50 Shades of Purple

Tweet Fashion eyewear is about so much more than coordinating your frames and your accessories. As tempted as you may be to stick to neutrals with eyeglasses, there’s a reason eyewear designers are focusing on bright colors these days. Vivid frames and even colored lenses are in, and right now there’s almost nothing hotter than […]


The Hottest Vintage Style in Men’s Eyewear Fashion

TweetEach season, we have another retro “it” look to love – and this fall it’s the brow-line silhouette. This style of designer glasses has peppered vintage-inspired fashion for quite some time, but it has been showing up everywhere lately in the news and on TV, spanning the decades from the 1960s (Zachary Quinto in American […]


Bonjour! Photos from Silmo 2012 in Paris

TweetVizio Optic just returned from an amazing week in Paris, where our owner, Dr. Galina Rabkin, attended Silmo Mondial de L’Optique! The international designer eyewear exhibition is one of the most anticipated events in the field each year, as designers unveil their new collections and do meet-and-greets with visitors, awards are given to the industry […]


What Do Your Eyeglasses Say About You?

TweetHave you ever met someone who was actually quite attractive and intelligent but ended up looking dowdy or awkward because their glasses were just wrong for them? It’s not hard to find a pair of designer glasses that look great, but it’s also easy to forget that our glasses can impact how others perceive us. In other […]


Go Retro With the Lafont Reedition Collection

Tweet We’re excited to carry a special collection of frames from the Lafont Reedition Eyewear collection. This special line brings back the frame styles that made Lafont a Parisian landmark in the ’70s and ’80s, with vintage and retro eyewear looks in updated colors and the modern tech that makes Lafont glasses and sunglasses so awesome to […]


Achieve Elegance and Style with Lafont Eyewear from Paris

TweetLafont is a designer eyewear brand known worldwide for elegant details, incomparable use of shapes and colors, and superb craftsmanship. Lafont eyewear is the premier designer of glasses and sunglasses that blend luxury and high-tech innovation with a playful sensibility. More than just specs, Lafont provides an accessory akin to fine jewelry and designer handbags that can be coordinated […]


Lafont Eyewear: Elegant Frames For a Sophisticated New You

TweetLafont eyewear was established in France early in the 1930s. The brand’s collections embody the arts and designs of Paris and provides a high-quality collection of eyeglasses and sunglasses for elegant and fun individuals. All of their products are beautifully handcrafted and carefully designed to fit your personality and style. Throughout the years, Lafont has earned […]


Frame Yourself: Heart-shaped Faces

TweetThis week in Frame Yourself, we’re styling heart-shaped faces. Some of the most beautiful female celebrities in the world have this silhouette, which can be flattered with an expertly chosen pair of designer eyeglasses. Hearts typically feature a broad forehead, structured cheekbones, and a small chin that come together to form a “lovely” shape! Carrie […]

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The top vintage-inspired glasses for 2012

TweetWith Pan Am’s rising popularity and the highly anticipated return of Mad Men next month, retro style has never been so prevalent. While the period dramas are set in the sixties, you can draw inspiration from both shows to join in on the trend that has been infiltrating international runways with the top vintage designer […]


Lafont Trunk Show – Saturday, February 4

Tweet We had almost eight weeks off to enjoy the holidays and settle into 2012, but it’s time to get back into our favorite monthly events – the trunk show! Vizio Optic will be hosting its first show of the year this Saturday, February 4, with Lafont eyewear! The French designer is a major inspiration, […]