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Vintage Eyewear in Our Modern World


You may be noticing the upward trend in vintage eyewear.  It has been on the rise for years now. In a world that is so driven by technology, automation, and the depersonalization of so many areas of our lives, to me, it is refreshing and even comforting to see vintage eyewear become so fashionable.  I do not think I could pull off a pair of Google Smart Glasses (amazing as they are).

In the beginning of this trend, some people were worried to see the revival of such vintage styles. In some people’s faces, you could see the years flash back past them as they relived the jokes and teasing they received during their awkward youth.  It is in the opinion of some that the relevant styles of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s (and 80’s for that matter) were the very catalyst to one’s overall perception of themselves and the way they were viewed by others.   The great news is that in today’s modern world these vintage eyeglass styles are sought after by all ages and are no longer viewed as an article that stereotypes a person. “Geek glasses” have turned “Chic”, and Cat Eye glasses once stereotypical of the sheepishly shy yet stern librarian, has now turned sexy.Etnia Vintage Collection Florentin Eyeglass Frames

Although it would be sentimental to go back and rummage through our parents and grandparents trunks in search for such such vintage gems, there is no need to. One of my favorite Fashion Eyewear Brands Etnia Barcelona has created a Vintage Line of eyewear that accurately recreates all the greatest Vintage looks with color and frame shape. Etnia Barcelona has modernized vintage eyeglasses and sunglasses by incorporating true to the era color combinations of tortoise, with their own reputable colors that are featured throughout their original line of eyewear.  The Etnia Barcelona colors, although known to be bright are brilliantly added to their Vintage line as accents or splashes of color that really set this line apart from all the others.  

Etnia Malasana Sun

Etnia’s Vintage line has been inspired by seven historic neighborhoods (Malasaña – Madrid, Shoreditch – London, Kreuzberg – Berlin, Mission District – S.F. Williamsburg & Montauk – New York, Fitzroy – Melbourne, Florentin – Tel Aviv).  Each of theses neighborhoods are well known for a certain style, vibe, and culture that to this day is still present.  I love that Etnia is celebrating these neighborhoods, cultures and arts by perfectly blending classic style with modern visions without compromise.

The acetate frames are made of cotton fibers which are skillfully manufactured in Italy. The sunglass lenses that are used in Etnia’s VintaEtnia Mission Clip-On Sunglassesge  frames are mineral lenses.  Mineral lenses emerged in the 1970’s from manufactures in Barberini, Italy. These lenses are also available in clip-on options for select Vintage optical styles.

For more information about Etnia’s Vintage Eyewear Collection visit their online Lookbookand Vizio Optic’s website for Etnia Vintage Eyeglasses and Etnia Vintage Sunglasses


Bravo Etnia!  Thank you for your fashionable Vintage line that is fun and easy to wear in a modern world growing faster and faster into a futuristic world much like that of the “Jetsons”.


Erin Stiles,


Vizio Optic

Frame of the Week: Etnia KIDS Gondor Eyeglasses

For many people, a new year doesn’t begin in January, but starts when the kids go back to school. Summer is over, school supplies are purchased, the bus is disappearing in the distance. One supply that often goes overlooked at this time is a quality pair of kids glasses. Parents should make it part of their annual back-to-school routine to get little ones’ eyes checked so they have a productive and successful year in class. Oftentimes, kids don’t realize that there is anything wrong with their eyes because they just adapt to the world around them – it’s all they know – so regular exams while their eyes are still developing is a must. That part may not be so fun for them, but if they need glasses, picking out a frame can make the whole experience.

Etnia Gondor kids eyeglasses

One of our little friends at Vizio Optic recently got a new pair of Etnia kids glasses, made from the same high-quality materials and with the same attention to detail as the adult collection. He picked out Etnia Gondor eyeglasses in blue with white accents, a frame made of lightweight metal to help lessen the distraction of wearing the new accessory. Adjustable nose pads keep the frame nice and snug as well to help avoid accidents.



Gondor also features plastic tips on the arms so the glasses sit comfortably over his ears. It is also offered in black with small orange accents.

Frame of the Week: Etnia Montpelier Eyeglasses

Etnia Montpelier c.BRPU eyeglasses

Today we want to talk about dueling desires. Two things you love and want to have but their fate seems inevitably doomed – much like clashing patterns. But fashion is all about the unexpected, and many times two separate pieces that you wouldn’t consider pairing end up working together beautifully. Case in point, Etnia eyewear consistently shows us how seemingly conflicting patterns can actually come together for a perfect union.

Above, our friend Alison wears a perfect example of a frame that shows your desires can be anything but dueling – Etnia Montpelier eyeglasses. This style features a brown striped pattern along the brow and arms, matched with a mini-polka dot pattern in purple throughout the front rims. These designs work well together because they’re colored in complementary shades and because the details are small and subtle.

Etnia Montpelier c.BRPU eyeglasses

This style isn’t overwhelming either because it starts out with a classic silhouette that brings the unconventional pattern pairing down a notch. This rectangular style is also available in tan stripes with brown checkers, solid brown with red checkers, black stripes with blue checkers, and black stripes with fuchsia checkers.

Etnia Montpelier eyeglasses

This is just one frame among many that boast cool color and pattern combinations, and we encourage you to scroll through the Etnia eyewear selection available on our website. There are so many styles to choose from, we know you’ll find the perfect one for you.

It’s Vizio Optic’s 8th Birthday!

This spring, we’re celebrating something special – our 8th birthday! When we opened in 2004, our dream was to bring a new and different eyewear selection to the Boston area that allowed our friends in the community to express themselves in a unique way. Since then, we’ve gone international with our online shop and have won several Best of Boston awards from Boston Magazine achievements we owe entirely to you! And we have something special for you this month to show our gratitude.

Many beautiful frames have come and gone in the last eight years, but some great styles still remain. Each member of the Vizio Optic team has chosen their favorite frame to highlight for our anniversary, ones that have stood the test of time and some new arrivals that are sure to have a long-term presence in our shop. Without further ado, here are our favorite styles of designer eyewear from over the years:

Face a Face Bocca c.400 eyeglasses
Galina, Owner – Face a Face Bocca 4 eyeglasses

Lafont Ispahan c.537 eyeglasses
Mary-Ann, OptometristLafont Ispahan eyeglasses

 Face a Face Jodie 1 c.2014 eyeglasses
Erin, Store Manager/OpticianFace a Face Jodie 1 eyeglasses

Vue dc DOT c.2800 eyeglasses
Hilary, Online Sales Manager – Vue dc DOT eyeglasses

Cecile 191-13190/85 eyeglasses

Sean, Frame Stylist –  Cecile 191-13190/85 eyeglasses

Oliver Goldsmith Koko c.Black Lace sunglasses
Alex, Frame Stylist Oliver Goldsmith Koko sunglasses

Mykita Maple c.140 sunglasses
Kristen, Marketing Manager (and Resident Blogger, hello!)MYKITA Maple sunglasses

Etnia AF280 c.TQCO sunglasses

Milane,  Online Marketing Specialist Etnia AF280 sunglasses

As a thank you to you, our wonderful customers, we are offering $50 towards any of these frames (in any color) until June 30, 2013. Price will be adjusted at checkout when you enter the code HAPPY8. For frames that are not available online (Face a Face Bocca 4, Cecile, and Vue dc DOT), we are able to process your order with the promotional price via phone or email.

Call: 866-411-9428

What do you think of our choices? What would you have picked? Let us know in the comments below!

Top 5 Red Sunglasses for Summer

Face a Face Senso 2 sunglasses

Deborah, a Vizio Optic customer, wears a bold pair of red Face a Face sunglasses.

Emerald may be the It color for 2013, but we’re still partial to red. Whether it’s on your nails, lips, or illuminating your face in a pair of designer sunglasses, this color is always a classic, and it’s versatile, too! You can go bold with a bright candy red, or be a little more dramatic with a deeper shade. Here are our five favorite red frames for the summer.

Face a Face Senso 2 sunglasses
Face a Face Senso 2 sunglasses
Want to really stand out this summer? This frame is as bold as you can get, with its lips-shaped silhouette inspired by Salvador Dali’s Mae West couch. Grey lenses keep this bright frame from being too overwhelming. If you really love the season, show your love and give a big smooch with Senso.

MYKITA Leroy sunglasses
MYKITA Leroy sunglasses
Want to go a little retro with your frame? Leroy takes the plastic aviator style of the ’80s and updates it for today with the screw-less hinge. See the silver detail on the temple? That’s the hinge made of interlocking pieces, to snap right back on if they happen to detach in an accident. Gradient lenses round out this awesome look.

Oliver Goldsmith Kolus sunglassesOliver Goldsmith Kolus sunglasses
If you want to tone the color down a notch but looking as chic as ever, Kolus will do the trick. The Raspberry Coulis frame has a rectangular shape but with pointed corners that add some edge to your look.

Etnia AF280 sunglasses
Etnia AF280 sunglasses
One of our latest arrivals, the AF280 was actually inspired by Yoko Ono’s style in the ’60s. Its solid red frame is topped with a strip of gray along the brow, surrounding gray gradient lenses for a fun but slightly subdued look.

Beausoleil S382 sunglasses
Beausoleil S382 sunglasses
Last, but not least, is the fabulous S382, with a subtly patterned red frame that features silver dot accents on each corner. The round silhouette is oversized and dramatic, giving you that sexy divalicious look you want for a day on the beach.

Photo 1: 20/20 Magazine

NEW ARRIVALS: Etnia Sunglasses

Etnia Barcelona Paris Tokyo sunglasses collection 2013

Spring is in bloom and so is our 2013 selection of designer eyewear! We have plenty of new styles coming your way this season, and today Vizio Optic is excited to show you new arrivals from Etnia eyewear, including some fabulous styles from its Paris-Tokyo sunwear collection!

Etnia Barcelona Paris Tokyo JL406 hipster rock star sunglasses

Featuring three new models of Etnia sunglasses, each style in this new collection comes in an astonishing 46 color combinations, as seen above with a pretty accent shade along the brow. AF280 takes cues from the 1960s, with a large inspiration drawn from the style of Yoko Ono; NH206 takes us back to the 1980s, with its futuristic style fashioned after the decade’s “screen” models; and the JL406 (above) has a modern rock star vibe.
Etnia Barcelona Paris Tokyo sunglasses collection 2013
As for new eyeglasses, we have nearly 30 new styles coming to very soo. Be on the lookout for new and colorful frames with transparent hues, subtle checkers, bold stripes, sometimes all in the same frame! Always bold, never overwhelming, Etnia eyewear has frames that suit the style of just about anyone. Check out our current selection of Etnia frames here.
For more info on how to purchase one of the new Paris-Tokyo styles, please email or call 866-411-9428.

Frame of the Week: Etnia Praha eyeglasses

We’ve been focusing a lot on women’s eyewear lately, but now it’s time for the guys to shine! This week, our special Frame of the Week is from Barcelona, with vintage details and modern technology weaved seamlessly into a flattering accessory.

Etnia Praha eyeglasses

Who: Alex and our friend Terry Mahoney

Etnia Praha eyeglasses

WearEtnia Praha eyeglasses

Why: As we always say, it’s all about balance. This frame works for them because those with strong jaw lines benefit from adding curves, as do those with sharp facial features, thus the round silhouette of Praha is the perfect choice to create harmony in their appearance. The arms on this frame make it top-heavy, which flatters triangular faces by drawing attention to the upper half, evening out its shape.

Look closely. Could you tell that these Etnia Praha glasses were two toned? The unique pattern combination is very subtle and is playful without straying from a professional appearance. The super-small black stripes are complemented by the Havana tortoise pattern on top, lightening the frame just a bit.

We love the round silhouette, which is a major trend this season, paired with the keyhole bridge, particularly because these retro aspects are paired so beautifully with the latest in eyewear technology and creative design. Etnia’s penchant for cool color and pattern combos means that there’s something for everyone out there, whether you want to enjoy a bit of playfulness without sacrificing sophistication, or if you want to fully embrace your artsy side with multi-colored checkers and stripes.

Get yours here.

Check out the latest Etnia eyeglasses available on our website and let us know which one makes the cut for your Frame of the Week.

Catching Up on Instagram

If you haven’t heard by now, you’re totally missing out – we’re on Instagram! Behind eyewear fashion, our second love is photography, so Instagram gives us a way to enjoy both at the same time. You’ll see some pictures of Vizio Optic behind the scenes, sneak peeks at new arrivals, and a look at some of our favorite frames in the store. So what are you waiting for? Follow us at @vizio_optic. Here’s a look at what’s been going on the last few months:

BOZ eyeglasses for breast cancer awareness monthIn October, we sold limited edition pairs of BOZ eyeglasses designed to help raise money for breast cancer awareness. These special pink frames went towards helping BOZ reach its goal of $70,000!

Etnia New Rochelle eyeglassesThat same month, we also got in new Etnia glasses in “New Rochelle.” Don’t you love this style’s colors and subtle pattens? We sure do.

Lafont eyeglasses keychainLook at this adorable keychain we got from Lafont eyewear. How cute is this?

Face a Face Naoko 1 eyeglassesIn November, Face a Face Naoko 1 eyeglasses arrived! This awesome frame has cool metallic detail along the brow line that adds a bold pop of color. Such a unique frame that became an instant favorite as soon as we saw it in person!

Robert Marc sunglassesAt our December fitting event, we got to show off the entire selection of Robert Marc sunglasses and eyeglasses to the Boston area, and these vintage inspired round frames were a hit!

LINDBERG eyewear Christmas ornamentJust before Christmas, LINDBERG sent us a fun ornament we couldn’t wait to add to our tree!

Face a Face Bocca 3 eyeglassesThis month, we received Face a Face Bocca 3 eyeglasses in three colors that quite literally helped us kick off the new year! Isn’t this style brilliant?

Lafont trunk showAnd last, but not least, the promotional cards for our Lafont Trunk Show!!! Come in and see the famed anniversary sunglasses Lady Gaga wore in Rolling Stone, as well as the full eye and sun collection of the French brand on January 19th! RSVP here. We hope to see you at the show, and on Instagram!

Vizio Optic Holiday Gift Guide: Ladies Eyeglasses

Not sure what to get the leading ladies in your life? Whether you’re buying for your mom, wife, sister, daughter, or friend, we’ve got you covered! (Look out for a men’s gift guide coming up soon!)

For your mom:

Kamuro Lare eyeglasses

Kamuro Lare eyeglasses have got the elegance and sophistication Mom will love, with beautiful details accenting the temples that will have her turning heads. The flattering oval lenses are encompassed in a matte rose titanium frame, with a pink and periwinkle floral design all along the temple. She’ll appreciate Lare’s beauty and chic style.

For your wife:

LINDBERG 7345 eyeglasses

Let her stand out and feel beautiful with LINDBERG 7345 glasses. She’ll be glowing in the light with its golden semi-rimless design. The rectangular lenses are flattering on just about anyone and she’ll love how this style brightens up her look.

For your sister:

Face a Face Cocco 3 eyeglasses

Be the sibling who gifts the coolest gifts and get her Face a Face Cocco 3 eyeglasses! The bright pink frame is eclipsed only by the red tortoise accents on the flared corners that give an unexpected textural look that is totally chic. Silver dots accent each side for a little delicate touch.

For your daughter:

Etnia Valyria kids eyeglasses

With the same great quality you’d expect from their line of adult eyewear, these Etnia Valyria glasses for kids are bright, durable, and pretty awesome. She’ll be able to express her cool personal style with the transparent purple frame, topped with a pop of lime green for an eclectic look that’ll make her the envy of all her friends.

For your friend:

MYKITA Elsa eyeglasses

If you’re a fan of Vizio Optic, you obviously have great judgement in selecting high-quality products 🙂 – and we suspect you have the same standards when it comes to friends, which is why you’ll both love MYKITA Elsa eyeglasses! This topaz frame has a beautiful flared silhouette that flatters a women’s best features and will make her feel confident and sexy.

Still stuck? Feel free to email us at and we’ll be happy to find a frame that suits her personal style!