Designer Eyeglass Frames are More Than Meets the Eye

TweetHere we go! Let’s talk about what makes high end designer eyeglass frames so special. Eyeglass frames have transformed over the years into more than just the three basic types of frames (Plastic/Zyl, Wire/Metal, and Rimless/Drilled). Every designer brand of eye wear has a story and technology behind them to make their frames extra special […]

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Making the Rounds With MYKITA Eyewear

TweetEarlier this year when we discussed what the designer eyewear trends would be for 2013, we never though round frames would blow up as much as they did! Circular lenses have been making their way down the catwalk all over the world, appearing on today’s top fashion bloggers, and gracing the pages of our favorite […]


Frame of the Week: MYKITA Franz Sunglasses

TweetOkay, okay, we’ve highlighted this one before, but we can’t help but share when one of our favorite frames is available in a new color! It’s like when you find the perfect pair of jeans, you have to have them in multiple washes to go with your every outfit – we need MYKITA Franz sunglasses in every […]

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MYKITA Eyewear Wins Four High-Profile Design Awards

TweetProviding you with a supreme collection of top-quality designer eyewear is what we strive for each and every day, and once in a while we hear some great news reaffirming the choices in our selection for you. Vizio Optic would like to congratulate MYKITA on recently winning four design awards from high-profile international organizations for […]


It’s Vizio Optic’s 8th Birthday!

TweetThis spring, we’re celebrating something special – our 8th birthday! When we opened in 2004, our dream was to bring a new and different eyewear selection to the Boston area that allowed our friends in the community to express themselves in a unique way. Since then, we’ve gone international with our online shop and have […]


MYKITA Speaks the Language of International Fashion

TweetWe’ve seen Lafont making headlines in blogs and magazines around the world lately, but it’s time to recognize another one of our favorite brands for its success in the media lately, too! From Spain to China and back over to Italy, MYKITA eyeglasses and sunglasses have been highlighted in numerous international magazines over the last […]


Top 5 Red Sunglasses for Summer

TweetEmerald may be the It color for 2013, but we’re still partial to red. Whether it’s on your nails, lips, or illuminating your face in a pair of designer sunglasses, this color is always a classic, and it’s versatile, too! You can go bold with a bright candy red, or be a little more dramatic […]


Eye Spy: Elton John in MYKITA Sunglasses

TweetBeyond his musical talents and greatest hits, Sir Elton John has long been known as someone with crazy unique style. Although he may have left the sparkly jumpsuits in decades past, his designer eyewear has stood the test of time. Eyewear is usually the first thing you notice about a person, and Elton makes sure […]


MYKITA: The Eyewear Seen Around the World

TweetIf you’ve been following along, you know just how popular MYKITA eyewear is around the world. It’s been a few months since we last highlighted all of the global publications that featured the German brand, and the press hasn’t stopped since. Check out some photos from Austria, Japan, Poland, and the UK. As noted last […]


Everyone’s Got Their Eyes on MYKITA Janis Sunglasses

TweetAs Milan Fashion Week gets under way, we’ve been tearing through street style photos and loving every second of the unique looks and stunning accessories. Of course, we expected to see some of our favorite brands popping up here and there, but none as bold and bright as MYKITA Janis sunglasses, seen in French Vogue. […]