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Frame of the Week: Etnia KIDS Gondor Eyeglasses

For many people, a new year doesn’t begin in January, but starts when the kids go back to school. Summer is over, school supplies are purchased, the bus is disappearing in the distance. One supply that often goes overlooked at this time is a quality pair of kids glasses. Parents should make it part of their annual back-to-school routine to get little ones’ eyes checked so they have a productive and successful year in class. Oftentimes, kids don’t realize that there is anything wrong with their eyes because they just adapt to the world around them – it’s all they know – so regular exams while their eyes are still developing is a must. That part may not be so fun for them, but if they need glasses, picking out a frame can make the whole experience.

Etnia Gondor kids eyeglasses

One of our little friends at Vizio Optic recently got a new pair of Etnia kids glasses, made from the same high-quality materials and with the same attention to detail as the adult collection. He picked out Etnia Gondor eyeglasses in blue with white accents, a frame made of lightweight metal to help lessen the distraction of wearing the new accessory. Adjustable nose pads keep the frame nice and snug as well to help avoid accidents.



Gondor also features plastic tips on the arms so the glasses sit comfortably over his ears. It is also offered in black with small orange accents.

For Kids, By Kids: ic! berlin Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

It’s that time of year, all of the spring and summer collections we saw on the runways last September are making their way into the stores so we can stock up for a fresh, new season. While these glasses may not have been strutting down a catwalk last fall, ic! berlin kids glasses are as fashionable as your little one can get, because they were actually designed by kids! Check out some of the new styles from the German brand’s SS 2013 line:

ic! berlin Nalah eyeglasses for kids

ic! berlin Nalah eyeglasses – Little Anna loves these black rectangular glasses, and so do her parents. The screw-less hinges are made of interlocking pieces that help avoid breakage. In the event of an accident, they snap off and are easily snapped back on for simple repair. That’s what makes ic! berlin glasses so perfect for kids!

ic! berlin Milla Brilla kids eyeglasses

Even cooler are Anna’s ic! berlin Milla Brilla glasses. Designed by a creative little girl, the snake-like way this silhouette moves is plenty of fun and shows off her playful personality.

ic! berlin cord matheo romahn sunglasses for kids

Young Mattheo looks sleek and casual in his ic! berlin Cord Matheo Romahn kids sunglasses. Also made with screw-less hinge technology, these shades not only protect from damage but keep your child’s eyes safe from the sun’s ultraviolet rays as well.

ic! berlin lischen brillchen eyeglasses

Here, Anna wears ic! berlin Lischen Brillchen eyeglasses, a strong, rectangular model that makes her look stylish and unique.

What do you think? Have your child draw their perfect frame and email a photo of it to us at!

Photos: ic! berlin Facebook

Lafont Eyewear to Look Out For

This weekend, we’ll be hosting our annual Lafont trunk show! We invite you to join us on January 19th from 11 am to 4 pm to view the full 2013 collection of eyeglasses and sunglasses from the beautiful French brand. RSVP here. Below are some of our favorite frames to keep an eye out for at the event, four each of some great eyeglasses, sunglasses, and kids glasses we’re sure you’ll love!

Lafont eyeglasses

Lafont sunglasses

Lafont kids glasses

A portion of the sales from the trunk show will go towards the Perkins School for the Blind, a trusted organization that has been in operation since 1832 and famously worked with Helen Keller in the late 19th century. We hope to see you there!

Can’t make the event? Shop these glasses now on our website:

Lafont Gaufrette eyeglasses
Lafont Ilona eyeglasses
Lafont Guimar eyeglasses 
Lafont Gilda eyeglasses

Lafont Hampton sunglasses
Lafont Hellebore sunglasses
Lafont Harrison sunglasses
Lafont Hallucinante sunglasses

Lafont Gabie kids glasses
Lafont Isadora kids glasses
Lafont Isabella kids glasses
Lafont Gibus kids glasses

LINDBERG Eyewear: From Rome to Iceland

Have you ever considered making your LINDBERG glasses frame even more personal with your name engraved? Not only do you have a beautiful designer product made from some of the most innovative minds in the world, but it is exclusively and uniquely yours – who wouldn’t want that?

Engraved LINDBERG Eyeglasses

In addition to such an engraving, each LINDBERG frame bears an individual identification number. What’s it for? Well, let this recent story tell you, about how the special ID number helped a little girl from Iceland get her lost glasses back:

Five-year-old Olafia Bella lost her LINDBERG Kid glasses while visiting Rome. Luckily, someone found them and handed them in to an optician in the area. He then called LINDBERG in Denmark, who were able to identify that the frame had been sold by a shop in Iceland. The little girl’s glasses were returned to LINDBERG, who then sent them on to the shop where they were purchased.

The Icelandic shop’s owner was delighted to be able to hand the lost glasses over to the little girl and her mother. As he ex- plains, “Olafia Bella came in to get her lost designer glasses, bringing us flowers and a card, so sweet and sincere. The staff in our shop that day had tears in their eyes when she left, smiling to us. I’ve always said that no other eyewear brand is as concerned about its customers as LINDBERG – especially when children are involved.”

Olafia Bella’s thank-you card bore the words,

Dear staff in Iceland, Denmark, and Rome, thank you for sending my glasses back home to me here in Iceland. I’m so happy now. Signed Olafía Bella

This touching story about the glasses that got lost, but were recovered and returned to their rightful owner was featured in the Morgunbladid national newspaper in Iceland.

If you’ve ever lost a pair of designer eyeglasses, you can understand Olafia’s and her family’s stress upon discovering they were gone. An investment lost and a prized accessory gone, we’ve all been there before. But with LINDBERG’s special engraving services, you can avoid such a financially and emotionally stressful event. Contact us at 866-411-9428 or email to learn more about how you can enjoy this important feature for your LINDBERG eyewear.

‘Alma Gets Glasses’ Gives Children a Positive Experience

Alma Gets Lindberg Kids Glasses

Alma Gets Glasses is a wonderful children’s book that a Danish teacher, Tina Torp Aaby, wrote when she discovered her own 3-year-old daughter needed glasses, an experience that many parents can relate to, especially with the increase of technology usage in the younger generations.

As the author explains in an interview, “The book describes everything that is fun and positive about having to wear glasses, and we follow Alma’s first visit to the ophthalmologist and the optician in order to help open children’s eyes to what actually happens.”

Alma, now four years old, chose her very own LINDBERG glasses. Just like anyone searching for the perfect frame, it took a while to find the ones she liked because, as Torp Aaby says, they are “very particular.”

“For us, it’s so important that people notice and appreciate Alma’s face – not just her glasses. It’s also important that her specs can take a battering, and not hold her back when she’s playing. And they also have to look cool, of course!”

Parents who have to help their children through getting glasses for the first time may want to pick up this book from LINDBERG, as it will make the experience more positive for little ones. Alma Gets Glasses makes getting glasses seem less overpowering for your child, and the story about Alma gets kids actively involved in the whole process of getting fitted for glasses.

Please call us at 866-411-9428 for more information on how to purchases Alma Gets Glasses by Tina Torp Aaby.