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Check Us Out in This Month’s InStyle Magazine!

Lafont Guimard eyeglasses

That’s right! In this month’s InStyle, April 2013’s “The Color Issue,” Vizio Optic is featured alongside Lafont Guimard eyeglasses, in a feature showing off the boldest styles of the season.

“Focus on Fab Frames” shows Guimard in color 725, a transparent purple that looks flattering on just about anyone.

Lafont Guimard eyeglasses

“Trade in your tortoiseshells for specs with some ‘tude,” writes the magazine. “Nerdy, whimsical round frames, cat’s-eyes, and retro rectangles are spring’s coolest shapes.” We think Guimard is the perfect style to fit in with this summer’s biggest trends. Round and bright, this style’s transparent plastic lets light shine through, so the purple color is truly illuminated and becomes the focus of your style.

Lafont Guimard glasses are also available in transparent crystal, solid black, transparent red, and brown.

Like the other frames that you see? Here are a few great alternatives from Vizio Optic:

Face a Face Roxan 2 eyeglasses

Face a Face Roxan 2 eyeglasses

CHANEL 3256 eyeglasses

CHANEL 3256 eyeglasses

Etnia Nymburg eyeglasses

Etnia Nymburg eyeglasses

For more information on the frames found in InStyle magazine, and for designer alternatives, feel free to leave us a comment below or email us at

Go Wild With Animal Print Glasses

Some Mondays, nothing goes right, and you’re left feeling a little bit crazy. One of the most important things to remember to get you through the week is to let loose a little bit, whether it’s something as simple as letting down your hair, or maybe showing off your wild side. No, we don’t mean dancing on your desk, we mean brightening up your day with a pair of animal print glasses, one of the best glasses trends this year!

Lafont Eyewear is the number one brand for animal print eyeglasses, celebrating leopard print in numerous different ways. Here are a few of our favorites:

Lafont animal print glasses

Lafont Celimene eyeglasses; Lafont Lisbonne sunglasses; Lafont Burlesque eyeglasses; Lafont Hampton sunglasses; Lafont Iris eyeglasses

Leopard print is a great way to indulge in your fun and creative sides, and it is the perfect accent piece for a neutral outfit. As you might notice, Lisbonne is the boldest one in the group. While classic leopard is a universally loved color scheme, why not switch it up a bit and go for a pink and purple design?

On top of all these great frames from the French brand, Lafont also makes the Concerto frames seen in the first photo. Doesn’t she look great? The pattern looks awesome complemented by her red lipstick, yet her look is not overwhelming thanks to minimal eye makeup and neutral clothing. It all comes down to one thing, like we always say, balance!

A Look at the Lafont Trunk Show

A couple weeks ago we hosted our annual Lafont trunk show, a fun and colorful even that helps us kick off 2013 with wine, music, and a whole lot of French elegance. Lafont eyewear was on display for all of Greater Boston to come and enjoy and we had such a great turnout! Here are a few photos from the event, in case you missed it!

Looks like fun, doesn’t it? Come join us at our next trunk show with ic! berlin on March 2, and a CHANEL private fitting event on April 13. Make sure to get on the mailing list to be the first to hear more details!

Trunk Show Recap: L is for Lafont Love!

This past weekend, we held our annual Lafont Eyewear trunk show at our Brookline store, a fun event where our customers and friends have the exclusive chance to explore the French designer’s latest selection of eyewear and sunwear. For our 2013 show, Lafont decided to show off the “L” collection – which we can only imagine means one thing: LOVE LAFONT!

Lafont L collection eyeglasses and sunglasses

The first, Lafont Liberty, was a hit at the event, with its classic rectangular frame in glossy black, accented by a surprising pop of color on the inner surface. Pink and yellow animal patterns cover the inner arms, and trunk show attendees loved the way Liberty let them maintain a professional appearance and incorporate their playful side at the same time.

As for sunglasses, one new frame that nearly flew off the shelves is, also from the L collection, Lafont Lisbonne in color 736, shown above. This brand new pattern comes in pink with purple leopard spots – the perfect frame to show off your wild side this spring and summer.

Popular Lafont eyeglasses and sunglasses

One great thing about trunk shows is that we get to see what’s trending in our area, and our Boston friends are definitely into the sexy cat-eye look. Three frames in particular with very popular – Lafont Greta c.100s eyeglasses, Lafont Gilda c.441 eyeglasses, and Lafont Hampton c.743 sunglasses. Feline fashion blends well with today’s hottest trends, and Greta’s rhinestone-studded corners, Gilda’s baroque design, and Hampton’s two-tone pattern are the perfect way to get your style fix this season.

Check out the rest of our Lafont eyewear collection at and let us know which one’s you’re loving this week!

Lafont Eyewear to Look Out For

This weekend, we’ll be hosting our annual Lafont trunk show! We invite you to join us on January 19th from 11 am to 4 pm to view the full 2013 collection of eyeglasses and sunglasses from the beautiful French brand. RSVP here. Below are some of our favorite frames to keep an eye out for at the event, four each of some great eyeglasses, sunglasses, and kids glasses we’re sure you’ll love!

Lafont eyeglasses

Lafont sunglasses

Lafont kids glasses

A portion of the sales from the trunk show will go towards the Perkins School for the Blind, a trusted organization that has been in operation since 1832 and famously worked with Helen Keller in the late 19th century. We hope to see you there!

Can’t make the event? Shop these glasses now on our website:

Lafont Gaufrette eyeglasses
Lafont Ilona eyeglasses
Lafont Guimar eyeglasses 
Lafont Gilda eyeglasses

Lafont Hampton sunglasses
Lafont Hellebore sunglasses
Lafont Harrison sunglasses
Lafont Hallucinante sunglasses

Lafont Gabie kids glasses
Lafont Isadora kids glasses
Lafont Isabella kids glasses
Lafont Gibus kids glasses

Catching Up on Instagram

If you haven’t heard by now, you’re totally missing out – we’re on Instagram! Behind eyewear fashion, our second love is photography, so Instagram gives us a way to enjoy both at the same time. You’ll see some pictures of Vizio Optic behind the scenes, sneak peeks at new arrivals, and a look at some of our favorite frames in the store. So what are you waiting for? Follow us at @vizio_optic. Here’s a look at what’s been going on the last few months:

BOZ eyeglasses for breast cancer awareness monthIn October, we sold limited edition pairs of BOZ eyeglasses designed to help raise money for breast cancer awareness. These special pink frames went towards helping BOZ reach its goal of $70,000!

Etnia New Rochelle eyeglassesThat same month, we also got in new Etnia glasses in “New Rochelle.” Don’t you love this style’s colors and subtle pattens? We sure do.

Lafont eyeglasses keychainLook at this adorable keychain we got from Lafont eyewear. How cute is this?

Face a Face Naoko 1 eyeglassesIn November, Face a Face Naoko 1 eyeglasses arrived! This awesome frame has cool metallic detail along the brow line that adds a bold pop of color. Such a unique frame that became an instant favorite as soon as we saw it in person!

Robert Marc sunglassesAt our December fitting event, we got to show off the entire selection of Robert Marc sunglasses and eyeglasses to the Boston area, and these vintage inspired round frames were a hit!

LINDBERG eyewear Christmas ornamentJust before Christmas, LINDBERG sent us a fun ornament we couldn’t wait to add to our tree!

Face a Face Bocca 3 eyeglassesThis month, we received Face a Face Bocca 3 eyeglasses in three colors that quite literally helped us kick off the new year! Isn’t this style brilliant?

Lafont trunk showAnd last, but not least, the promotional cards for our Lafont Trunk Show!!! Come in and see the famed anniversary sunglasses Lady Gaga wore in Rolling Stone, as well as the full eye and sun collection of the French brand on January 19th! RSVP here. We hope to see you at the show, and on Instagram!

Top 5 Minimalist Eyeglasses

With the New Year, one of the most popular resolutions is to slim down – whether its losing some weight or cutting expenses, we’re all looking to get back to basics in some area. Why not streamline your style, too? Minimalist eyeglasses are a great way to look sleek in a no-frills way, without having to sacrifice style. Those looking for the top minimalist eyewear out today will love the following styles.

Prodesign 1360 C. 5031 Eyeglasses

5. Prodesign 1360 eyeglasses – The Danish are known for their great designs, and this brand is no stranger to award-winning creations. The 1360 is simple and elegant, with a classic rectangular design made modern with the flared corners, complemented by thin arms in a matching chocolate brown.

Giorgio Armani 808 C.0003 Eyeglasses

4. Giorgio Armani 808 eyeglasses – Another unembellished model, the 808 has a thin black frame that surrounds round lenses, paired with equally as slim arms for an all-around modest look. Adjustable nose pads make this style a great choice for simplicity and comfort.

IC Berlin Sinai K. C. Aubergine Eyeglasses

3. ic! berlin Sinai eyeglasses – In a subtle aubergine color, this German-made frame has a patented screw-less design, using interlocking pieces to create the hinge that snaps on and off for easy repairs. The rectangular silhouette has slight curves that make it a top choice for unisex minimalist styles.

LINDBERG 2153 C. K45/10 Eyeglasses

2. LINDBERG 2153 eyeglasses – LINDBERG, another award-winning Danish brand, makes what are perhaps the most popular titanium frameless eyeglasses in the world. Available for men, women, and children, its popular rimless eyeglasses selection suits just about everybody. Lenses are cut to your size preferences because there is no frame to fit, and arms can either be bold and bright or sleek and chic like the 2153 above.

MYKITA Bent eyeglasses

1. MYKITA Bent eyeglasses – The absolute ultimate style of minimalist eyewear has to be our favorite look from the MYKITA Lite collection, a line of frames made of only three pieces. That’s right, all it takes to put together this frame is the front rim and two arms! Hinges are interlocking so no screws are required, and the entire frame is made out of super lightweight titanium, so they’ll feel as light as a feather and will look just as delicate.

You’re Invited! The Lafont Eyewear Trunk Show on January 19

Lafont Eyewear Trunk Show at Vizio OpticPhoto: Lafont Facebook page

To kick off the new year of fashion, we are celebrating the renowned French brand Lafont Eyewear on Saturday, January 19 with a special trunk show event! As per usual, our friends in the Greater Boston area will have exclusive access to the company’s entire 2013 collection for one day only. From 11 AM to 4 PM, come on in and take a look at the amazing colors and designs that the Parisian concepteur de lunettes has in store for you.

Our favorite Lafont representative Kit Hamilton will join the Vizio Optic team on this day for complimentary consultations; she is just as dedicated as we are to helping you find the perfect frame for your face! Visitors will also enjoy music, wine, and snacks for an added bit of luxury to their Saturday afternoon.

All visitors will be entered to win a FREE pair of Lafont glasses of their choice, so coming to the trunk show gives you two special perks at once: You can view the entire collection of designer eyeglasses and sunglasses so you have a better idea of what the brand is about and just how devoted they are to providing a product that works perfectly for you, AND you get the chance to get a pair for free, so why not come in and see just how many choices you have? Additionally, all customers who purchase a prescription package (one pair of glasses/sunglasses plus prescription lenses) can enjoy $100 off their order that day only.

Don’t miss out on awesome event, we can’t wait for the 19th to come! Stay tuned to our Facebook page on when to RSVP, or join our mailing list to receive a notification when it’s time. Got questions about the event? Call us at 866-411-9428 or email Hope to see you there!

Vizio Optic is located at 11 Harvard St., Brookline, MA, 02445 in the Brookline Village neighborhood, and is just around the corner from the MBTA D line.

NEW ARRIVALS: Lafont Eyeglasses & Sunglasses

Hopefully, by now you’ve done most of your holiday shopping, but have you treated yourself just yet? Just in time for you to indulge in a special wintertime treat, we have added more than 100 new styles of Lafont eyeglasses and sunglasses. From bold and funky designs to simple and classic, the Parisian brand has plenty for you to explore and to add to your collection of awesome accessories. Here are our favorites:

Lafont Gaufrette eyeglasses

With a narrow, teardrop-shaped silhouette, Lafont Gaufrette eyeglasses are like nothing you’ve seen before, with a purple top rim and arms featuring a beautiful laser-cut design, accented by a patterned red bottom. This frame lets you show off your appreciation for a creative work of art.

 Lafont Idylle eyeglasses

Lafont Idylle glasses stray away from the laser-cut patterns in favor of a shimmering light blue design that accents the navy-colored frame. Oval lenses are set within a uniquely cut frame, with voluptuous arms that add a bit of contrast to the structured front corners.

Lafont Imperiale eyeglasses

Further emphasizing the brand’s creativity are Lafont Imperiale eyeglasses, a style that may have a classic front silhouette, but is made all its own with a beautiful red, intricately weaved design dotted with silver accents throughout. A black and red polka dot pattern colors the inner arms for an added bit of eccentricity.

Lafont Grant eyeglasses

For the minimalist glasses lover in you, there’s Lafont Grant eyeglasses, proving not all frames have to be bold and bright. This particular style is classic with its round lenses and thin frame, made perfectly Lafont with its pretty blue color. Two silver dots accent each corner for a little touch of elegance.

Lafont Hellebore sunglasses

Last, but certainly not least, are Lafont Hellebore sunglasses – the coolest sunglasses you’ll see all day. Oversized and retro-fied, Hellebore boasts a funky red and white polka dot pattern throughout its curvy frame, matched with gray gradient lenses that keep this funky frame from being too overwhelming.

Give Your Kids the Gift of Sight and Style This Season

If your children already have all of the toys in the world, the last thing you want to do is add to the clutter this season and pile on some more during the holidays. Make the season bright by giving them the gift of sight – we’ve just added more than 100 styles of Lafont eyeglasses to, including many kids glasses that they will be excite to wear, thanks to their bold colors and fun designs.

Since your child is likely new to wearing glasses, Lafont makes a great first pair. Light enough to avoid distraction and with flexibility that makes for a durable frame, these kids glasses are the perfect choice.

Lafont Guignol kids glasses

Lafont Guignol glasses pour les bébés (for your baby) are great for little ones that need corrective lenses. The flexible arms are curved to stay on their head and come in a fun pink color accented with a pretty floral pattern along the side. The oval silhouette will look adorable on your young one.

 Lafont Isabella kids eyeglasses

She’ll love Lafont Isabella eyeglasses pour les enfants (for children), with its bright colors and pretty, graphic floral pattern along the funky rim. A purple and blue polka dot pattern around the lenses is dotted with green flowers all around, with pink hinges that lead the way to flexible red arms.

Lafont Gribouille kids eyeglasses

Quite a unique style, Lafont Gribouille kids glasses have rectangular rims offset by a light blue bridge and hinges. Arms are yellow and decorated with a cool outer space-themed pattern that he’ll love.

Whether you want to help your little ones express their personality or simply contribute to their budding eye health in the most fashionable way, Lafont kids glasses are a great choice for your children. With bright colors, fun patterns, and the same high-quality strength and durability you expect from this award-winning brand, Lafont keeps your kids healthy and stylish all season long.