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The Most Elegant Event of the Year

CHANEL eyewear trunk show

Attention fashion lovers! Clear your schedules for April 13, a Saturday afternoon to be filled with wine, art, and CHANEL. What could be better than that?

From 11am to 4pm, our annual CHANEL eywear private fitting event will feature an exclusive showcase of the brand’s full 2013 designer eyewear and sunwear collection. Always the epitome of chic style, the brand has plenty of new and elegant frames that we just can’t wait for you to try on. We invite any and all who want an exclusive look into the way the designer blends art and fashion into its most elegant frames.

As always, you’ll get a chance to have a free consultation with a CHANEL representative or a member of the Vizio Optic team, and can join other eyewear lovers in the area to appreciate and enjoy the incredible designs of these fashionable frames.

Want to RSVP? Sign up for our newsletter to receive an event invite, or check back on our website soon for a detailed RSVP page. We hope to see you there!

Frame of the Week: CHANEL 3236Q Eyeglasses

A happy customer is our favorite kind of customer. Alice left Vizio Optic last week looking fabulous in her new CHANEL eyeglasses, with oval lenses perfectly complementing her angular face shape. The dark color is a nice contrast to her fair skin and blonde hair as well. This is the kind of look we help you achieve – one that flatters your features and embodies your personal style.

Chanel eyeglasses

Alice is wearing CHANEL 3236Q eyeglasses in navy blue. This frame features quilted leather on the temple embellished with a small silver CC logo, the signature CHANEL look. It is also available in light tortoise, dark tortoise, brown, and black. Navy is the perfect choice for her, sometimes black can be a little harsh on some skin tones, and the navy is just dark enough to achieve the same look without too much contrast. It’s all about finding the right balance.

CHANEL 3236Q eyeglasses

CHANEL 3236Q eyeglasses

The oval lenses are perfect for square, rectangular, and other face shapes with sharp angles, as the soft curves of the frame help harmonize your look.

Visit the CHANEL website for more photos of the different available colors. For more information on how to purchase a pair of CHANEL glasses from Vizio Optic, please call 866-411-9428 or email

Focus On: CHANEL 5186 Sunglasses

You might not be a movie star, but you can look like one in one of 2012’s hottest styles. CHANEL sunglasses are always in fashion, and this year is no different. Every woman should own a few classic pieces to add versatility to their wardrobe, pieces that will last and that will still be as the seasons go on, and that is just what CHANEL does for you.

One of the trendiest frames this year is CHANEL 5186 sunglasses. These beautiful shades can be worn anywhere, making a woman feel fabulous at the beach or all day in the city. The 5186 is both sweet and bold, with an acetate frame that boasts either tone-on-tone or bi-color camellias along the arms that add a delicate accent.

CHANEL 5186 C.714/3B Sunglasses
Not only are the CHANEL 5186 sunglasses beautiful, they are good for your eyes. Rays from the sun can damage the eyes, and sunglasses with UV resistant lenses can help protect and keep them healthy.
CHANEL 5186 C.501/3F Sunglasses
CHANEL sunglasses are one of the most sought-after and desirable eyewear today. They can be sophisticated or flirty, trendy or vintage, depending on whatever mood you’re in at the moment. So wear them, and feel beautiful.

Treat Yourself to CHANEL Sunglasses This Holiday Season

CHANEL is known for stealing the show on haute couture runways and for ethereal scents condensed into tiny glass bottles. The fashion powerhouse’s clothes, make up, perfumes, and accessories are known by fashionistas far and wide to be “the best.” And CHANEL sunglasses are no exception.

Just like many of its other lines, CHANEL’s eyewear collection has undergone a seasonal reinvention. The latest CHANEL sunglasses in Boston at VizioOptic includes some iconic new designs and statement invoking pieces to protect your eyes with 100% UV protection and prescription lenses, if needed, in high style this year.

The CHANNEL 4186 and 4187 models both feature thin metallic frames with some enamel, and large but not overly dark lenses, the main difference between the two models being their lens shape: the 4186 is more square than the rounder bottomed 4187. Both glasses boast inscriptions of CHANEL on the enameled temples, and come in a variety of enamel-lens color combinations, including silver metal with white enamel-light gray lens, black-light or dark gray, maroon, and violet-red; gold metal with brown enamel and lens.

CHANEL 4186 C.395/3B Sunglasses

CHANEL 4187 C.3953B Sunglasses

The CHANEL 5187H lends a retro style to the CHANEL sunglasses collection, featuring a bold frame and vintage cat-eye shape. The 5187H comes in clear white, black, light tortoise shell accented with teal blue, and a variety of other colors, all of which include a relief floral design on the temple, as well as the famed double-C CHANEL logo.
CHANEL 5187H C.539/3L Sunglasses
Model 5185 is the classic sunglass style, and is a perfect lightweight pair for CHANEL sunglasses in Boston. A large lens with a thin plastic frame, the 5185 comes in several shades or tortoise shell and bone, black, and white, showing the CHANEL logo at the beginning of the temple, and with different colored accents toward the back of the temples.

CHANEL 5185 C.714/3G Sunglasses

10 Tips For Buying Authentic CHANEL Sunglasses

CHANEL sunglasses have a unique style and are very special. They have been in fashion for decades and will continue to be for many to come. Each new season brings coveted designs that are exploited by counterfeiters who try to copy the elegant designs of genuine CHANEL products – but no “replica” has the true details that set authentic CHANEL sunglasses apart from their imitators. Here are 10 questions to ask yourself before going through with a transaction:

1.    Am I getting a discount? CHANEL does not permit its authorized retailers to discount the products, so if they are advertising 20% off CHANEL sunglasses, resist temptation and run the other way! Don’t waste your hard-earned money on a fake.

2.    Does this store have promotional materials from CHANEL? If you don’t see any promotional materials or posters for CHANEL products, the merchant is most likely not an authorized dealer. Only authorized retailers are able to receive these marketing items.

3.    Does the frame have authentic CHANEL logos? Look for the signature CC logo (or CHANEL label) on the temple. Two interlocking Cs are correct, and if the backwards C appears to be “on top” of the other, it is fake. While many of the brand’s sunglasses have flat CC logos, ones that clearly outline the Cs will always have the correctly-facing C on top, as seen in the above photo.

4.    What does it come with? Note the full packaging. Real CHANEL sunglasses come with an elegant authentic case and a certification confirming that the product is authentic.

5.    Are my sunglasses flawless? Remember that quality control for genuine CHANEL products is exacting. If there are any visible flaws in the sunglasses, they aren’t genuine.

6.    How does the weight compare to another brand? Real CHANEL glasses are relatively heavy for their size. Lightweight lenses are likely impostors.

7.    What’s the return policy? Unscrupulous dealers selling fake CHANEL goods have either a poor return policy or none at all. Genuine retailers have nothing to hide and are very clear with their return policies.

8.    Are the details uniform? True CHANEL sunglasses have one color of hardware throughout. If hinges are silver, check carefully the rest of the visible metal inside the temples of the glasses.

9 and 10. Is there anything etched into the lenses? The serial number and CHANEL logo should be laser etched on the side of the right lens. Today there are some counterfeit sunglasses that come with serial numbers etched on the lens but carefully note that there should not be a space between the first two characters of the serial number and the remaining numbers.

Online retailers may be authorized dealers, but be especially wary of difficult return policies. It as advised to call and speak to someone before purchasing to make sure you’re dealing with a genuine merchant. As it’s impossible to examine the product before buying, it’s imperative for you to seek only authorized dealers with clear return policy. Also note that authorized retailers are not allowed to sell CHANEL eyewear via their website.

Do careful research before spending a large sum on a pair of sunglasses. Authentic CHANEL designer sunglasses are built to last and worth their price but paying for CHANEL and getting a counterfeit is no bargain.

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Alex in Etnia Barcelona eyeglasses

Hilary in Etnia Barcelona eyeglasses

CHANEL eyeglasses and sunglasses

Ray Ban London Wayfarer sunglasses Series

Oliver Goldsmith Manhattan, Audrey, and Y-Not sunglasses

Frame Yourself: Triangle Faces

In the final week of Frame Yourself, we will help those of you with triangle-shaped faces fine the perfectly flattering pair of designer glasses! This shape is exactly what it sounds like – a silhouette that begins narrow around the forehead and widens from the cheeks to the jawline. Minnie Driver and Renee Zellweger are two famous faces with this shape, and they definitely know how to dress it up!

The main idea in finding a great pair of glasses is to create balance. With triangle-shaped faces, you want a top-heavy style, or one that draws the most attention to the upper half of the face.


CHANEL 5207 Sunglasses

Minnie Driver wears CHANEL 5207 sunglasses in this photo, which are an oversized pair of shades that are upswept at the outer corners, drawing the eye upwards and giving the illusion of balance. This style features a glossy black, thin, plastic rim surrounding dark lenses, with round, riveted temples that bear the brand’s signature CC logo.


Vue dc ROB eyeglasses

For designer eyeglasses, Renee Zellweger has chosen a pair that brings the focus upwards as well. The flared corners and pronounced top line make it a perfect top-heavy style. For a similar frame, try Vue dc ROB eyeglasses. This has the same round silhouette with a glossy plastic rim. It is available in clear, black, brown, tortoise, and more.


Ray Ban 3025 sunglasses

The two actresses have the same idea in this photo. Ray Ban 3205 sunglasses are a great choice for triangle faces. Since the broadening of the face does not typically begin until the cheekbones, these aviator sunglasses do a great job bringing balance to the upper half of the face.

Frame Yourself: Round Faces

This week in Frame Yourself, we’re talking about the best frame for round faces. As we’ve discussed, there are plenty other shapes than just the typical square and oval, and knowing your true shape is important to help you find the perfect designer glasses for you. Round faces do not have many angles, and you generally have equal length and width, with full cheeks. Some great examples of celebrities with round faces include Christina Ricci, Kirsten Dunst, and Elijah Wood.


MYKITA Luna sunglasses

Christina Ricci knows how to thing big when it comes to buying the perfect pair of designer sunglasses. With round faces, large and upswept styles bring the focus to all the right places. For a style similar to Christina’s, with oversized lenses and a slight cat-eye, try a pair of MYKITA Luna sunglasses, which are available in the above Taupe, Black, Tobago, Blue Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet.


CHANEL 2118HB eyeglasses

In this photo, Kirsten Dunst wears a pair of narrow, short eyeglasses with a rectangular silhouette, which are flattering because they help lengthen the face and thin it out a bit. CHANEL eyeglasses in 2118HB are a similar style to the one Kirsten wears, with silver metal rims, a straight bridge, and wide black arms that slope into a curve over the ear.


Vue dc GUS eyeglasses

Elijah Wood is a great example of how geometric frames can help flatter a round face. The extra angles help sharpen your soft features, bringing a good balance to your appearance. A similar style to Elijah’s is by Vue dc eyewear, knows as GUS. It is a glossy plastic in black with three silver dot accents on each side. It is aso available in Tortoise, or in Black with Red arms.

Frame Yourself: Oblong Faces

When thinking of the basic face shapes, oblong is not the first that comes to mind. But getting this deep into discovering your true face shape truly helps when selecting the perfect pair of designer glasses. Oblong faces typically have a narrow width and are longer than they are wide. Your cheekbones are often centered and pronounced, and the silhouette also features long lines from the forehead to the nose. Celebrities with this face shape include Ashlee Simpson, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Adam Levine.

You might think that taller frames may do more to lengthen your face, but they actually have a shortening effect by covering more surface area. In this photo, Ashlee Simpson wears Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, which are large enough to keep her long features in balance. This style also comes in an optical version as well, so whether your love for Wayfarers is so great you want to keep the style going both outdoors and in, or you just want a cool pair of trendy eyeglasses, Ray Ban makes both options readily available.

Similarly, here is Adam Levine wearing Ray Ban-style designer eyeglasses and rocking the geek chic trend. Those with oblong faces should stick with larger frames, as short, narrow rims can actually elongate the face and throw off its balance. The trick is to find that equilibrium while flattering your features as well.

Lastly, if you are ever looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses, look no further than one of Hollywood’s favorite style icons, Sarah Jessica Parker. She knows exactly what fits her oblong face, and opts for frames that increase her horizontal line with a flashy style or embellished arms. Parker has been spotted wearing numerous fashion labels, but she adores her CHANEL sunglasses and has been most famously seen wearing MYKITA Franz sunglasses in the promotional movie poster for Sex and the City 2.

Electric Sunglasses For A Bright Summer

Neon shades are HOT this summer, and we’re not just talking sunglasses. Electric hues have special reign over the usual color choices of the season, allowing you to amp up your outfit with a chartreuse dress here, a hot pink heel there, and a psychedelic rainbow of colors when it comes to your sunwear. Don’t know where to start? Take a look at three of the hottest neon designer sunglasses below:

CHANEL 5227H SunglassesCHANEL 5227H sunglasses are brand new from the French fashion house. This elegant and feminine style is a great way to ease into wearing neons if you’re a bit too timid to start off bold. These CHANEL sunglasses are black with squared gray lenses, accented by an electric blue trim. The colored rim is transparent, letting its beautiful color glow in the sunlight. The signature CC logo appears in colored mother of pearl on the temples.

MYKITA Tim sunglasses

For fashionable men, there are MYKITA sunglasses in Tim, a pair of neon orange shades that will stop traffic, and not just because of its HAZMAT color! This modern aviator is made of flat metal, with a closed bridge and geometric lenses in gray. The nose pads and ears are accented with white plastic for the ultimate comfort.

Beausoleil CS12 sunglasses

Last, but not least, are Beausoleil CS12 sunglasses. With color combinations in purple/pink and blue/yellow, there’s no way you won’t be a total knockout in these neon frames. This three-toned frame features U-shaped lenses with a blue rim, mounted atop a silver frame with yellow trim. The metal arms of these Beausoleil sunglasses are capped with comfortable blue-and-yellow plastic as well.