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LINDBERG Rim Titanium Glasses: Simply Smart

LINDBERG Air Titanium Rim HERMOD eyeglasses

In the case of Danish eyewear master and designer Paul-Jorn Lindberg, of LINDBERG Eyewear, inspiration was born of exasperation – namely, exasperation at the fact that the eyeglass frames in his very own shop held little appeal for him. First came his groundbreaking LINDBERG Air Titanium rimless frames (the predecessor of the LINDBERG Spirit Titanium), which have stayed on the  radar for almost 30 years. Then came LINDBERG’s innovation: LINDBERG Rim Titanium eyeglasses, sleek, super lightweight, full-rim frames without any screws. These are the favorite of executives, politicians, and royalty alike.

Just as in the original LINDBERG rimless eyeglasses collection, everything superfluous – welding, screws, and rivets – has been eliminated from LINDBERG Rim Titanium glasses, leaving behind only what is necessary for absolute comfort and superior style. These are frames that have been reduced to the bare essentials while maintaining their innate magnificence of design. It’s not at all surprising that LINDBERG Rim Titanium glasses are the glasses for anyone who wants to project a calculated image – the eyes reveal what they want to reveal while the super slim titanium rims add just the tiniest touch of mystery.

LINDBERG Air Titanium Rim PERRY eyeglasses

As far as looks go, LINDBERG Rim Titanium glasses take Danish minimalism to a whole new level with incredible design finesse and true aesthetic innovation. Their simple elegance belies strength and flexibility that demonstrates that, yes, less can be more and beauty can be strong.

We really like these LINDBERG Rim Titanium glasses. How do you like them?

Back To School!: The Top Kids Glasses For Fall

It’s that time of year again – school is almost back in session and it’s time to get shoppin’ for clothes, supplies, and most importantly, kids glasses! It is vital for children to have precise vision at school so they don’t get frustrated or distracted from learning. But the fun part lies in letting your son or daughter choose a frame that represents their personality, something that is always evolving and which may have changed from previous years! Let your child express his or her personal style with these popular frames this season:

LINDBERG Oval and Ophus eyeglasses

LINDBERG Oval and Ophus eyeglasses are a great start for those who are new to wearing glasses. Not only do they look nice and flattering, but they are also extremely lightweight, which helps kids avoid being distracted by their new accessory. This style comes in multiple solid colors, and also features a screw-less hinge that parents will appreciate for its lack of screws. No need to worry that they will loosen or come apart!

Etnia Metroville eyeglasses


Etnia Metrovile eyeglasses come in nine different colors and patterns. Kids will have a field day choosing from two-toned checkers, stripes, polka dots, and more. This frame is a chunky Wayfarer-style that is more flattering on older children’s faces. Bonus: If your child absolutely loves these Etnia glasses, they can have the same frame in a sunglass version.

 JF Rey Delly eyeglasses

Little girls will love the laser-cut floral designs of JF Rey Delly eyeglasses. The rectangular pink frame features little daisies along the arms in a complementary orange, with gray plastic capped on the ends to sit comfortably over the ears. This style is also offered in teal with silver accents.

Frame Yourself: Square Faces

This week in our series on how to choose the perfect designer glasses for your face shape, we’ll be focusing on square faces. Those with this silhouette typically have a strong jawline and forehead of equal width with a square chin. Some celebrities with this shape include Demi Moore, Jessica Simpson, and Ryan Seacrest.

Beausoleil 012 Eyeglasses

Beausoleil 012 eyeglasses are a great place to start. Round and oval styles help balance the sharper angles of your face, which softens your overall look. This style has an arched silhouette that will help you achieve the proper balance. Steer clear of more geometric styles, which contribute more angles to an already angular face. The 012 is less overwhelming a look, and is available in the above brown, as well as clear, and a subtly patterned brown and black.

LINDBERG Air Titanium Rim Perry

It’s also best to avoid bottom-set temples, as it draws the eye down and brings more attention to the chin. We want to achieve equilibrium, and his can be done by choosing designer glasses with center-set temples, like the above LINDBERG Air Titanium Rim Perry eyeglasses. The location of the temples keeps the details central. Perry is an aviator-style frame with a slim design and double bridge.

Mosley Tribes Dorset sunglasses

As for sunglasses, try out a butterfly shape – this silhouette starts small in the center and flares outward towards the corners at equal lengths on the top and bottom. A great example is the above Mosley Tribes Dorset sunglasses. This is a butterfly-shaped aviator frame with cool blue mirror lenses. Upswept styles draw the eye upwards, but since your square face is more proportioned, the additional bottom flare keeps everything in line.

Frame Yourself: Diamond Face Shapes

This week, we have another installment of Frame Yourself, a helpful guide to choosing the right style of designer eyeglasses or sunglasses for your face shape. Diamond-shaped faces have a narrow width to their forehead and jawline, with a wider mid-line that helps accentuate cheekbones.

Seen on celebs like Madonna, cat-eye frames are very flattering on faces with diamond silhouettes, because the upswept lines of this shape emphasizes the cheekbones. For a similar model of eyeglasses, try on a pair of MYKITA eyeglasses in the Elsa style, a modern version of the feline frame in a thin, transparent plastic. As with all MYKITA eyewear, Elsa features a screw-less hinge that eliminates any worry of the frame loosening or coming apart.

MYKITA Elsa eyeglasses

Stick to larger frames when shopping for eyewear as well, because smaller ones typically have a narrow eye line, making this part of your face look smaller than it is. We want to play up your features, not diminish them! Try on a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarer eyeglasses, the optical version of the brand’s most iconic frame. In this photo, Madonna dons a pair of geek-chic glasses that perfectly flatter her diamond-shaped face.


Ray Ban Wayfarer eyeglasses


Lastly, rimless eyeglasses are a great style for your face shape because they allow the cheekbones to shine. There is no rim to distract anyone from your wonderful features! One of the best known brands for this style of eyewear is LINDBERG. LINDBERG eyewear lets you customize the glasses’ shape, size, color, and more. You have total reign over the design!

Congratulations LINDBERG – 2012 Red Dot Design Award Winner

LINDBERG Acetanium Teen eyeglasses

We wanted to take the time to congratulate one of our top brands at Vizio Optic – LINDBERG eyewear – on winning four special awards so early into the new year, including the prestigious Red Dot Design award. The Danish brand received the Red Dot awards for its 1800 Horn and Acetanium Teen collections, the latter also earning LINDBERG a Good Design award for excellence in product design quality. The Precious 921 won a Good Design award as well.

Red Dot awards are “considered an internationally recognized seal of approval for aesthetically pleasing shapes and long-life design trends,” according to LINDBERG, and the common denominator this awards season is the Acetanium Teen collection, which we carry in our Brookline shop. This range features a number of colorful and sophisticated designer eyeglasses for young adults that are made of the brand’s signature lightweight titanium, with an acetate front.

In the above picture, the model is wearing a beautiful style of  LINDBERG glasses, with a trendy rectangular front rims complemented by fun purple arm pieces. This frame is a great way for a teen to express her creative self and make a statement with a high-quality pair of designer glasses. The Acetanium Teen collection features a wide range of colors to choose from, so wearers virtually have complete control when it comes to designing their very own unique specs.

While this collection is geared towards the younger set, it is also great for adults with petite faces who need a smaller sized frame. Again, the perks of customization allow you to create a more sophisticated look if that is more your style.

Personal Engraving By LINDBERG Eyewear

In this day and age, mass production allows a huge amount of people to have the same products. From pens to handbags to iPads and more, millions of people have these items, but what’s missing is the feeling that these items are special. When so many others have the exact same thing, you have to find a way to make yours your very own. When it comes to designer eyewear, personalization can come in the form of engraving!

LINDBERG eyewear is an extremely customizable brand, with a famous collection of rimless eyeglasses that are available in hundreds of different color, shape, and pattern combinations. One of its lesser-known options is personal engraving on the temples. You can have your name written on the inner arms, or anything else that you like would like engraved, just as you can with pens and iPads.

While LINDBERG glasses are handcrafted with the utmost care and not mass produced, the idea remains the same. Many people wear designer glasses, but not all of them have personal engraving, which makes your frames special and exclusive. LINDBERG offers this service to further customize a unique pair of eyeglasses specially for YOU.

Engraved eyewear makes an excellent gift for a loved one as well. It is also convenient for children, who are more susceptible to losing their frames. If their names are engraved on the temples, you’ll have a much better chance of having them returned.

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The best rimless eyeglasses for 2012

Rimless glasses are one of our favorite types of frames here at Vizio. They are perfect for those who don’t want a huge change in their appearance, and also for people who want the freedom to totally customize their very own pair of designer eyeglasses. Our top two brands for these frames are LINDBERG eyewear and Eyephorics 2.5 Rimless glasses.

LINDBERG Spirit Titanium 2083 glasses are very popular with men. They are sleek and sophisticated, with rectangular lenses that are attached to lightweight titanium arm pieces. The temples are screwed directly into the lens, rather than into a rim, so lenses can be as large or small as you like. LINDBERG also allows wearers to select from over 150 colors, patterns and styles for their eyeglasses.

For the ladies, LINDBERG Spirit Titanium 3015 glasses are a hit. The beautiful red arms are a stunning color that are not too bold. The curved rectangular lenses look great on those with pronounced angles in their facial features.

Eyephorics 2.5 Rimless eyewear is another great lightweight option – each frame weighs about 2.5 grams, which feels as light as a feather on your face. This eliminates any pressure around the head or on the nose. This brand also allows plenty of personalization, giving you the creative reign over the pair you will be wearing on a daily basis. Above is a great example of just how many aspects Eyephorics hands over to the wearer to customize.

Protect your eyes this winter with the LINDBERG Sun collection

Think you don’t need sunglasses in the winter? Think again! It may not feel like you’re getting much sun in the cold weather months, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t subject to the dangers of harmful UVA and UVB rays. Protection doesn’t have to be boring either – be smart about your eye health and look cool and fashionable at the same time with a pair of LINDBERG sunglasses.

Before you jump right in to picking out your favorite designer sunglasses, make sure you know why LINDBERG is a top choice among eyewear fans. Some of the most attractive features of the Danish brand’s sunwear line includes premium PVD coating for extremely durable frames, Zeiss lenses that offer outstanding optical quality, a screw-less hinge that eradicates the need for routine adjustments, and the freedom to customize the design with certain titanium styles.

LINDBERG 8555 sunglasses

For men, a popular look is the LINDBERG Sun 8555. These aviator sunglasses have a retro look with a modern touch, thanks to the super lightweight titanium that frames the vintage-inspired lenses. This straight double-bridged model comes in SC01 (silver with gray lenses) and SC03 (gold with brown lenses).
LINDBERG Sun 8550 sunglasses

Keeping in line with the retro look is LINDBERG Sun 8550 for women. The beige frames are accented with black along the outer rim, and are connected to matching black-accented beige temples via the world-patented screw-less hinge. With glamorous brown lenses, you’ll be looking like a Hollywood diva in no time.

Don’t let the cold days of winter fool you into thinking you don’t need protection from the sun. Visit and check out our vast collection of designer sunglasses today.

Computer giving you eye fatigue? Try reading glasses!

Is this font too small? Are you squinting to see the text on your screen? You are not alone. According to the Wall Street Journal, more than 90 percent of people suffer from “computer vision syndrome,” which is contributing to the popularity of reading glasses.

If you stare at a computer for more than three hours a day, your eyes may be strained and in need of reading eyeglasses, which can help reduce eye fatigue and blurred vision. Although your first image may be of a little bespectacled granny with a beaded necklace hanging from the hinges of her frames, you’ll be surprised to know that two-thirds of people over the age of 18 now wear some form of corrective eyewear, including reading glasses!

Prodesign 1657 eyeglasses

Any frame can be fitted for reading lenses, which are typically made of polycarbonate material. It is important to opt for anti-scratch and anti-glare treatments – the latter is especially helpful when you are trying to read near a lamp. For a trendy look, try Prodesign eyewear, which has plenty of dark-rim acetate frames for men and women that look smart and chic. The frames pictured above are ProDesign 1657 eyeglasses in color 3032.

Lindberg rimless eyeglasses

If you once had great vision, but working on a computer has slowly damaged your eyesight, glasses may not be the most exciting thing to you. Luckily, there are rimless eyeglasses that help you see perfectly without significantly changing your look. Lindberg eyewear is one of the most popular brands for rimless frames, carefully handmaking each pair for optimum fit and comfort.

La LOOP eyeglass necklace

Don’t want to wear your reading glasses all day? It can be a hassle to keep taking them on and off, forgetting where you last put them. La LOOP offers a great accessory to keep your eyewear nearby. Forget that image of the granny; these necklaces have a large hoop at the end, where you can slide the temple in so it can hang neatly. When you’re wearing the glasses, the necklace looks fashionable and a nice part of your outfit. La LOOP has everything from the pearl style above to coated nylon and strands of beads and charms.

Pick up a pair of reading glasses at Vizio Optic today, and start seeing the world in a stylish new way!

Recap: Lindberg Trunk Show

LINDBERG rimless eyeglasses

It was a fun weekend at Vizio Optic – our Lindberg Trunk Show was a great success! We had a great turnout, with plenty of excited Bostonians coming in to check out the entire collection from the innovative Danish brand.

We got to see just how many options Lindberg offers. The rimless eyewear collection, perhaps its best-known offering, features a wide range of colors, styles and patterns, as well as a number of different lens shapes. Having no frame to conform to opens up a world of design possibilities.

LINDBERG rimless eyeglasses

Lindberg eyewear also has multiple lines of titanium frames, as well as beautifully polished acetanium styles.

LINDBERG acetanium glasses

Each frame is carefully made by hand in Denmark by specially trained technicians, so you know your glasses are in great hands. The look of precision is great for those who want to stay on the conservative side and opting for a bit of color makes the clean lines of the frame a bit more fun.

LINDBERG strip titanium glasses

Maggie’s Lindberg Strip Titanium frames are subtle and professional, yet the lavender coloring of the frame makes her look more playful and approachable. With this kind of range, she can wear this style just about anywhere.

We have plenty of Lindberg frames for you to try on at Vizio Optic, as well as access to thousands of other style combinations that we can order directly from the brand. Our team will be able to help you choose the right frames for your face and for wherever you want to wear them. Lindberg is also the only brand that we carry that offers laser engraving on the inner temples, so don’t forget to take advantage of this opportunity when you make your purchase!

Stay tuned on Facebook to find out which trunk show guest won the free frame raffle! Also, make sure to “like” our page to see more photos from this event.