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REMINDER: MYKITA Trunk Show This Saturday!

MYKITA sunglasses

This weekend we’ll be kicking off the fall season with a special fashion event – the MYKITA Trunk Show! On Saturday, September 22, Vizio Optic will be showcasing the full optical and sun collections from the innovative German brand. Join us from 11AM to 4PM for an exclusive look at the latest designer eyewear from MYKITA, as well as refreshments and special promotions throughout the day.

At the event, a representative from MYKITA will join the Vizio Optic team and help visitors find the perfect pair of eyeglasses and sunglasses for them. Free consultations will be offered all day, giving you advice on the right frames for your face shape and feedback on different colors, styles, patterns and more. Our team is here to help you look and feel great in a stunning pair of modern specs.

Listen to the music and enjoy some refreshments while you peruse the 2012 MYKITA eyewear collection, and enjoy $100 off prescription lenses with your purchase of a frame. All visitors may enter our awesome raffle to win a FREE MYKITA frame of their choice as well!

Don’t miss out on the first exciting event of the season to ring in the fall. See you on Saturday!

RSVP to the MYKITA Trunk Show at Vizio Optic here.

The New Generation of Aviator Sunglasses: MYKITA Rolf

MYKITA Rolf sunglasses

Anyone looking for the ultimate subtle celeb-luxe accessory should check out MYKITA Rolf sunglasses, an extremely light unisex aviator frame handmade in Germany. You’ve probably seen this unique style of MYKITA sunglasses on celebrities like Brad Pitt, Hugh Grant, and Angelina Jolie without even realizing it because these sunglasses are an exercise in stylishly low-key luxury.

MYKITA Rolf sunglasses

MYKITA Rolf sunglasses feature the brand’s signature screwless hinge paired with a classic double bridge, making them an amazing choice for everyday wear. Plus, they’re durable so you never have to worry about overdoing it when you’re wearing your Rolfs.

But what makes this design different from your everyday aviator sunglasses are lenses that are subtly angled downward near the bridge, giving them a sexy, exciting feel. These aren’t your dad’s aviators by any stretch of the imagination. MYKITA Rolf polarized sunglasses are retro by virtue of being aviators, but their archetypal silhouette belies a bold, modern, and powerful style of sunglasses that will add an air of luxury to any outfit and any activity.

MYKITA Rolf sunglasses

Why do we wear MYKITA Rolf? Because they make us look luxurious without blatantly showing off. Now we want to hear from you: What’s your secret eyewear luxury?

MYKITA: The Architects of the New Generation of Eyeglasses

MYKITA eyeglasses

Is it possible to define oneself as both avant-garde and classic? If you’re MYKITA Eyewear, then the answer is most definitely yes. Founded in 2003 by Harald Gottschling, Daniel Haffmans, Philipp Haffmans, and Moritz Krueger in Berlin, MYKITA stunned the eyewear world when it introduced its premier Collection No.1 at the Silmo international eyewear fait the following year.

Why MYKITA? Though the name evokes the minimalism and simplicity of the Far East, many of the brand’s enthusiasts are surprised to learn that the name is actually a clever portmanteau. MYKITA’s first headquarters were located in a former daycare center, known as a kita, in Berlin.

MYKITA Eyeglasses

In their opening collection, designers Haffmans and Gottschling managed to capture harmony between man and mechanism with the ingenious use of surgical-grade stainless steel and a revolutionary hinge apparatus that made screws and soldering obsolete. These innovations resulted in modernized traditional eyeglasses and sunglasses that were lightweight, yet incredibly durable and unbelievably comfortable. The collection remains a hallmark of elegance and aesthetic clarity that can be as colorful or as subdued as the wearer prefers.

Two years later, again at Silmo, MYKITA unveiled their Collection No. 2, which was in many ways a departure from the brand’s previously established design sensibilities (though elements of the paradigm-changing hinge remained). Instead of its signature sleek slim-line metal frames, this collection featured full-bodied, three dimensional acetate frames that, while still a variation on long-established eyewear styles, were most definitely more playful and sculptural than their predecessors. To make a fuller frame required yet another leap in innovation: a snap-hinge that does away with the unappealing gap that’s left between the hinge and the frame on traditional acetate glasses and sunglasses.

Both collections have contributed to MYKITA’s celebrated reputation in the design world. The brand’s sophisticated look, cutting-edge hardware, and impeccable workmanship led to MYKITA winning awards at several high-profile international design competitions for eyeglass design and overall product design, including the 2007 Silmo d’Or Award, the 2007 Red Dot Design Award, and the iF Product Design Award in both 2007 and 2010.

MYKITA LITE Agneta eyeglasses

From there, MYKITA revealed a passion for taking lightweight eyewear to new heights with their LITE collection, which is comprised of ultra light metal frames consisting of no more than three individual pieces. Then came from LUXE line, with a high-end retro look marked by details like buffalo horn tips and precious metal coatings, and the LIMITED collection, in which MYKITA partnered with various designers to create the MYKITA sunglasses which are unlike any on the market today.

In April of 2007, the brand opened its first exclusive shop in Berlin, with the entire store concept designed to reflect the forward-thinking philosophy and unique look of MYKITA. All MYKITA frames continue to be hand-assembled at MYKITA’s own production site in Berlin and are available at over 1,400 select high-end opticians across the globe, including at Vizio Optic in Boston, MA.

MYKITA Sunglasses for Fall 2012

Just because it’s fall, that doesn’t mean you need to forego fashionable sunglasses this season. Even with the cooler weather, protecting your eyes is a must, and you can do so in darker colors that will take you through to winter and even look chic all year long. Take a look at the Fall 2012 selection from MYKITA, which features a number of classic styles that are perfect for autumn.

MYKITA Ornella sunglasses

MYKITA Ornella sunglasses are from the NO 2 plastic sun collection, with a distinctly retro look that is a perfect match for this seasons trend. Oversized with a round silhouette, this style features a thick glossy rim in a timeless tortoise pattern, with matching gradient brown lenses. The arms are straight and equipped with the brand’s famous screw-less hinge.

MYKITA Franz sunglasses

MYKITA Franz sunglasses are a great style for those who want to stand out. It is shiny and bold, looking like a fashionable shield for your outdoor sports this fall and winter. With an aviator-style silhouette, Franz comes in shiny gold and features teardrop-shaped lenses, a straight-top line with a closed bridge, and matching gold arms in lightweight titanium.

MYKITA Carlos sunglasses

MYKITA Carlos sunglasses are a unisex frame with a large rectangular silhouette. It comes in a glossy black plastic with matching solid black lenses. Carlos features a skinny rim and straight arms, connected to the front with the screw-less hinge that is made with interlocking pieces.

Why Round Glasses Are BAD For You!

This season is all about vintage inspiration, with eyewear designers taking cues from the past in their fall collections and sending retro silhouettes into the world of fashion. While throwback styles are always going to be a great trend, round designer glasses can be absolutely terrible for you! Yes, we all want to hold each other’s hands and sing Beatles songs in harmony, but we can’t all look like John Lennon while we do it. Want to know why?

Many people simply don’t have the right face shape for round glasses. Specifically, those with round and oval faces should completely avoid this type of frame. These silhouettes have soft facial features, thus the circular lenses will only add more curves to the face and overwhelm your look. John Lennon, on the other hand, had an oblong face, which looks great with tall lenses because they shorten the disproportional  length of the face. Ideally, you want to create balance in your appearance, thus the perfect frames for you are those with a more structured design. This way, rectangles and other geometric frame shapes will add angles to your face and create a complementary look.

If you’re trying to figure out why something looks a bit off when you look in the mirror, your glasses should be one of the first things you check. Round is simply not a style that works on everyone! Unless you’re blessed with majestic cheekbones or a chiseled jaw, stick with angular styles like the Alain Mikli glasses and MYKITA glasses below.

Alain Mikli AL1039 eyeglasses

MYKITA Barbara eyeglasses

You’re invited! – The MYKITA Trunk Show on September 22

Fall is just around the corner, and that means it’s time for another season of fabulous fashion events! Make sure to clear some time in your schedule this month for our very special MYKITA Trunk Show on September 22.

MYKITA eyeglasses and sunglasses are totally innovative and made of high-quality titanium that keeps the frames feeling lightweight and looking sophisticated. The plastic line of eyewear is equally as durable and strong, with a range of beautiful colors and shapes that will fit in perfectly with your fall wardobe. The brand is also known for its screw-less hinge, which adds to the convenience of these futuristic frames.

During the trunk show, you will have the chance to explore the full current selection of MYKITA eyewear for men and women – a rare and exclusive opportunity for fans of the brand to have in person. You’ll be able to meet with a MYKITA representative and can also work with the Vizio Optic team to find the most flattering styles for you.

As a special thank you to those contributing to this special day, customers can enjoy $100 off prescription lenses with the purchase of a frame.

Anyone who stops by on September 22 during the trunk show from 11AM to 4PM can also enter to win a FREE pair of MYKITA eyeglasses or sunglasses of their choice. Our store is located at 11 Harvard Street in Brookline, MA, (in the Brookline Village neighborhood).

For more information on the event, please email RSVP to the MYKITA trunk show here.

Strength in Simplicity: The High-Tech MYKITA Screw-Less Hinge

If you think there’s nowhere left to go in the world of eyewear innovation, the German design experts behind the pioneering of MYKITA eyewear‘s famous hinge would beg to differ. Traditional screw construction? That’ s a thing of the past.

MYKITA (founded in 2004 by Philipp Haffmans and Harald Gottschling) replaced soldering and screws that have traditionally been the weakest link in eyeglasses with a unique snap hinge forged from top-quality stainless steel. The hinge, as seen below, is completely screw-less!

MYKITA glasses hinge

This MYKITA hinge is a technical marvel. Every piece of the frame is cut from sheet metal a mere 0.5 mm thick, which results in ultra-light, featherweight glasses that feel like wearing nothing at all. And when you have no screws it’s even lighter!

The hinge itself is created using a system of carefully calculated folds – no screws means that the signature MYKITA hinge requires virtually no maintenance. There’s nothing that can loosen, nothing you can lose. Add to that the fact that the MYKITA hinge can easily be described as an unheard of pinnacle of frame resilience, and it’s immediately obvious why MYKITA eyewear is making screws in eyeglasses utterly redundant. Haffmans and Gottschling’s original, modern design proves beyond a doubt there’s strength in simplicity.

The best part? The MYKITA screw-less hinge allows for total frame flexibility and a true customized fit for any facial proportions. That means that whatever MYKITA style you choose, your glasses will look like they were made just for you.

MYKITA glasses

Frame Yourself: Round Faces

This week in Frame Yourself, we’re talking about the best frame for round faces. As we’ve discussed, there are plenty other shapes than just the typical square and oval, and knowing your true shape is important to help you find the perfect designer glasses for you. Round faces do not have many angles, and you generally have equal length and width, with full cheeks. Some great examples of celebrities with round faces include Christina Ricci, Kirsten Dunst, and Elijah Wood.


MYKITA Luna sunglasses

Christina Ricci knows how to thing big when it comes to buying the perfect pair of designer sunglasses. With round faces, large and upswept styles bring the focus to all the right places. For a style similar to Christina’s, with oversized lenses and a slight cat-eye, try a pair of MYKITA Luna sunglasses, which are available in the above Taupe, Black, Tobago, Blue Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet.


CHANEL 2118HB eyeglasses

In this photo, Kirsten Dunst wears a pair of narrow, short eyeglasses with a rectangular silhouette, which are flattering because they help lengthen the face and thin it out a bit. CHANEL eyeglasses in 2118HB are a similar style to the one Kirsten wears, with silver metal rims, a straight bridge, and wide black arms that slope into a curve over the ear.


Vue dc GUS eyeglasses

Elijah Wood is a great example of how geometric frames can help flatter a round face. The extra angles help sharpen your soft features, bringing a good balance to your appearance. A similar style to Elijah’s is by Vue dc eyewear, knows as GUS. It is a glossy plastic in black with three silver dot accents on each side. It is aso available in Tortoise, or in Black with Red arms.

Frame Yourself: Oblong Faces

When thinking of the basic face shapes, oblong is not the first that comes to mind. But getting this deep into discovering your true face shape truly helps when selecting the perfect pair of designer glasses. Oblong faces typically have a narrow width and are longer than they are wide. Your cheekbones are often centered and pronounced, and the silhouette also features long lines from the forehead to the nose. Celebrities with this face shape include Ashlee Simpson, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Adam Levine.

You might think that taller frames may do more to lengthen your face, but they actually have a shortening effect by covering more surface area. In this photo, Ashlee Simpson wears Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, which are large enough to keep her long features in balance. This style also comes in an optical version as well, so whether your love for Wayfarers is so great you want to keep the style going both outdoors and in, or you just want a cool pair of trendy eyeglasses, Ray Ban makes both options readily available.

Similarly, here is Adam Levine wearing Ray Ban-style designer eyeglasses and rocking the geek chic trend. Those with oblong faces should stick with larger frames, as short, narrow rims can actually elongate the face and throw off its balance. The trick is to find that equilibrium while flattering your features as well.

Lastly, if you are ever looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses, look no further than one of Hollywood’s favorite style icons, Sarah Jessica Parker. She knows exactly what fits her oblong face, and opts for frames that increase her horizontal line with a flashy style or embellished arms. Parker has been spotted wearing numerous fashion labels, but she adores her CHANEL sunglasses and has been most famously seen wearing MYKITA Franz sunglasses in the promotional movie poster for Sex and the City 2.

Frame Yourself: Diamond Face Shapes

This week, we have another installment of Frame Yourself, a helpful guide to choosing the right style of designer eyeglasses or sunglasses for your face shape. Diamond-shaped faces have a narrow width to their forehead and jawline, with a wider mid-line that helps accentuate cheekbones.

Seen on celebs like Madonna, cat-eye frames are very flattering on faces with diamond silhouettes, because the upswept lines of this shape emphasizes the cheekbones. For a similar model of eyeglasses, try on a pair of MYKITA eyeglasses in the Elsa style, a modern version of the feline frame in a thin, transparent plastic. As with all MYKITA eyewear, Elsa features a screw-less hinge that eliminates any worry of the frame loosening or coming apart.

MYKITA Elsa eyeglasses

Stick to larger frames when shopping for eyewear as well, because smaller ones typically have a narrow eye line, making this part of your face look smaller than it is. We want to play up your features, not diminish them! Try on a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarer eyeglasses, the optical version of the brand’s most iconic frame. In this photo, Madonna dons a pair of geek-chic glasses that perfectly flatter her diamond-shaped face.


Ray Ban Wayfarer eyeglasses


Lastly, rimless eyeglasses are a great style for your face shape because they allow the cheekbones to shine. There is no rim to distract anyone from your wonderful features! One of the best known brands for this style of eyewear is LINDBERG. LINDBERG eyewear lets you customize the glasses’ shape, size, color, and more. You have total reign over the design!