The Hottest Vintage Style in Men’s Eyewear Fashion

TweetEach season, we have another retro “it” look to love – and this fall it’s the brow-line silhouette. This style of designer glasses has peppered vintage-inspired fashion for quite some time, but it has been showing up everywhere lately in the news and on TV, spanning the decades from the 1960s (Zachary Quinto in American […]


Have You Met Our Friends From MYKITA?

TweetWe consider our customers to be our good friends, and the more the merrier, right? Today we want to introduce you to some of our pals at MYKITA – Frank, Edwin, and Charly – just a few of the many awesome designs in the MYKITA eyewear collection Meet Frank – a sophisticated pair of plastic […]


What Do Your Eyeglasses Say About You?

TweetHave you ever met someone who was actually quite attractive and intelligent but ended up looking dowdy or awkward because their glasses were just wrong for them? It’s not hard to find a pair of designer glasses that look great, but it’s also easy to forget that our glasses can impact how others perceive us. In other […]


How Do You Make the Best Glasses in the World Better?

TweetLet’s say you’ve designed one of the best screw-less hinges in the world and you have two amazing designer glasses collections under your belt – where do you go from there? If you’re MYKITA, you take your amazing award-winning design and you shrink and simplify it. You might think that MYKITA eyeglasses couldn’t possibly get […]


Second Time’s A Charm: MYKITA’s No. 2 Sun Collection

TweetWhen designers Harald Gottschling, Daniel Haffmans, Philipp Haffmans, and Moritz Krueger debuted MYKITA’s first designer glasses collection in 2004, there were some people in the industry who thought it couldn’t get any better than their Collection No. 1 Sun. We’re happy to say we knew they were wrong! When the MYKITA No.2 Sun Collection premiered a few […]


How MYKITA Became Even More Flexible

TweetThey say don’t mess with success, but we’re glad MYKITA did! After the fantastic reception the brand received for their No. 1 and Eye and Sun collections, you’d think their designers would have taken a break to enjoy their accomplishments. But no, two years after their Silmo debut, MYKITA was back with their gorgeous Mykita No.2 […]


Can Lightweight Sunglasses Really Block the Sun?

TweetWhen you’ve experienced the utter awesomeness of lightweight prescription frames, it’s hard to go back to weightier acetate styles when you need to wear designer sunglasses. But we’re happy to say that we found a happy medium in the MYKITA NO1 SUN collection. Introduced in 2005, this lineup of MYKITA sunglasses is the natural extension […]


Multiple Eyeglasses For Your Multiple Personalities

TweetIn the past few years we have seen many customers buy and wear multiple pairs of designer eyeglasses, and the trend has been continuously growing in popularity. Yet we have to ask: Just why is it that some other folks consider it to be extravagant to have multiple pairs of glasses for different activities, in different […]


Beware of the Sun This Fall!

TweetSo the weather’s getting cooler and the sun’s strength is weakening, so that means you don’t need to wear sunglasses this season, right? WRONG! Just because you’ve got your peacoat and boots on doesn’t mean you have to forego the shades. Exposure to the sun can be damaging no matter what time of the year, […]


Fall Fashion Kick-Off with MYKITA Eyewear

Tweet Thank you to all who attended the first trunk show of the season – the special MYKITA fashion event! We had a great time with our friends and were so excited to see the brand new collection from the German brand. Visitors got to explore and try on brand new designer eyeglasses and sunglasses […]