Celeb Style: Johnny Depp at the Grammy Awards

TweetAs per usual, Johnny Depp looked pretty great at last night’s Grammy Awards. But it’s not just his long locks and handsomely disheveled outfit we’re looking at, it’s his great designer sunglasses! Mr. Depp is always a source of eyewear envy, from his small, circular glasses he wears on a regular basis to the cool […]


Top Aviator Sunglasses for 2013

TweetAviator sunglasses usually bring us thoughts of the summer, sitting in the sun, maybe on a beach or boat, enjoying the warm breeze and soaking in the rays. But the truth is, sunglasses are needed all year round, especially in the winter where fresh snow reflects up to 80 percent of sunlight. Thus, our favorite […]


Cool AND Hot? Look Both With New Mosley Tribes Sunglasses!

TweetSome designer sunglasses just have an amazing ability to make you look both cool¬†and hot, and Mosley Tribes seems to be one brand that always hits the mark on both sides. With its laid-back style and versatile colors, Mosley Tribes sunglasses are a top pick for fashionable men and women around the world, including celebs […]


Vizio Optic Holiday Gift Guide: Men’s Sunglasses

TweetNo matter which man in your life you’re shopping for, Vizio Optic has a style for your every need! Designer sunglasses are always a great choice – they’re stylish, they’re versatile, and they are a year-round necessity. Here are our top picks for men’s sunglasses that’ll make your dad, husband, brother, son, or best friend […]

What’s One Must-Have Winter Accessory?

TweetGearing up for winter sports? If you’re the type who likes to brave the elements during your seasonal endeavors then you should be equipped with the proper accessories, and that includes a pair of designer sunglasses that are crafted specifically for performance. Not only do you need to shield your eyes from the sun’s rays, […]


Focus On: Mosley Tribes Enforcer Sunglasses

TweetThe¬†Mosley Tribes sunglasses collection is stylish, modern, and unique. Its designers use artistic inspiration of particular place and pair it with state-of-the-art materials to make classic styles that are perfected and refined. The Mosley Tribes Enforcer is a prime example. More than a traditional aviator frame, Enforcer sunglasses are sleek and streamlined, providing optimal eyewear […]


Vizio Optic’s Greatest Hits: The Top-Selling Designer Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

TweetEvery great musical artist has an extensive catalog from which their greatest hits are drawn from, put into a commemorative collection that honors their best work. Everyone should be afforded the same opportunity, and at Vizio Optic, our vast selection of designer eyewear is a breeding ground for massively popular styles! Take a look at […]


Frame Yourself: Heart-shaped Faces

TweetThis week in Frame Yourself, we’re styling heart-shaped faces. Some of the most beautiful female celebrities in the world have this silhouette, which can be flattered with an expertly chosen pair of designer eyeglasses. Hearts typically feature a broad forehead, structured cheekbones, and a small chin that come together to form a “lovely” shape! Carrie […]

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Frame Yourself: Square Faces

TweetThis week in our series on how to choose the perfect designer glasses for your face shape, we’ll be focusing on square faces. Those with this silhouette typically have a strong jawline and forehead of equal width with a square chin. Some celebrities with this shape include Demi Moore, Jessica Simpson, and Ryan Seacrest. Beausoleil […]

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Get Ready for Summer With Mirrored Lens Sunglasses

TweetIf you’re gearing up for summer and looking for the perfect pair of aviator sunglasses, consider purchasing a pair with mirrored lenses. Not only do these shades offer the ultimate optical precision and protection, but the full mirror treatment gives you the utmost privacy, as it is virtually impossible to see your eyes from the […]