Optic customer, wears a bold pair of red Face a Face sunglasses.

Emerald may be the It color for 2013, but we’re still partial to red. Whether it’s on your nails, lips, or illuminating your face in a pair of designer sunglasses, this color is always a classic, and it’s versatile, too! You can go bold with a bright candy red, or be a little more dramatic with a deeper shade. Here are our five favorite red frames for the summer.

Face a Face Senso 2 sunglasses
Face a Face Senso 2 sunglasses
Want to really stand out this summer? This frame is as bold as you can get, with its lips-shaped silhouette inspired by Salvador Dali’s Mae West couch. Grey lenses keep this bright frame from being too overwhelming. If you really love the season, show your love and give a big smooch with Senso.

MYKITA Leroy sunglasses
MYKITA Leroy sunglasses
Want to go a little retro with your frame? Leroy takes the plastic aviator style of the ’80s and updates it for today with the screw-less hinge. See the silver detail on the temple? That’s the hinge made of interlocking pieces, to snap right back on if they happen to detach in an accident. Gradient lenses round out this awesome look.

Oliver Goldsmith Kolus sunglassesOliver Goldsmith Kolus sunglasses
If you want to tone the color down a notch but looking as chic as ever, Kolus will do the trick. The Raspberry Coulis frame has a rectangular shape but with pointed corners that add some edge to your look.

Etnia AF280 sunglasses
Etnia AF280 sunglasses
One of our latest arrivals, the AF280 was actually inspired by Yoko Ono’s style in the ’60s. Its solid red frame is topped with a strip of gray along the brow, surrounding gray gradient lenses for a fun but slightly subdued look.

Beausoleil S382 sunglasses
Beausoleil S382 sunglasses
Last, but not least, is the fabulous S382, with a subtly patterned red frame that features silver dot accents on each corner. The round silhouette is oversized and dramatic, giving you that sexy divalicious look you want for a day on the beach.

Photo 1: 20/20 Magazine

Eye Spy: Tara Savelo in Oliver Goldsmith Moosh Sunglasses

Tara Savelo may not be a household name, but her boss certainly is. She just happens to be the best friend and makeup artist of the one and only Lady Gaga, and the two seem to share an affinity for unique designer eyewear. As we’ve mentioned before, Gaga is a huge fan of Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses, and it seems her penchant for bold shades is rubbing off on Tara.

Oliver Goldsmith Moosh sunglasses

Seen wearing Oliver Goldsmith Moosh sunglasses, Tara looks absolutely fab pairing them with a fur coat and a red lip. The square lenses are surrounded by an acetate frame in Blue Opal, with two silver dot accents embellished each corner. You’ve heard us say it a thousand times, the frame’s extreme silhouette, geometric to stay in line with current trends of course, works with her oval face shape because of the balance – the center-set arms give the frame symmetry, and the large lenses don’t overwhelm either half of her face because they have the same proportions with their length and width.

A unique frame deserves an even better name. So where does Moosh come from? According to the Oliver Goldsmith website:

The Moosh is called so due to the design of the frame – its spells Moosh! The M starts from the right to left of the frame, the OO are the lenses, the S is taken from the top right hand corner, to the left bottom corner and the H is in the middle – and there you have it!

Moosh is also available in black and gold, black and silver, matte black claret, matte English summer, and wakame. If you would like to purchase this frame or would like more information, please call us at 866-411-9428 or email

Bridal Shower at Tiffany’s With Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses

Breakfast at Tiffanys Oliver Goldsmith Manhattan sunglasses

We have a special place in our hearts for Audrey Hepburn at Vizio Optic, for all of the obvious reasons that we share with everyone else in the world, and because she has inspired so many to wear such chic and fashionable designer eyewear! As you know, Oliver Goldsmith designed the iconic frames she wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s – The Manhattan – and it has been a customer favorite for many years. And not just a favorite – for Kayla Klotz, they were the perfect accessory to complete her outfit for her very special Tiffany’s-themed bridal shower.

Bridal shower photos: Carey Shaw

Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses come in dark tortoiseshell (as seen above, which is the original color worn by Hepburn), black, and caramel split. Get yours here.

Dare to Go Vintage With Oliver Goldsmith Butterfly Sunglasses

Our two favorite things, designer eyewear and fashion, have come together for photographer Javier Lovera, who recently shot model Nicki in a variety of amazing sunglasses. As we flipped through the stunning photos of perfectly round lenses and patterned specs, we spotted a pair of vintage Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses! Seen above paired with Lulu Frost jewelry and a Balmain leather top, Nicki mixes boho chic style with an edge, topping it off with the coolest pair of butterfly shades we’ve ever seen.

Oliver Goldsmith Butterfly sunglassesWhile the model is sporting the year’s favored emerald color, the above shades are the originals, with a black quartz frame and brown and rose lenses. The Butterfly is a prized member of Oliver Goldsmith’s vintage collection, which consists of 20 unique and eye-popping (pun intended) frames from the depths of the designer’s creative mind in years past, including the crazy TV Screens frame with antennas!

“I don’t believe in those theories about a certain style suiting a certain shape of face. Life is too short to worry about such things. if you find a shape you like, have it,” he said, in 1969.

If you’ve never seen the vintage archive, take a look, it’s worth every minute!