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‘Alma Gets Glasses’ Gives Children a Positive Experience

Alma Gets Lindberg Kids Glasses

Alma Gets Glasses is a wonderful children’s book that a Danish teacher, Tina Torp Aaby, wrote when she discovered her own 3-year-old daughter needed glasses, an experience that many parents can relate to, especially with the increase of technology usage in the younger generations.

As the author explains in an interview, “The book describes everything that is fun and positive about having to wear glasses, and we follow Alma’s first visit to the ophthalmologist and the optician in order to help open children’s eyes to what actually happens.”

Alma, now four years old, chose her very own LINDBERG glasses. Just like anyone searching for the perfect frame, it took a while to find the ones she liked because, as Torp Aaby says, they are “very particular.”

“For us, it’s so important that people notice and appreciate Alma’s face – not just her glasses. It’s also important that her specs can take a battering, and not hold her back when she’s playing. And they also have to look cool, of course!”

Parents who have to help their children through getting glasses for the first time may want to pick up this book from LINDBERG, as it will make the experience more positive for little ones. Alma Gets Glasses makes getting glasses seem less overpowering for your child, and the story about Alma gets kids actively involved in the whole process of getting fitted for glasses.

Please call us at 866-411-9428 for more information on how to purchases Alma Gets Glasses by Tina Torp Aaby.

Introducing the LINDBERG N.O.W. Collection

LINDBERG eyewear is known for its innovations in the industry, winning awards every year for new advancements in eyewear technology. Just when we thought they couldn’t get any more futuristic, the Danish brand has introduced a brand new line unlike anything we’ve seen before – the LINDBERG N.O.W. collection!

As you can see above, this collection will feature a range of acetate-front designer glasses paired with metal temples. Sure, it doesn’t sound like a major innovation – not until you look a little deeper. Keeping in line with its ultra lightweight designs, these frames weight only 2.3 grams so you don’t feel like you’re wearing anything at all and the front rim is composed of hypoallergenic composite material that measures only 2mm thin. The nose pads also come in five different multi-adjustable, ergonomic designs for the ultimate comfort as well.

LINDBERG N.O.W. glasses

While high-tech nano coating helps keep your LINDBERG N.O.W. glasses free of scratches, the titanium arms provide extra strength and flexibility for a super durable frame. And, as always, the glasses are made with a screw-less hinge so you never have to worry about requiring adjustments.

The front rims will come in the first photo’s transparent style (a look you know we love!), as well as 15 other transparent and gradient colors that are hand-polished for a flawless finish.

The LINDBERG N.O.W. collection will be available soon, and we’ll keep you updated as soon as we know the release date!

What do you think? Would you wear a pair of LINDBERG glasses from the N.O.W. collection?

Photo: Specs Optical Facebook page

Vizio Optic Holiday Gift Guide: Men’s Sunglasses

No matter which man in your life you’re shopping for, Vizio Optic has a style for your every need! Designer sunglasses are always a great choice – they’re stylish, they’re versatile, and they are a year-round necessity. Here are our top picks for men’s sunglasses that’ll make your dad, husband, brother, son, or best friend feel cool and on trend:

For your dad:

Mosley Tribes Aviatrix G Polarized sunglasses

Whether your father cares about fashion or not, Mosley Tribes Aviatrix sunglasses are a cool and classic style. The aviator is a timeless design, with the rectangular shape harkening back to the Sixties – think Don Draper of Mad Men. The Aviatrix comes in gold with polarized lenses for extra protection in the sun.

For your husband:

LINDBERG 8555 sunglasses

Your husband will look stylish and sexy in a pair of LINDBERG 8555 sunglasses, a silver aviator made with the latest innovations in the eyewear industry. The titanium frame is ultra lightweight, and its screw-less design makes it a strong, low-maintenance accessory. Polarized teardrop-shaped lenses keep him protected against the sun.

For your brother:

Maui Jim Ho'okipa sunglasses

If your brother’s a sporty guy, or someone who just enjoys spending plenty of time outdoors, he’ll love Maui Jim Ho’okipa sunglasses. The semi-rimless frame features neutral gray lenses and a small black rim, with a rectangular shape that keeps the look casual.

For your son:

Oliver Goldsmith MINI Glyn sunglasses

Oliver Goldsmith MINI Glyn sunglasses in Sailor Boy protect your sun from harmful ultraviolet rays in the prime of his eyes’ development, and keeps him looking pretty trendy as well. The vintage inspired frame for kids features a chunky plastic aviator shape with a trapezoidal double bridge in blue, attached to white arms accented with red stripes and silver dots.

For your best friend:

Persol 0649 sunglasses

Do you want to get on your best friend’s REALLY good side? Give him a pair of Persol 0649 sunglasses, loved by the hottest Hollywood stars like Jay-Z and Zac Efron. Teardrop shaped lenses come in brown, surrounded by Havana plastic with a keyhole bridge and the brand’s signature arrow motif on the hinges.

Focus On: LINDBERG Acetanium eyeglasses

Fans of modern and cutting-edge designer eyewear will love the new 2011 styles from Lindberg eyeglasses of Denmark. If the name Acetanium sounds like a mix of metallic and acetate to you, you’re right. These glasses are constructed with both acetate and titanium, and this unique fabrication brings a modern look to a style that has a definite retro feel to it.

LINDBERG Acetanium 1231 C. Ac78

Lindberg eyewear is popular with those who value stylish sturdiness because they combine good design with even better construction. This solid and attractive Acetanium set has distinctive round eyepieces that give them a classical look. The material making up the glasses is what brings a new and fun twist to the model, updating them and making them a very current and trendy choice. For those who typically reach for traditional glasses but would like to try a newer feel, these are a very good option. Cushioned nose pads on the inside arches of the glasses make these Lindberg eyeglass frames a smart, fashionable, and comfortable choice.

LINDBERG Acetanium 1120 C. Ab38

Vizio Optic Holiday Gift Guide: Men’s Eyeglasses

What do you get the guy who has everything? A pair of designer eyeglasses certainly doesn’t hurt! He can alternate with a pair he currently owns, or perhaps you want to give him a break from the contacts he wears every day – no matter what he does with them, you’ll be the reason he looks stylish and stunning!

For your dad:

Vue dc MAR eyeglasses

Give him a blast to the past with Vue dc MAR eyeglasses, a great retro style that will spruce up his look. He’ll feel new again when he transforms his usual appearance with these round black frames in the fashion of Stanley Tucci. Handsome and classic, these specs are a timeless choice.

For your husband:

LINDBERG Spirit Titanium 808 glasses

Your husband deserves the finer things in life, and LINDBERG Spirit Titanium 808 glasses give him the gift of innovation. The Danish brand is known for its excellence in design, winning awards every year for the famous screw-less hinge that contributes to the glasses’ flexibility and durability. This style has silver cut-out arms in titanium metal the look modern and stylish, with a subtle rimless frame that emphasizes his handsome features.

For your brother:

Giorgio Armani 823 eyeglasses

You’ve known him your whole lives, so your gift should be a true reflection of his personal style. These Giorgio Armani 823 eyeglasses are a great vintage-inspired look with its rounded silhouette and keyhole bridge for the guy who wants to feel as cool as Geoffrey Zakarian and as suave as Johnny Depp.

For your son:

JR Rey Dis-non eyeglasses

Kids love to show off their funky style, and your son can do it every day with a pair of JF Rey Dis-non eyeglasses! The semi-rimless rectangular frame looks flattering on little faces, and the metal rim is colored in blue with orange accents. The arms look pretty cool with their laser cut chevron design along the temple.

For your friend:

MYKITA Haakon eyeglasses

We assume you hang out with some pretty stylish people, so for your male friends we’ve chosen MYKITA Haakon eyeglasses. From the MYKITA Lite collection, this frame is as simple as it gets, made with lightweight titanium and only three pieces! There are no screws involved – just the minimalist design of the oversized, aviator style silhouette.

Look out next week for the sunglasses edition of our Holiday Gift Guide!

Vizio Optic Holiday Gift Guide: Ladies Eyeglasses

Not sure what to get the leading ladies in your life? Whether you’re buying for your mom, wife, sister, daughter, or friend, we’ve got you covered! (Look out for a men’s gift guide coming up soon!)

For your mom:

Kamuro Lare eyeglasses

Kamuro Lare eyeglasses have got the elegance and sophistication Mom will love, with beautiful details accenting the temples that will have her turning heads. The flattering oval lenses are encompassed in a matte rose titanium frame, with a pink and periwinkle floral design all along the temple. She’ll appreciate Lare’s beauty and chic style.

For your wife:

LINDBERG 7345 eyeglasses

Let her stand out and feel beautiful with LINDBERG 7345 glasses. She’ll be glowing in the light with its golden semi-rimless design. The rectangular lenses are flattering on just about anyone and she’ll love how this style brightens up her look.

For your sister:

Face a Face Cocco 3 eyeglasses

Be the sibling who gifts the coolest gifts and get her Face a Face Cocco 3 eyeglasses! The bright pink frame is eclipsed only by the red tortoise accents on the flared corners that give an unexpected textural look that is totally chic. Silver dots accent each side for a little delicate touch.

For your daughter:

Etnia Valyria kids eyeglasses

With the same great quality you’d expect from their line of adult eyewear, these Etnia Valyria glasses for kids are bright, durable, and pretty awesome. She’ll be able to express her cool personal style with the transparent purple frame, topped with a pop of lime green for an eclectic look that’ll make her the envy of all her friends.

For your friend:

MYKITA Elsa eyeglasses

If you’re a fan of Vizio Optic, you obviously have great judgement in selecting high-quality products 🙂 – and we suspect you have the same standards when it comes to friends, which is why you’ll both love MYKITA Elsa eyeglasses! This topaz frame has a beautiful flared silhouette that flatters a women’s best features and will make her feel confident and sexy.

Still stuck? Feel free to email us at and we’ll be happy to find a frame that suits her personal style!

RECAP: LINDBERG Trunk Show 2012

LINBDERG eyewear

This past weekend we celebrated our second trunk show of the season with the annual LINDBERG Eyewear event. Many of our friends and neighbors visited to explore the Danish brand’s extensive 2012 and permanent collections, ranging from rimless and plastic to funky kids glasses. We had a great time and are so excited we had such a great turnout! Here are some photos from Saturday’s show.

LINBDERG glasses

Yesterday we talked about how popular brow-line glasses are this season – on TV, on the runways, and in our very own store. LINDBERG makes this style in a wide range of colors so you can opt for a classic black or a standout red frame. The top is made out of high-quality, transparent acetate so when you go for a bold shade, know that it will be even more beautifully emphasized when light shines through the material.

LINDBERG Sunglasses

Round, vintage-inspired frames are another must-have look this season, seen in the fall collections of Louis Vuitton, Karen Walker, Illesteva, and Miu Miu. We love the transparency of the frames that will pop in the sunlight, as well as their totally retro monochromatic look. You can also see the inner workings of the LINDBERG sunglasses, a display of the brand’s most famous characteristic – fashionable innovation.

LINDBERG kids glasses

Little ones are not left out here! LINDBERG kids glasses are fun, colorful, and most importantly, lightweight – an important feature for new and young wearers to lessen distractions. They are made with the brand’s patented screw-less hinge design, reassuring parents that the frames will not loosen or come apart.

See more photos from the LINDBERG Trunk Show on our Facebook page!

Glasses For People Who Hate Glasses!

Buying designer glasses means choosing frames, and for us, that’s the best part of wearing them! (And that’s why we never wear contact lenses!) But for some, having to wear specs is a nightmare. Some people can’t stand how they look with metal or plastic frames and opt for contacts, yet they still yearn to wear glasses because deep down they want that perfectly chic look.


When we meet our customers who dislike glasses, our first suggestion is that they try on a pair of rimless frames like the Lindberg Spirit Titanium glasses.  In fact, this is a timely blog post for us because we are having our annual LINDBERG Eyewear Trunk Show at our store in Brookline, MA this upcoming Saturday on October 20 and you are certainly invited! But back to rimless eyeglasses.

Rimless eyeglasses are practically invisible, which means that there’s nothing to come between your eyes and the world. They are a great way to improve your vision without drastically changing your look. This style also gives you a very sophisticated and high-end executive image, and you can also combine them with some colorful and elegant arm designs to show off a dash of style.

We love Lindberg rimless glasses especially because they are the lightest rimless frames in the world at a tiny 2.8 grams and under, and they’re amazingly flexible (with their awesome screwless hinge) as well. But there are lots of designers that have rimless frame options. No matter who you are, there is probably a pair of rimless glasses out there that will make you feel fabulous and convince you that wearing glasses can be great.

They look great on women:
LINDBERG Spirit Titanium 2101 eyeglasses

And men!
LINDBERG Spirit Titanium 808 eyeglasses

Have you tried on a pair of rimless glasses from Lindberg or another designer? What did you think?

The Most Lightweight Event of the Season – The LINDBERG Trunk Show

LINDBERG 1126 eyeglasses

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you know how much we love LINDBERG eyewear at Vizio Optic – and with good reason. The brand hails from Denmark, where trained craftsmen carefully handmake your designer glasses with the latest technology and the finest materials. Its dedication to providing such high-quality products has earned LINDBERG the Danish Royal Warrant of Appointment, furnishing goods to the royal family, among numerous other prestigious design awards.

We can explain how great the brand is all day long, but you’ll get a better idea of just how amazing its collections truly are at our LINDBERG Trunk Show on October 20. We will be showcasing the full lineup of 2012 eyewear, including its famous rimless collection that we are pretty much obsessed with!

LINDBERG 2153 eyeglasses

The rimless collection is extremely lightweight, coming in on the scale at an average of 1.9 grams – light as a feather and extremely comfortable! There are also limitless combinations of colors, sizes, and shapes to choose from, as LINDBERG allows you to be the designer and personalize the frame for yourself. Because the lenses do not have to fit into a frame, you can essentially choose a shape as large or small as you’d like.

LINDBERG Acetanium Oval eyeglasses

LINDBERG kids glasses will be on display as well, featuring the award-winning Acetanium Teen collection. The feather-light weight of these frames are great for kids because it makes them less distracting, which is especially important for those who are new to wearing glasses. The titanium material that they are constructed with is also convenient for young ones because of its strength and durability, reassuring parents that the frames will stay intact in the face of accidental harsh treatment.

At our LINDBERG Trunk Show, you can spend a nice Saturday afternoon with the Vizio Optic team, learning more about the brand from its knowledgable representative and finding the perfect pair of designer eyeglasses or sunglasses for you. As always, customers will receive $100 off prescription lenses with a frame purchase.

To RSVP, please join our mailing list and be on the look out for an email from us! We are located at 11 Harvard Street in Brookline, MA, and look forward to seeing you there!


The Most Comfortable Designer Eyewear In The World

LINDBERG Spirit Titanium 2101 c.P10 eyeglasses

For those of you who wear or have at least tried on the LINDBERG Spirit Titanium rimless eyeglasses, you know what an amazing pair of eyewear feels like in its lightest form. With these elegant glasses, you may forget they’re even there because they feel as light as a feather.

LINDBERG glasses are made of titanium, a metal that is strong, durable, and nearly indestructible. The hinge has no screws either, making the minimalist design even lighter and totally innovative.  LINDBERG Spirit Titanium frames are in that unique class of eyewear that fades into the background while still attracting admiration and attention due to their very clean and simple, handmade Danish design.

LINDBERG Spirit Titanium 808 c.05 eyeglasses

We think that LINDBERG Spirit Titanium glasses deserve all of the design accolades they receive each year, thanks to the brand’s leadership in the eyewear industry in creating the lightest rimless eyeglass frames in the world at just 2.8 grams. With no soldering, screws, or rivets, the design features ultra-thin, ultra-durable titanium wire artfully twisted into temples, hinges, bridge, and clips accommodating any number of frame colors and lens shapes and types. Plus, the remarkable flexibility of this titanium makes LINDBERG Spirit rimless glasses almost entirely customizable as we at Vizio Optic, or your local optician, can tailor the temples and bridges to match your style (pick any color!) and ensure a perfect fit for your face. These are truly custom-made glasses that take no less effort than tailoring a custom suit or tuxedo.

Since the Danish firm of architects Dissing & Weitling collaborated with optometrist Poul-Jorn Lindberg to create these striking rimless frames in 1983, the LINDBERG Spirit Titanium (and previously its predecessor LINDBERG Air Titanium) have been awarded many of the most prestigious international design awards.

Today, these pioneers of ultra-lightweight eyewear are as smart and stylish as ever, with devotees among the celebrity set – as well as the Danish and British royal families. Try them on, and you may just become the newest disciple of LINDBERG Spirit Titanium glasses.