Celebrity Favorites: Pippa Middleton Loves CHANEL Sunglasses

TweetThese days, it’s easy to keep an eye on the fashion choices of our favorite celebrities, including the royals across the pond. Duchess Kate often makes headlines for her elegant style, but it’s her sister who we like to look to for the best looks in designer eyewear fashion. Pippa Middleton has thrown everything from […]


CHANEL Spring Show Recap

TweetThis past weekend was our annual CHANEL Private Fitting Event, something we look forward to every spring! The Vizio Optic team welcomed many customers in the Greater Boston area to enjoy a look at the Prestige collection of CHANEL eyeglasses and sunglasses, along with new styles for 2012. We had a great time, and visitors […]


Get Ready for Summer With Mirrored Lens Sunglasses

TweetIf you’re gearing up for summer and looking for the perfect pair of aviator sunglasses, consider purchasing a pair with mirrored lenses. Not only do these shades offer the ultimate optical precision and protection, but the full mirror treatment gives you the utmost privacy, as it is virtually impossible to see your eyes from the […]


CHANEL Private Fitting Event – April 21, 2012

Tweet We are excited to announce our very special and very exclusive Spring Show with CHANEL eyewear! As you already know, CHANEL is highly regarded around the world as the epitome of classic fashion and elegant style, and Vizio Optic is honored to be the host of this fabulous private fitting event. On April 21, […]


Cat-eye sunglasses for a fierce retro look

TweetCat-eye sunglasses have long been the face of the retro trends of high fashion. While models strut their stuff down the runway donning a pair of these flared shades, you can wow everybody around you with a pair of your own designer sunglasses as well. CHANEL, Face a Face, and Vue dc make it easy […]


NEW ARRIVALS: CHANEL Prestige Collection – La Chaîne eyeglasses and sunglasses

TweetVizio Optic recently received a very special shipment! CHANEL’s FW 2011/2012 Prestige Collection has finally arrived and is simply beautiful. This limited edition of CHANEL eyewear features brand new La Chaîne styles, which have been reintroduced into the seasonal collection after high demand from the brand’s biggest fans. While every pair of CHANEL eyeglasses and […]


Fall/Winter Trend: Boyfriend Glasses

One of the most popular trends in eyewear this season for women is “boyfriend glasses.” It’s a retro geek-chic look that has been seen all along the fashion spectrum, from Chanel eyeglasses to Ray-Ban to many other brands.


Spotlight on CHANEL 5186 sunglasses

TweetYou might not be a movie star, but you can look like one in one of 2011’s hottest trends. CHANEL sunglasses are always in style, and this year is not any different. Every woman should own a few classic pieces to accent their wardrobe, pieces that will last and that will still be in style […]


TweetCHANEL. Sunglasses. Sometimes two of the coolest terms in the fashion world come together and hit the spot in a style symphony. CHANEL is known for stealing the show on haute couture runways and for unearthly scents condensed into tiny glass bottles. The fashion powerhouse’s clothes, make up, perfumes and accessories are known by fashionistas […]

Top 10 Tips to Make Sure That You Are Buying Authentic CHANEL Sunglasses

TweetCHANEL sunglasses have a unique style and are unique and very special. They have been in fashion for decades and will continue to be for many decades more. Because of their popularity, every year and every new season’s designs are exploited when counterfeiters go to work copying these styles. Counterfeiters may try to copy the […]