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Frame of the Week: ic! berlin Nameless 2012 Sunglasses

ic! berlin nameless 2012 sunglasses

After a sweltering weekend in the city, we thought it was about time we showed you some awesome designer sunglasses in our Frame of the Week series. For serious protection with a whole lot of style, we look to ic! berlin this week.

Our frame stylist Alex is wearing a pair of ic! berlin Nameless 2012 sunglasses in Piano Rough. This is a combination frame, meaning it’s made up of multiple materials for a cool look. The front rims feature a subtle dark brown pattern with a rectangular silhouette, accented with a strip of white around the edges. Its arms are attached via a screw-less hinge, using interlocking pieces for a super flexible and resilient pair of shades that you don’t have to worry about loosening or falling apart. The arms are constructed with titanium, which gives this frame its ultra light weight feel as well.


Nameless 2012 is also available in plain black, smokey grey with a matte marbled design and graphite arms, and brown with green accents and coffee-colored titanium.

Did you know we have a huge new selection of ic! berlin eyewear available on our website? We just added a ton of new styles of eyeglasses and sunglasses for men, women, and kids. Many of the children’s frames were actually designed by children themselves! Check them out and let us know what catches your eye.

NEW ARRIVALS: ic! berlin eyewear

From putting a modern twist on vintage looks to using the latest technology in the designer eyewear industry, we’re all about innovation, which is why we’ve expanded our collection of ic! berlin eyewear to include 12 new styles of eyeglasses and sunglasses, all of which are made with the unique screw-less hinge that makes the German brand a leader in today’s fashion.

ic berlin 2013 sunglasses

Both collections feature a spring-hinge design, which uses interlocking pieces to create a flexible and durable frame. Accidentally sit on them? Drop them on the ground? The arms are made to snap on and off, so any accidental harsh treatment that would otherwise break off of a screw hinge would simply snap it off, allowing you to snap it right back on for easy repairs.

ic berlin 2013 eyeglasses

Notice Black Hole, the frame we spotted on Catherine Zeta Jones last month in her film Side Effects. We’ve been getting a lot of questions about this one, it’s been very popular at Vizio Optic! All frames are available in multiple colors. Edelweiss is a bit of a departure from ic! berlin’s normal collection because of its patterned arms, which provide a nice contrast to the solid black frame. Acetate styles like Black Hole, and Klavierspieler Klaus feature a titanium metal base that provides superb flexibility as mentioned above, with an acetate rim mounted on the front. The metal frame adds strength to these styles.

These styles will be available on in the near future. For more information on how to purchase ic! berlin glasses and sunglasses NOW, please email

Celeb Style: Catherine Zeta Jones in ic! berlin

Since we’ve investigated what frames Mila Kunis, Julia Roberts and other actresses have been wearing in their latest movies, we thought it’d be fun to do another this week, since the beautiful Catherine Zeta Jones wears a stunning pair of designer glasses in the film Side Effects (which is out in theaters now). Looking as stunning as ever, CZJ dons a pair of slim, dark-rimmed specs that give her a professional and incredibly sexy look.

Now, on to what she’s actually wearing! CZJ is wearing a pair of ic! berlin glasses known as Black Hole, part of its plastic! collection. This large, rectangular frame comes in black, flattering her round face shape by adding more angles to her look. This creates balance, which is what we look for in the perfect pair of glasses. The color also stands out wonderfully against her fair skin and looks great with her dark hair. Great choice!

ic! berlin black hole eyeglasses

ic! berlin Black Hole eyeglasses feature the brand’s patented screw-less hinge, which uses a spring clasp to connect the arms and rim rather than a screw that could become loose or require adjustments over time. It is also made of titanium (with acetate mounted on the front rim), which improves its strength and makes the frame highly flexible. This style is also available in brown with turquoise accents and brown or pearl arms, Havana with chrome arms, and gray matte with pearl arms.

For more information on how to purchase this frame from Vizio Optic, please email

For Kids, By Kids: ic! berlin Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

It’s that time of year, all of the spring and summer collections we saw on the runways last September are making their way into the stores so we can stock up for a fresh, new season. While these glasses may not have been strutting down a catwalk last fall, ic! berlin kids glasses are as fashionable as your little one can get, because they were actually designed by kids! Check out some of the new styles from the German brand’s SS 2013 line:

ic! berlin Nalah eyeglasses for kids

ic! berlin Nalah eyeglasses – Little Anna loves these black rectangular glasses, and so do her parents. The screw-less hinges are made of interlocking pieces that help avoid breakage. In the event of an accident, they snap off and are easily snapped back on for simple repair. That’s what makes ic! berlin glasses so perfect for kids!

ic! berlin Milla Brilla kids eyeglasses

Even cooler are Anna’s ic! berlin Milla Brilla glasses. Designed by a creative little girl, the snake-like way this silhouette moves is plenty of fun and shows off her playful personality.

ic! berlin cord matheo romahn sunglasses for kids

Young Mattheo looks sleek and casual in his ic! berlin Cord Matheo Romahn kids sunglasses. Also made with screw-less hinge technology, these shades not only protect from damage but keep your child’s eyes safe from the sun’s ultraviolet rays as well.

ic! berlin lischen brillchen eyeglasses

Here, Anna wears ic! berlin Lischen Brillchen eyeglasses, a strong, rectangular model that makes her look stylish and unique.

What do you think? Have your child draw their perfect frame and email a photo of it to us at!

Photos: ic! berlin Facebook

Top 5 Minimalist Eyeglasses

With the New Year, one of the most popular resolutions is to slim down – whether its losing some weight or cutting expenses, we’re all looking to get back to basics in some area. Why not streamline your style, too? Minimalist eyeglasses are a great way to look sleek in a no-frills way, without having to sacrifice style. Those looking for the top minimalist eyewear out today will love the following styles.

Prodesign 1360 C. 5031 Eyeglasses

5. Prodesign 1360 eyeglasses – The Danish are known for their great designs, and this brand is no stranger to award-winning creations. The 1360 is simple and elegant, with a classic rectangular design made modern with the flared corners, complemented by thin arms in a matching chocolate brown.

Giorgio Armani 808 C.0003 Eyeglasses

4. Giorgio Armani 808 eyeglasses – Another unembellished model, the 808 has a thin black frame that surrounds round lenses, paired with equally as slim arms for an all-around modest look. Adjustable nose pads make this style a great choice for simplicity and comfort.

IC Berlin Sinai K. C. Aubergine Eyeglasses

3. ic! berlin Sinai eyeglasses – In a subtle aubergine color, this German-made frame has a patented screw-less design, using interlocking pieces to create the hinge that snaps on and off for easy repairs. The rectangular silhouette has slight curves that make it a top choice for unisex minimalist styles.

LINDBERG 2153 C. K45/10 Eyeglasses

2. LINDBERG 2153 eyeglasses – LINDBERG, another award-winning Danish brand, makes what are perhaps the most popular titanium frameless eyeglasses in the world. Available for men, women, and children, its popular rimless eyeglasses selection suits just about everybody. Lenses are cut to your size preferences because there is no frame to fit, and arms can either be bold and bright or sleek and chic like the 2153 above.

MYKITA Bent eyeglasses

1. MYKITA Bent eyeglasses – The absolute ultimate style of minimalist eyewear has to be our favorite look from the MYKITA Lite collection, a line of frames made of only three pieces. That’s right, all it takes to put together this frame is the front rim and two arms! Hinges are interlocking so no screws are required, and the entire frame is made out of super lightweight titanium, so they’ll feel as light as a feather and will look just as delicate.

ic! berlin: Making Chopsticks Out of Eyeglasses Since 1999

Have you ever gotten takeout sushi, only to get all the way home and realize they forgot to include a pair of chopsticks? It’s a panicky moment, but if you have a pair of ic! berlin glasses, don’t worry your pretty little head! Besides being a lightweight and fashionable pair of specs, your designer glasses are also innovative and totally convenient in ways you’ve never imagined. Where are we going with this?

This is where. No, they’re not broken. ic! berlin eyeglasses and sunglasses feature a screw-less hinge design made of interlocking pieces that snap on and off with ease. This ability was originally made for simple repairs (if your frames happen to endure accidental harsh treatment, such as being sat on, the arms just snap off to avoid breakage) and to eliminate the requirement of routine adjustments, but you can get a little more creative with them as well.

You don’t have to be MacGuyver to fashion a pair of chopsticks out of your glasses. The arms may be lightweight, but the titanium material they are made out of is also very strong and durable, so they will be able to hold up a piece of sushi in a pinch!

Okay, okay, stop looking at us like we’re crazy. We’re just showing you how convenient ic! berlin eyewear can be. If you do want to try eating sushi with your sunglasses, make sure to wash them well after, you don’t want to smell like a spicy tuna roll all day.

Explore our collection of modern ic! berlin glasses on to pick out your very own designer chopsticks! 🙂

Top 3 ’80s Sunglasses for 2012

The 1980s were an interesting decade, to say the least. The runways were often decked out in vibrant colors and eye-popping patterns, and today’s designers are pulling inspiration from these retro trends. This season, go for some funky shades, like these top 3 80s sunglasses for 2012.

Ray Ban Original Wayfarer RB2140 sunglasses

We all know how legendary Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses are. From the big screen to your closet, these plastic shades are an extremely accessible accessory that has been seen just about everywhere. This spring, try out a bold color like orange, or turn heads with a funky pattern – or do both! Ray Ban Wayfarer 2140 sunglasses are an excellent mix of both trends.

ic! berlin dr. ihab sunglasses

These days, shutter shades conjure up images of Kanye West’s custom-made Alain Mikli sunglasses, a style that was seen everywhere after he brought it back into the limelight during his “Glow in the Dark” tour. While his name may be synonymous with this style now, they were seen in plenty of music videos back in the 80s. ic! berlin eyewear has recognized that the slats aren’t entirely practical, so they’ve upgraded with their Dr. Ihab sunglasses to include a snap-on shutter made of lightweight titanium, providing maximum style when and where you want it.

Face a Face Largo 1 sunglasses

Face a Face Largo 1 sunglasses do a great job blending the classic aviator style with the plastic look that was very popular in the 80s. This design is top-heavy, with a straight top line and a thick bridge – a great masculine look. Color 155 is an eye-catching blue with black temples and a solid silver hinge.

Fatale, Feminine, French, Fantastic!: ic! berlin’s ‘tres chic!’ Collection

Here at Vizio Optic, we are all about empowering our clients. We love to help you look good and feel good with the perfect pair of glasses. That is precisely why we love the tres chic! collection from ic! berlin – the ultimate eyewear for the modern woman.

ic! berlin sunglasses
Designer Christina Muthsam created the collection for today’s women, who make juggling a number of important roles look effortless with their clever sense of style. Tres chic! glasses gather their inspiration from retro looks, which add a beautifully classic touch to the trendy and feminine designs.

ic! berlin eyeglasses in the tres! chic collection come with a special treat. While you’ll get the protective accessories like a black leather case with magnetic closure and purple microfiber cloth, both designed specifically for this line, you will also receive a stylish silver necklace with a pendant designed just like your eyeglass model.
ic! berlin EyewearOne of our favorite tres chic! designs is the ic! berlin charmonte. These lightweight titanium frames come in aubergine (shown above), black, pearl and chocolate. Equipped with the designer’s trademark hinge, these ic! berlin glasses also feature small and comfortable nose pads and acetate temples for maximum comfort.

The tres chic! collection is designed exclusively for women, by women. Visit us at Vizio Optic to find  frames that will make you look, as ic! berlin says, “fatale, feminine, French, fantastic!”

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