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Artful Inspiration: JF Rey 2431 Eyeglasses

If your desire for the perfect pair of designer glasses that embody your love for art and creativity has yet to be satiated, look no further than J.F. Rey’s Pixel collection, a line of totally bold and innovative frames that get their inspiration directly from the world of graphic arts. The two-tone styles are treated with a unique photoengraving technique, according to the French brand, that results in a “rich, polished finish that fuses color gradations and pictorial asymmetrical patterns directly into the stainless steel.”

JF Rey 2431 eyeglasses

This frame features upturned rectangular lenses surrounded by a turquoise and green patterned frame, which dips in the center for an angular look, or more of a futuristic cat-eye silhouette. Two-tone frames are typically move in a vertical gradient, and that’s why we love this pair of JF Rey 2431 eyeglasses. The colors move horizontally and invert along the way, something we’ve never seen before! And this photo doesn’t even do the bright colors justice, so check out the frame in action below:

JF Rey 2431 eyeglasses

Aren’t they fantastic? This photo is from a past SILMO event, and she is positively glowing! This frame stands out so beautifully against her dark features and really emphasizes a love and appreciation for art. The 2431 is certainly not a style for the timid. We recommend this pair of JF Rey glasses to anyone who wants a great way to stand up and shout “This is me!” (of course, without all the shouting :P).

Rebel Without a Flaw: J.F. Rey Precision-Cut Eyewear

JF Rey Moonglasses collection

Fashion is all about taking chances. You could be the boldest dresser with mismatched prints and six-inch wedges, or maybe you’re the more refined type who chooses to stand out with one incredible accessory. Either way, the new collection J.F. Rey sunglasses is the perfect fit.

The Moonglasses line features unique shades with incredibly detailed frames, boasting laser-cut patterns that sit atop a delicate lace-like base. Bloody Lys has a feminine, “heraldic fleure-de-lis, representing purity and innocence,” according to Eyewear Magazine. On the masculine side (although let’s be honest, they’re pretty great for women, too) is Black Heart, crafted with a rebellious skull pattern throughout the metal frame, “layered with a gray-sprinkled metal coating reminiscent of rock structure.”

The metal Moonglasses are light and flexible, but it’s the macro lenses that make these frames so fascinating. Each pair is imprinted with the same pattern of its respective frame with a high-tech vacuum process. The prints don’t appear as bold as these stock photos suggest, but they are visible and create a stunning look that makes these designer sunglasses the most important accessory you’ll own this summer.


JF Rey Bloody Lys sunglasses

JF Rey Black Heart sunglasses

Bloody Lys is available in Antique Gold/Blue, Bronze, and Black, while Black Heart is offered in Granite, Khaki and Black. Check out more photos of the frames over at Eyewear Magazine where you can see the mirrored lenses in full effect and get a closer look at the detail of each pattern.

Curious about size? Bloody Lys measures in at 57/18/123, while Black Heart is a little wider at 60/19/125, fitting small to medium-sized faces.

What do you think of these new styles? Are you bold enough to wear them?

Vizio Optic Holiday Gift Guide: Men’s Eyeglasses

What do you get the guy who has everything? A pair of designer eyeglasses certainly doesn’t hurt! He can alternate with a pair he currently owns, or perhaps you want to give him a break from the contacts he wears every day – no matter what he does with them, you’ll be the reason he looks stylish and stunning!

For your dad:

Vue dc MAR eyeglasses

Give him a blast to the past with Vue dc MAR eyeglasses, a great retro style that will spruce up his look. He’ll feel new again when he transforms his usual appearance with these round black frames in the fashion of Stanley Tucci. Handsome and classic, these specs are a timeless choice.

For your husband:

LINDBERG Spirit Titanium 808 glasses

Your husband deserves the finer things in life, and LINDBERG Spirit Titanium 808 glasses give him the gift of innovation. The Danish brand is known for its excellence in design, winning awards every year for the famous screw-less hinge that contributes to the glasses’ flexibility and durability. This style has silver cut-out arms in titanium metal the look modern and stylish, with a subtle rimless frame that emphasizes his handsome features.

For your brother:

Giorgio Armani 823 eyeglasses

You’ve known him your whole lives, so your gift should be a true reflection of his personal style. These Giorgio Armani 823 eyeglasses are a great vintage-inspired look with its rounded silhouette and keyhole bridge for the guy who wants to feel as cool as Geoffrey Zakarian and as suave as Johnny Depp.

For your son:

JR Rey Dis-non eyeglasses

Kids love to show off their funky style, and your son can do it every day with a pair of JF Rey Dis-non eyeglasses! The semi-rimless rectangular frame looks flattering on little faces, and the metal rim is colored in blue with orange accents. The arms look pretty cool with their laser cut chevron design along the temple.

For your friend:

MYKITA Haakon eyeglasses

We assume you hang out with some pretty stylish people, so for your male friends we’ve chosen MYKITA Haakon eyeglasses. From the MYKITA Lite collection, this frame is as simple as it gets, made with lightweight titanium and only three pieces! There are no screws involved – just the minimalist design of the oversized, aviator style silhouette.

Look out next week for the sunglasses edition of our Holiday Gift Guide!

BOZ Eyewear Makes You Anything But Ordinary

Fans of JF Rey, listen up! We have added a brand new selection of BOZ eyewear, its sister company, to our website for you to enjoy. Both brands are run by a husband and wife team, with the lovely wife in charge of creating beautiful glasses for BOZ. She is also a jewelry designer, so her eyewear is created to not only be a way to correct your vision, but to be a flattering accessory as well. Check out some of her latest styles:

BOZ News eyeglasses

BOZ News eyeglasses are a bold and unique style, with oval lenses surrounded by white rims that flare in the upper corners. The left edge of the lens is exposed, while the rim extends outward to the twisted design along the arms. The white brown-line is accented by a thin strip of purple, which also makes an appearance along the curves of the arms and in the transparent plastic ear tips.

BOZ Nenette eyeglasses

BOZ Nenette eyeglasses are like nothing you’ve seen before. The rectangular silhouette may be a classic, but it is surrounded by glossy plastic with a black and pink pattern throughout. Its arms feature a fin-like design in both colors, capped at the ends with a matching patterned ear tip. Nenette is guaranteed to be a conversation starter among your fashionable friends.

BOZ Nymplea eyeglasses

Perhaps the most unconventional of the three is a pair of BOZ Nymplea eyeglasses. This bright pink style has a flat-metal rim that extends far beyond the outer edges of the lens, giving it a three-dimensional quality unlike anything we’ve seen from other designers. Connected to the hinge is another finned accent temple in solid pink and textured gold, capped with dark plastic along the tips.

What do you think? Are you bold enough to wear BOZ eyeglasses?

What Do Your Eyeglasses Say About You?

Have you ever met someone who was actually quite attractive and intelligent but ended up looking dowdy or awkward because their glasses were just wrong for them?

It’s not hard to find a pair of designer glasses that look great, but it’s also easy to forget that our glasses can impact how others perceive us. In other words, your glasses shouldn’t just look great – they should also match your face, fit your image, and maybe even say something special about who you are.

Lafont Darling eyeglasses

Eyeglasses can enhance or detract from your personality, depending on the style. Because the face is the first thing people look at, an accessory like glasses will say so much more about you than your shoes or most other accessories.They are just very visible and everyone looks at your face when they greet you or speak with you so you can’t avoid them noticing your glasses.

Just any pair of designer glasses that look great on our shelves may turn necessarily be a match for your face and may just not be exactly the style that you’re looking for. And the pair you overlooked? Those frames might just be you.

Lafont Denise eyeglasses

So before you shop, think about what personality traits you want your glasses to bring out. Do you consider yourself to be a fun and high-fashion personand you want the world to know that? Or are you looking for a conservative executive with a calculated image? Would you rather be seen as sophisticated or stylish, or both? Youthful or conservative? Retro and vintage or modern style? It’s up to you because there are glasses for every personality type.

Need some examples?

J.F. Rey Celui eyeglasses

For the creative type,  we think J.F. Rey Celui glasses are the ultimate in imaginative free expression.

LINDBERG Spirit Titanium 808 eyeglasses

To project that CEO image, nothing beats Lindberg Spirit Titanium rimless frames. Simple, yet sophisticated.

MYKITA David eyeglasses

MYKITA David eyeglasses, on the other hand, are the perfect frames for anyone who wants to project a no-nonsense image while also showing the world that they appreciate the finer things in life.

The statement-making doesn’t end there, though. There are designer eyeglasses that are perfect for parents, eyewear designed just for the student, frames for the fashion lover, and more. We love the versatility of our brands’ collections – no matter who you are or what you do, there are glasses that can help you professionally, describe your personality, coordinate with your clothes, and help you share yourself with the world.

When you buy glasses, do you choose frames that emphasize who you really are or frames that show who you want to be? Or just have several eyeglass frames and then choose one of them depending what you feel like that day.

Who Says You Can’t Wear White After Labor Day?

Fashion etiquette has long dictated that white is never to be worn after Labor Day – but rules are made to be broken, aren’t they? This fall, don a pair of white-hot designer eyeglasses to stand out among the ubiquitous dark apparel of the cooler months. Brands like Face a Face and J.F. Rey’s Boz have plenty of options for you to choose from to stay chic and stylish throughout the season.

Face a Face Swann 1 eyeglasses

Face a Face Swann 1 c. 031 eyeglasses are a great pair of specs. They feature a rectangular silhouette that is quite a classic, but with a bright white twist. The front of the frame has a gradient effect, running from white along the top to clear on the bottom half of the lenses. This plastic style is accented with silver in each corner and on the hinges, with white arms that extend to the ear with a cool, unique curved design.

J.F. Rey Boz News eyeglasses

If you want a little pop of color in your white frame, Boz News eyeglasses by J.F. Rey are an excellent choice. This style features oval lenses with a straight-top silhouette, accented with a thin line of purple along the top. White glasses will make you a standout fashionista, but the subtle bit of color adds a chic edge to the frame that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Face a Face Agape 2 eyeglasses

For those who don’t want to go completely white, Face a Face Agape 2 eyeglasses can help you ease into the look. The thick glossy frame features rectangular rims with a straight-top bridge, complemented by thin gold arms that are capped with tortoise patterned plastic for a comfortable fit over the ears. Agape 2 is an interesting style with the contrast between slenderness and solidity in its design.

J.F. Rey Honors Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, J.F. Rey Eyewear is releasing a limited edition pair of glasses to help find a cure for the disease that affects one in eight women.

With a feminine and curvaceous silhouette, the frame that surrounds its oval lenses comes in the causes’s signature bright pink. Made of acetate and metal, it features laser-cut cancer ribbons patterned throughout, backed by thin wire mesh to keep the eyeglasses strong and durable. Arms are capped with complementary blue plastic for a comfortable fit over the ears.

J.F. Rey eyeglasses

The French brand will debut this special frame on October 5 at the “Lipstick Lounge,” during a charity event thrown by Glam-A-Thon – an organization that raises money for breast cancer research, awareness, and education. 100 percent of the proceeds will go towards finding a cure for breast cancer, with a goal of raising $70,000 through this event and the sales of the frame.

Of course, this limited edition style will be made with the same care and fine materials that the rest of the J.F. Rey eyewear collection boasts, maintaining its reputation of providing a high quality accessory to each and every customer.

There will only be 200 of these J.F. Rey eyeglasses made, priced at $450.00, making it an extra special and exclusive gift to yourself or a loved one. Please call Vizio Optic at 866-411-9428 to learn more about how to purchase this exclusive frame and contribute to a worthy cause.

Fall Trend: Oxblood Eyeglasses

One of the most popular trends for the Fall 2012 is oxblood. Don’t let the name deter you, this trend is entirely vegan. This beautiful deep red has been seen all over the runways, and you can have your own fashionable accessory too with a pair of  oxblood-colored designer glasses.

 Face a Face Axess 4 eyeglasses

Face a Face Axess 4 eyeglasses in color 263 are a great option. The rectangular frame features a thin front rim, with wide hinges that extend their thickness to the arms. The front is a dark oxblood, while the arms are colored in a lighter shade of red.

Face a Face Bliss 2 eyeglasses

Another style from the French designer is Face a Face Bliss 2 eyeglasses in color 695. With its rectangular silhouette, just about anyone will find these flattering. Bliss 2 features flared corners with recessed accents, as well as a vertical striped pattern along the front rim. The arms are a bit more bold with a larger striped pattern.

 JF Rey Cevou eyeglasses

J.F. Rey Cevou eyeglasses in color 9024 are glossy oxblood in a structured rectangular shape. One the arms, the flat, metal temple features four laser-cut stripes, making this style more than just trendy, but artistic too. Cevou will have heads turning no matter where you go!

This shade is showing up everywhere! For more oxblood colored styles, visit our website at

Back To School!: The Top Kids Glasses For Fall

It’s that time of year again – school is almost back in session and it’s time to get shoppin’ for clothes, supplies, and most importantly, kids glasses! It is vital for children to have precise vision at school so they don’t get frustrated or distracted from learning. But the fun part lies in letting your son or daughter choose a frame that represents their personality, something that is always evolving and which may have changed from previous years! Let your child express his or her personal style with these popular frames this season:

LINDBERG Oval and Ophus eyeglasses

LINDBERG Oval and Ophus eyeglasses are a great start for those who are new to wearing glasses. Not only do they look nice and flattering, but they are also extremely lightweight, which helps kids avoid being distracted by their new accessory. This style comes in multiple solid colors, and also features a screw-less hinge that parents will appreciate for its lack of screws. No need to worry that they will loosen or come apart!

Etnia Metroville eyeglasses


Etnia Metrovile eyeglasses come in nine different colors and patterns. Kids will have a field day choosing from two-toned checkers, stripes, polka dots, and more. This frame is a chunky Wayfarer-style that is more flattering on older children’s faces. Bonus: If your child absolutely loves these Etnia glasses, they can have the same frame in a sunglass version.

 JF Rey Delly eyeglasses

Little girls will love the laser-cut floral designs of JF Rey Delly eyeglasses. The rectangular pink frame features little daisies along the arms in a complementary orange, with gray plastic capped on the ends to sit comfortably over the ears. This style is also offered in teal with silver accents.

NEW ARRIVALS: JF Rey eyewear

JF Rey glasses are a creative person’s dream. The innovative designs are both artistic and uniquely modern, making for quite the conversation piece among your family and friends. Vizio Optic recently received a few new styles from the brand’s spring 2012 collection, and they are definitely some of the most eye-catching that we’ve seen!

JF Rey Honorine eyeglasses are extremely interesting. There is plenty to this design: the double-armed stainless steel frame, the colorful tips, and – oh yeah – the way the lens extends outward from the rim! While the brightly colored rim is more conformed to your face shape, the lens is a bit more linear, and connected to the rest of the frame with the structured hinge.

Another unique style is Hamlet. The semi-rimless frame extends further than the lenses, allowing for a little space between the edge of the lens and the hinge. This is an excellent masculine style for guys who want a bit of futuristic flair in their look. The angled, divided arm pieces in complimentary colors add to the appeal of the glasses’ intriguing design.

Other new JF Rey eyewear frames at Vizio Optic include Hector, Hercule, Garaou, Piazza, Cole, Sean, and Lauren. Visit our website to explore more JF Rey glasses and other designer eyewear today!