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Celebrity Sightings: Lady Gaga wears CHANEL Sunglasses in Her Video Telephone

In her music video “Telephone,” Lady Gaga was seen wearing CHANEL sunglasses. If one wants to know how Lady Gaga achieves her brilliant and unique style, wearing CHANEL sunglasses serves as evidence that this entertainer has style as wearing anything by CHANEL ensures that one always achieves style that is brilliant, chic, and sophisticated. Lady Gaga wears CHANEL sunglasses outside of her music videos as well.

Besides the Lady Gaga CHANEL Sunglasses, there are frequent celebrity sightings in CHANEL sunglasses, because celebrities understand the impact of these sunglasses upon one’s own style. These sunglasses can make any outfit look instantly more stunning, whether one is wearing a full-on costume like Lady Gaga or one is wearing skinny jeans and a tee. Lady Gaga wears CHANEL sunglasses as a way to enhance the sophisticated quality of her costumes in her music videos and outside of music videos. Other celebrity sightings in CHANEL sunglasses feature celebs simply wearing these sunglasses to the grocery store or while out shopping in the city or to the beach –  frankly these can be worn anywhere and will always look good. If a woman wants a more polished look that will make everyone around her envious, then these sunglasses truly are the way to go.

Our CHANEL Eyewear and Sunglasses 2010 Collection Fashion Show at Vizio Optic

We just hosted the 2010 Collection: CHANEL Eyeglasses and CHANEL Sunglasses. This was a true eyewear fashion show at Vizio Optic. Needless to say, we all had a really great time especially trying on the latest and greatest from CHANEL.  This iconic brand is well known around the world as one of the most popular luxury brands. Established around 1910 in Paris, France it has since become a fashion icon worldwide. CHANEL is known to have dressed celebrities and models such as Catherine Deneuve, Nichole Kidman and Marilyn Monroe.

Typically CHANEL is known as a fashion statement in luxurious and high quality clothes, bags, cosmetics, shoes and jewelry but we love CHANEL for its fashion sunglasses and beautiful eyeglass frames. You cannot miss a pair of CHANEL glasses – one needs to just recognize the CHANEL signature logo on the sides of the temples.

Many of our customers got to see first-hand the new CHANEL eyewear 2010 collection this past week. CHANEL representative was with us to exhibit the different new eyeglass styles such as the rimless, metal edged, acetate framed and blended acetate-metal framed styles. The sunglasses with the pearl were the item of the day.  Also, the new CHANEL sunglasses collection combines simple but fashionable designs with elegant and attractive lines.

And as usual, some of CHANEL’s really popular and well-made models were CHANEL 5102, CHANEL 4148B, CHANEL 5149B, CHANEL 4143, CHANEL 3158, CHANEL 2146H, CHANEL 5159H, CHANEL 5154H, CHANEL 5132H and CHANEL 5013C.

As we have all seen just the other day, the 2010 CHANEL eyewear and sunglasses collection is everything that CHANEL is well known for. Just like all CHANEL eyeglasses and sunglasses from previous years, these new styles will be the ultimate must-have accessory for genuine fashion aficionados.