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Designer Eyeglass Frames are More Than Meets the Eye

Here we go! Let’s talk about what makes high end designer eyeglass frames so special. Eyeglass frames have transformed over the years into more than just the three basic types of frames (Plastic/Zyl, Wire/Metal, and Rimless/Drilled). Every designer brand of eye wear has a story and technology behind them to make their frames extra special for you. Designer frames have added new materials into the mix leaving them more durable, comfortable, hypoallergenic, and of course more fashion forward. Here are some of my favorite designer brands that have changed the world of eye wear for all of us.
Did you know that Prodesign has created select frame styles that are biodegradable? They have the appearance of natural wood and are lightly textured. They are stylish and eco-friendly. MYKITA is another innovative designer brand of eye wear that has added the Mykita Mylon collection to their already high-tech and fashionable design. In addition to Mykita’s original collection of hand assembled, stainless steel, light weight frames that have no screws, the Mylon collection uses laser sintering, geometrical configuration, and polyamide powder to create a colorful and 3D looking frame. They are eyeglass frames of the future.

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Lindberg eye wear takes minimal, rimless and lightweight frames to a level of superior quality and design. Lindberg eye wear offers a wide range of lens shapes ranging from classic to a little bit edgy. The frame supporting can be customized to your specific likings with colors that are true to the titanium and not painted on. As the Lindberg collection has grown it has incorporated lightly framed face fronts made of acetate and titanium. This entire collection has given new meaning and excitement for all those who want to wear a minimal frame and still grab the attention of admirers passing by.