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Celebrity Favorites: Pippa Middleton Loves CHANEL Sunglasses

These days, it’s easy to keep an eye on the fashion choices of our favorite celebrities, including the royals across the pond. Duchess Kate often makes headlines for her elegant style, but it’s her sister who we like to look to for the best looks in designer eyewear fashion. Pippa Middleton has thrown everything from Ray Ban sunglasses to Persol sunglasses in her arsenal of chic accessories, but the most stunning choice of all is her favorite pair of CHANEL sunglasses.

In these photos, and many other instances, Pippa has donned CHANEL 5205 sunglasses – a frame that is simple and design and utterly chic. These glossy plastic frames come in an oversized square shape, with thin, curvaceous arms that are accented with a little bow on each temple. The bow is embellished with a tiny signature CC logo in silver. These frames are also available in dark tortoise, as well as in an exclusive CHANEL tweed pattern in gray, blue, or green.

CHANEL 5205 Sunglasses


Tweed is one of the brand’s signature materials, having been the main feature of many dresses, suits, jackets, handbags, and more. Now, CHANEL incorporates its defining look into the 5205, which is considered an Essential thanks to the timeless pattern and simple details.

For more information on how you can purchase these Pippa Middleton designer sunglasses from CHANEL, please give us a call at 866-411-9428.

CHANEL Spring Show Recap

This past weekend was our annual CHANEL Private Fitting Event, something we look forward to every spring! The Vizio Optic team welcomed many customers in the Greater Boston area to enjoy a look at the Prestige collection of CHANEL eyeglasses and sunglasses, along with new styles for 2012. We had a great time, and visitors got to enjoy delicious chocolates from our Brookline neighbor Serenade Chocolatier while they listened to live jazz and tried on some brand new frames. Here are the top sellers from our spring show:

CHANEL 3234 eyeglasses

CHANEL 3234 eyeglasses stray a bit from the brand’s typical classic looks – bright colors are huge this season and CHANEL is getting in on the trend by offering a few new hues like this stunning red. The newer colors were a hit at the show!

CHANEL 3228Q eyeglasses

Another popular style at the event was CHANEL 3228Q eyeglasses in tortoise. Our customers were enamored by the lambskin quilted leather on the temple – a subtle detail that sets it apart from other designer glasses. This style also features a small signature logo in each corner in gold.

CHANEL 5225Q sunglasses

When it came to the shades, CHANEL 5225Q sunglasses were a success. The matte finish of the frame is subtle and elegant. The oversized frames feature the quilted pattern on the arm pieces with a black-lacquered CC logo, and also polarized lenses for the ultimate protection against the sun.

For more information on how you can purchase CHANEL glasses, give us a call at 866-411-9428 and we’ll be happy to assist you.


Get Ready for Summer With Mirrored Lens Sunglasses

If you’re gearing up for summer and looking for the perfect pair of aviator sunglasses, consider purchasing a pair with mirrored lenses. Not only do these shades offer the ultimate optical precision and protection, but the full mirror treatment gives you the utmost privacy, as it is virtually impossible to see your eyes from the other side.

Mosley Tribes Dorset mirror sunglasses

Mosley Tribes Dorset sunglasses are a great unisex pair. These designer sunglasses are butterfly shaped to flatter square faces, as its angles help balance out wider facial features. If you’re opting for these mirrored lenses, an anti-reflective treatment on the inner surface is recommended to reduce glare and provide the best sight.

CHANEL 4179 sunglasses are another great option. These frames feature a classic aviator shape, with flat metal arms that are embellished with the brand’s signature logo. The mirror layer on the lenses also helps to avoid scratches, such as when you clean them without a microfiber cloth.

Ray Ban Large Metal Aviator RB3025 mirror sunglasses


Another excellent choice is a pair of Ray Ban Large Metal Aviator 3025 sunglasses, just one of the many Ray Ban sunglasses that come with the mirrored treatment. The dark lenses help absorb light and reduce glare, which is best for those who plan on spending plenty of time outdoors this summer, especially those who are heading out on the water. Boaters, water sport enthusiasts and others planning on being near the water will benefit greatly from this treatment.

For more information on mirrored lens treatments, email us at

CHANEL Private Fitting Event – April 21, 2012

CHANEL Spring Show

We are excited to announce our very special and very exclusive Spring Show with CHANEL eyewear! As you already know, CHANEL is highly regarded around the world as the epitome of classic fashion and elegant style, and Vizio Optic is honored to be the host of this fabulous private fitting event.

On April 21, 2012, from 12 to 4 pm, you will have the chance to explore the entire Prestige Spring/Summer 2012 collection of CHANEL eyeglasses and sunglasses, which includes the beautiful range of La Chaine frames that you previewed a few months ago. Not only will the full range be on display, but a CHANEL representative and the Vizio Optic team will be on hand for personal consultations to help you find the perfect pair of frames for you.

Our store is located at 11 Harvard Street in Brookline, MA, where you can join us for complimentary champagne and chocolates while you peruse the gorgeous new line of CHANEL glasses. As with all of our fashion events, we will have special perks for customers – but you’ll have to come and visit to see what we’re talking about!

Don’t miss out on this exclusive chance to try on some of the most elegant and chic designer eyewear in the world – RSVP to our CHANEL Spring Show today by clicking here!

Cat-eye sunglasses for a fierce retro look

Cat-eye sunglasses have long been the face of the retro trends of high fashion. While models strut their stuff down the runway donning a pair of these flared shades, you can wow everybody around you with a pair of your own designer sunglasses as well. CHANEL, Face a Face, and Vue dc make it easy for just about anybody to add some couture into their everyday looks.

CHANEL 5203 sunglasses

Bold fashionistas should look to CHANEL 5203 sunglasses, an extreme cat-eye frame that has been seen on Lindsay Lohan and other stylish celebs. The oversized black frame is very glamorous, subtly accented by the signature CC logo that we all know and love in white lacquer.

Face a Face Brune 4 sunglasses

Interested in a more understated style? Face a Face Brune 4 sunglasses offer a more delicate look, with a feminine, recessed trim around the front rim and curvy arm pieces. The temples have a single round dot on each side. This style from Face a Face is offered in several colors, including white and gray, black and gold, and brown and gold.

Vue dc CAT sunglasses

Those who want to make an impression on their peers will love Vue dc CAT sunglasses. The brand is known for making standout pieces in their sunwear collection, and CAT’s mix of a cat-eye shape and round lenses are a beautiful blend of sixties trends. This style comes in a clear black pattern or transparent brown.

NEW ARRIVALS: CHANEL Prestige Collection – La Chaîne eyeglasses and sunglasses

Vizio Optic recently received a very special shipment! CHANEL’s FW 2011/2012 Prestige Collection has finally arrived and is simply beautiful. This limited edition of CHANEL eyewear features brand new La Chaîne styles, which have been reintroduced into the seasonal collection after high demand from the brand’s biggest fans.

While every pair of CHANEL eyeglasses and sunglasses are special, La Chaîne frames have gorgeous detailing in silver and gold. The black and silver pairings are quite rare at CHANEL, making some of the Prestige styles extremely exclusive.

CHANEL 3223Q eyeglasses

CHANEL 3222Q eyeglasses
One of the new arrivals at Vizio Optic is style 3223Q, which are black cat-eye shaped CHANEL glasses that have silver chain detailing on the temples with a black lambskin strip weaved through the links. We also received style 3222Q – a dark tortoise frame with gold chain arms and matching lambskin.

CHANEL 5208Q sunglasses

CHANEL 4194Q sunglasses
As for CHANEL sunglasses, new arrivals include style 5208Q, which are glamorous square frames with soft lambskin weaved through the silver chain. CHANEL 4194Q sunglasses are an aviator-style frame in gold, accented with taupe lambskin.

All of the CHANEL La Chaîne frames come in multiple colors. For more details on each styles, or information on availability and how you can purchase these limited edition designer eyeglasses and sunglasses, please contact us at or 617-739-4141. More photos of these CHANEL styles can be found on the Vizio Optic Facebook page.

Fall/Winter Trend: Boyfriend Glasses

One of the most popular trends in eyewear this season for women is “boyfriend glasses.” It’s a retro geek-chic look that has been seen all along the fashion spectrum, from Chanel eyeglasses to Ray-Ban to many other brands.

This style is an ode to fashions of both the 1950s and 1980s – while the look was popularized for men in the fifties by singer Buddy Holly, the oversized frames came back in vogue in the decade of excess in a variety of styles. One of the trendiest models today is the Ray Ban Wayfarer, an optical version of the iconic sunglasses that skyrocketed to fame following their appearance in “Risky Business.”

Ray Ban Wayfarer eyeglasses

The Original Ray Ban Wayfarer is the exact optical counterpart to the famous sunglasses. The thick black frames are intelligent, chic and down-to-earth, and are a statement to your bold personality.

Chanel 3123 Eyeglasses

Another great model is the Chanel 3213, which are extra large frames with rounded lenses. These are thinner than the Ray Bans, offering an alternative for those who are looking for a more delicate and ladylike style. The logo on the temple features the famous CC logo in colored varnish.

Beausoleil 260 eyeglasses

Boyfriend glasses are a bit of a novelty, so it’s important to have a little fun with them. These Beausoleil 260 frames are the perfect style for the hipster who wants to make a big statement with big glasses. These oversized, double-bridged frames are an old-school style that gives a nod to the early eighties, making the perfect retro accessory for your wardrobe.

Spotlight on CHANEL 5186 sunglasses

You might not be a movie star, but you can look like one in one of 2011’s hottest trends. CHANEL sunglasses are always in style, and this year is not any different. Every woman should own a few classic pieces to accent their wardrobe, pieces that will last and that will still be in style even after several season changes, and that is just what CHANEL is.

One of the trendiest CHANEL sunglasses this year is the CHANEL 5186 sunglasses. A pair of these are beautiful, and they can be worn anywhere, making a woman feel fabulous at the beach or all day in the city. The CHANEL 5186 sunglasses are both sweet and bold, with an acetate frame, with either pretty tone-on-tone or bi-color camellias along both the arms that add a delicate accent.

CHANEL 5186 C.714/3B Sunglasses
Not only are the CHANEL 5186 sunglasses beautiful, they are good for your eyes. Rays from the sun can damage the eyes, and sunglasses with UV resistant lenses can help protect your eyes and keep them healthy.
CHANEL 5186 C.501/3F Sunglasses
CHANEL sunglasses are one of the most sought-after and desirable eyewear today. They can be sophisticated or flirty, trendy or vintage, depending on whatever mood you’re in at the moment. So wear them, and feel beautiful.


CHANEL. Sunglasses. Sometimes two of the coolest terms in the fashion world come together and hit the spot in a style symphony.

CHANEL is known for stealing the show on haute couture runways and for unearthly scents condensed into tiny glass bottles. The fashion powerhouse’s clothes, make up, perfumes and accessories are known by fashionistas far and wide to be “the best”. And CHANEL sunglasses are no exception.

Just like many of its other lines, CHANEL’s eyewear collection has undergone its seasonal reinvention. The Spring 2011 lineup of CHANEL sunglasses in Boston at VizioOptic includes some iconic new designs and statement invoking pieces to protect your eyes with 100% UV protection and prescription lenses, if needed, in high style this year.

The CHANNEL 4186 and 4187 models both feature thin metallic frames with some enamel, and large but not overly dark lenses, the main difference between the two models being their lens shape: the 4186 is more square than the rounder bottomed 4187. Both glasses boast inscriptions of CHANEL on the enameled temples, and come in a variety of enamel-lens color combinations, including silver metal with white enamel-light gray lens, black-light or dark gray, maroon, and violet-red; gold metal with brown enamel and lens.

CHANEL 4186 C.395/3B Sunglasses

CHANEL 4187 C.3953B Sunglasses

The CHANEL 5187H lends a retro style to the 2011 CHANEL sunglasses collection, featuring a bold frame and vintage cat eye shape. The 5187H comes in clear white, black, light tortoise shell accented with teal blue, and a variety of other colors, all of which include a relief floral design on the temple, as well as the famed double-C CHANEL logo.
CHANEL 5187H C.539/3L Sunglasses
Model 5185 is the classic sunglass style, and is a perfect light weight pair for CHANEL sunglasses in Boston. A large lens with a thin plastic frame, the 5185 comes in several shades or tortoise shell and bone, black, and white, showing the CHANEL logo at the beginning of the temple, and with different colored accents toward the back of the temples.

CHANEL 5185 C.714/3G Sunglasses

Top 10 Tips to Make Sure That You Are Buying Authentic CHANEL Sunglasses

CHANEL sunglasses have a unique style and are unique and very special. They have been in fashion for decades and will continue to be for many decades more. Because of their popularity, every year and every new season’s designs are exploited when counterfeiters go to work copying these styles. Counterfeiters may try to copy the elegant designs of genuine CHANEL sunglasses but no copy has the true details that set authentic CHANEL sunglasses apart from their imitators.

The first and most important factor to consider when buying authentic CHANEL is to consider where you are making the purchase in the first place. Look only for an authorized retailer! CHANEL is very selective and very particular about whom they will give a license to sell their products. For this very reason, street vendors and various other mall stall owners will never be authorized to sell CHANEL sunglasses. You can be absolutely confident that any street vendors’ CHANEL sunglasses are counterfeit.

Another huge sign that you are buying fake CHANEL sunglasses is any kinds of discounts. It is well known that CHANEL does not allow any authorized retailers to discount the products. So no matter where you are and no matter how good their discounts seem, you should quickly pass on their wares and go elsewhere to buy the genuine CHANEL product.

While it is easy to avoid street vendors for the reasons above, it is unfortunate that many regular eyewear and sunglass shops with legitimate-looking storefronts may be also be guilty of selling fakes. In that case, you should look very closely at their sunglasses and pay close attention to the details. You should also ask whether they are an authorized dealer. Usually you will be able to tell by how they answer. Another tip that will help you discern the authorized CHANEL dealers is to look around the store for CHANEL promotional materials such as posters and signs because those can only be received directly from CHANEL to help the store market the brand and products.  If you don’t see any posters or any promotional materials then this vendor does not carry any authorized or authentic CHANEL eyewear.

So what are all the key ways to check for the authentic product?  Here are the Top 10 Tips to help you make sure that you are buying authentic CHANEL sunglasses:

1.    The store is offering you discounts and this is the first clear bad sign  because CHANEL does not permit its authorized retailers to discount the products.
2.    You are inside the store and notice that they don’t have any CHANEL promotional materials or posters. This is a reliable sign that they are not an authorized dealer.
3.    Look for authentic CHANEL logos on the side. For example, two interlocking C should be correct. Fakes often fudge the logo.
4.    Look at the lenses. Do you see an etched CHANEL name or logo? Authentic CHANEL sunglasses clearly bear their quality brand mark.
5.    New authentic CHANEL sunglasses will have unique identification and serial numbers etched on one of the lenses, typically laser etched on the right lens.
6.    Note the full packaging. Real CHANEL sunglasses come with an elegant authentic case and a CHANEL certification confirming that the product is authentic.
7.    Remember that quality control for genuine CHANEL products is exacting. If there are any visible flaws in the sunglasses, they aren’t genuine CHANEL.
8.    Real CHANEL glasses are heavy for their size. Lightweight lenses are likely impostors.
9.    Ask about the return policy. Unscrupulous dealers selling fake CHANEL goods have either a poor return policy or none at all. Genuine CHANEL retailers have nothing to hide and are very clear with their return policies.
10.    Real CHANEL sunglasses have one color of hardware throughout. If hinges are silver, check carefully the rest of the visible metal inside the temples of the glasses.

Also, note that the serial number should be laser etched on the side of the right lens. Today there are some counterfeit sunglasses that come with serial numbers etched on the lens but carefully note that there should not be a space between the first two characters of the serial number and the remaining numbers. Below is an example of fake sunglasses (source: that help you see this example:

Online sunglass retailers may be authorized dealers that carry authentic CHANEL sunglasses but be especially wary of difficult return policies and you should also call and talk to them. As it’s impossible to examine the product before buying, it’s imperative for you to seek only authorized dealers with clear return policy. Some people also buy CHANEL sunglasses secondhand from auction sites like eBay but as there is virtually no guarantee of authenticity and it’s hard to justify spending CHANEL prices on what could well be a fake.

Do careful research before spending a large sum on a pair of sunglasses. Authentic CHANEL designer sunglasses are built to last and worth their price but paying for CHANEL and getting a counterfeit is no bargain.