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Top 5 Red Sunglasses for Summer

Face a Face Senso 2 sunglasses

Deborah, a Vizio Optic customer, wears a bold pair of red Face a Face sunglasses.

Emerald may be the It color for 2013, but we’re still partial to red. Whether it’s on your nails, lips, or illuminating your face in a pair of designer sunglasses, this color is always a classic, and it’s versatile, too! You can go bold with a bright candy red, or be a little more dramatic with a deeper shade. Here are our five favorite red frames for the summer.

Face a Face Senso 2 sunglasses
Face a Face Senso 2 sunglasses
Want to really stand out this summer? This frame is as bold as you can get, with its lips-shaped silhouette inspired by Salvador Dali’s Mae West couch. Grey lenses keep this bright frame from being too overwhelming. If you really love the season, show your love and give a big smooch with Senso.

MYKITA Leroy sunglasses
MYKITA Leroy sunglasses
Want to go a little retro with your frame? Leroy takes the plastic aviator style of the ’80s and updates it for today with the screw-less hinge. See the silver detail on the temple? That’s the hinge made of interlocking pieces, to snap right back on if they happen to detach in an accident. Gradient lenses round out this awesome look.

Oliver Goldsmith Kolus sunglassesOliver Goldsmith Kolus sunglasses
If you want to tone the color down a notch but looking as chic as ever, Kolus will do the trick. The Raspberry Coulis frame has a rectangular shape but with pointed corners that add some edge to your look.

Etnia AF280 sunglasses
Etnia AF280 sunglasses
One of our latest arrivals, the AF280 was actually inspired by Yoko Ono’s style in the ’60s. Its solid red frame is topped with a strip of gray along the brow, surrounding gray gradient lenses for a fun but slightly subdued look.

Beausoleil S382 sunglasses
Beausoleil S382 sunglasses
Last, but not least, is the fabulous S382, with a subtly patterned red frame that features silver dot accents on each corner. The round silhouette is oversized and dramatic, giving you that sexy divalicious look you want for a day on the beach.

Photo 1: 20/20 Magazine

Frame of the Week: Beausoleil 274 Eyeglasses

Nancy in Beausoleil 274 c.726 eyeglasses

Another week, another new beginning. It’s a beautiful spring day in Brookline, and here at Vizio Optic we like to think of our friends getting new designer glasses as a sort of rebirth – a brand new way for them to express their style and personality. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the season, isn’t it?

Beausoleil 274 c.726 eyeglasses

Above, our friend Nancy (pictured with our frame stylist, Alex) is wearing a pair of Beausoleil 274 eyeglasses in color 726. The oval lenses are surrounded by transparent, cream-colored rims on the bottom, while the flared brow features a beautiful striped brown pattern. Silver accents embellish each flared corner as well as the matching arms. This is one of our favorite pairs of Beausoleil eyeglasses – the look is quite different but stil subtle with its neutral coloring. We love that even though it’s a full frame, the bottom half gives the illusion of semi-rimless style.

For more information on how to purchase this frame, please email or call 866-41109428. Want to check out similar styles? Try out the following:

Beausoleil 270 eyeglasses in Grey Split, Beausoleil 275 eyeglasses in Brown Split, or if you’d like some sunglasses with the same half-patterned style, try out Beausoleil S285 sunglasses.

Transparent Glasses Do the Opposite of Blending In!

Are you looking for great retro eyeglasses with an upscale feel? It was actually Geoffrey Zakarian of Food Network fame who reminded us how amazing glasses with clear frames can be. Clear glasses offer great visibility paired with the comfort of a sturdy plastic body for eyeglasses wearers who aren’t in the market for a rimless style, but want their own features to get noticed first.

Transparent frames look great on almost everyone, but they reach their full potential on those with smaller features, blondes, and anyone who can wear retro glasses well. The only thing we’d caution is that people with pale complexions might want to try on clear glasses frames before buying because the lack of color can make very light skin look washed out.

Some of our favorite transparent glasses frames are:

Beausoleil 012-500 Eyeglasses

These lightweight transparent frames from Beausoleil, which are definitely hip and fun.

Lafont Theoreme glasses

The Lafont Theoreme glasses in color 001 from their Reedition collection, which is great for anyone who wants eyewear that looks and feels like mint condition vintage glasses.

Face a Face Allen glasses

And Face a Face Allen frames, which are transparent – but with a hint of yellow – and have a classic intellectual sophistication.

Aren’t they great? We’re not surprised that we’ve had a lot of customers asking for glasses with clear frames recently. We anticipate that transparent glasses frames are going to be one of the new must-have retro glasses frames this season.

Have you tried on a pair of glasses with clear frames? What did you think?

Vizio Optic Holiday Gift Guide: Ladies Sunglasses

Most people don’t know this, but even in the cool weather of winter, you still need to protect your eyes! Fresh snow can reflect the sun more strongly than you think, thus the holiday season is the perfect time to give your loved ones the gift of safety AND style! Here are our picks for designer sunglasses your mom, wife, sister, daughter, and best friend will love!

For your mom:

Face a Face Divas 3 sunglasses

Face a Face Divas 3 sunglasses help her look fashionable and fun, with a curvy rectangular silhouette in purple that flatters and gives her youthful flair. She’ll also stand out among the rest with the complementary white arms, embellished with the brand’s signature silver dot on each temple.

For your wife:

Beausoleil S753 sunglasses

Beausoleil S753 sunglasses are elegant and chic, letting your lady feel glamorous like a Tinseltown starlet. This semi-rimless style in tortoise would be ordinary, but its silver accent along the brow-line takes it up a fabulous notch and gives it that extra shine that will make her beautiful.

For your sister:

MYKITA Ornella sunglasses

Everyone wants to be the most fashionable family member, and with your discerning tastes, you and your sister can be the dream team of kindred style. MYKITA Ornella sunglasses are oversized and totally retro, with its large round frame that demands attention. The tortoise pattern and gradient brown lenses keep the rest of the look classic, beautifully pairing a bold fashion statement with a little subtlety.

For your daughter:

Ray Ban Junior Wayfarer sunglasses

Kids sunglasses are all about protection, but you might as well give her some style guidance, too! Ray Ban 9035s Junior Wayfarer sunglasses introduce her to a whole new world of cool, with its iconic style and bold color that will have her being the envy of the neighborhood.

For your best friend:

Oliver Goldsmith Lord sunglasses

You can’t go wrong with a pair of Oliver Goldsmith Lord sunglasses. A classic brand worn by the Hollywood elite in decades of yore, this style has a vintage-inspired look from the Sixties. It is in the Icons collection for good reason! This style has been popular ever since its debut, with a rectangular shape accented by flared corners and a two-toned Caramel Split design. Two silver dots accent the front corners and temples.

Stay Classy, Beausoleil Eyewear!

Beausoleil M700 Rou Eyeglasses

Lately we’re loving Beausoleil M700 eyeglasses.This frame comes in plenty of colors including the above red, as well as black, silver, gunmetal, brown, and metallic cream.Which ones do you like?

Here is the black:

Beausoleil M700 Rou Eyeglasses - BlackSilver:

Beausoleil M700 Rou Eyeglasses - SilverGunmetal, a similar shade to the silver but slightly darker:

Beausoleil M700 Rou Eyeglasses - GunmetalBrown:

Beausoleil M700 Rou Eyeglasses - BrownMetallic Cream, not quite a gold:

Beausoleil M700 Rou Eyeglasses - Metallic Cream
These designer glasses are totally retro, with little modern detailing that keeps them looking vintage and timeless. The round lenses give the frame a petite silhouette, great for small to medium faces, and looks best on those with sharper angles in their features to provide balance. The M700’s rims are thin, light metal, with thin arms to match that are capped with plastic to sit comfortably over your ears. As for the bridge, it’s quite an interesting design. Rather than connecting directly to the front rims, the bridge hangs from a slightly curved top line and extends downward to hug the curves of the nose.
Are you a fan of retro glasses like this? What’s your favorite color?

Eyewear Style Icons: James Dean in Tart Arnel Glasses

Trendsetters come and go but a select few go on to become fashion icons, inspiring millions of people to replicate their style for many years to come. From Old Hollywood, we know these icons as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and of course, James Dean. The epitome of cool, Dean was known for his acting chops, his good looks, and his great style.

Accessories typically aren’t in a man’s essential wardrobe, but many still want to have the same sex appeal that Dean had, much of it having to do with his fashion choices. The designer glasses he wore are iconic and have lead to hundreds of great frames inspired by his own. The originals, seen in this photo, are from Tart Optical. Known as “Arnel,” these frames helped Dean project an effortlessly handsome look. Not that he needed much help!

Ray Ban Wayfarer eyeglasses

The design can be found in numerous famous lines, in iterations like the above Ray Ban Wayfarer glasses. This style is just about as close you can get to the Tart Arnel, with the same silhouette that features rectangular lenses, flared corners, a dark-colored frame, and two silver accents on each side. This is the optical version of Ray Ban’s most popular style, for those who want to keep their retro style in or out of the sun.

Beausoleil 277 eyeglasses

A similar, and even simpler, style is a pair of Beausoleil 277 eyeglasses. A bit smaller than the Ray Bans, this frame is thin all around, accented by the brand’s logo design on each temple in silver.

Studio FB W01 eyeglasses

For the vintage-inspired piece with a modern twist, Studio FB W01 eyeglasses are the perfect choice. They have the James Dean silhouette with an earthier finish, made with a blend of wood and acetate that gives the frame a matte, organic look. Featuring the rectangular lenses with flared rims, the W01 also boasts a keyhole bridge that is evocative of the trends of earlier days.

Whether for his films or his fashion, James Dean will always be an icon to us. Who are your eyewear style icons?

Prescription Sunglasses: See and Be Seen

Beausoleil sunglasses

People love getting prescription sunglasses because they don’t have to choose between seeing well while reading a book on the beach and wearing a regular pair of sunglasses but still squinting to see. You can get just about any sports or designer sunglasses fitted with prescription lenses by Vizio Optic or your local optician, and the special UV coating on these lenses is an absolute necessity to protect your eyes from the sun’s dangerous ultraviolet rays.

Some of our customers ask about a slightly less desirable choice – the tinted clip-on lenses that get attach to the top of your regular prescription glasses. But do you really want to walk around with these two sets of lenses or worry about losing the clip-on when you misplace it?  Prescription sunglasses make all of this a non-issue for the glasses wearer, who would otherwise have to settle for a combo of non-prescription sunglasses and contact lenses or the fashion limitations of the clip-on lenses.
Maui Jim sunglasses


Whether you wear reading glasses and you dream of flipping through a magazine on the water in the sun or you’re a full-time glasses wearer who wants UV protection, you may want to look into getting prescription sunglasses that will help you do both.

An incredible variety of sunglasses can be made with Rx lenses – including bifocal and progressive lenses. And it’s even possible to find wraparound styles in certain prescriptions. Polarized prescription sunglasses are yet another option and Maui JimOakley, and Ray Ban all provide fashionable styles. We prefer having corrective lenses in our sunglasses over clip-ons, don’t you?

Frame Yourself: Square Faces

This week in our series on how to choose the perfect designer glasses for your face shape, we’ll be focusing on square faces. Those with this silhouette typically have a strong jawline and forehead of equal width with a square chin. Some celebrities with this shape include Demi Moore, Jessica Simpson, and Ryan Seacrest.

Beausoleil 012 Eyeglasses

Beausoleil 012 eyeglasses are a great place to start. Round and oval styles help balance the sharper angles of your face, which softens your overall look. This style has an arched silhouette that will help you achieve the proper balance. Steer clear of more geometric styles, which contribute more angles to an already angular face. The 012 is less overwhelming a look, and is available in the above brown, as well as clear, and a subtly patterned brown and black.

LINDBERG Air Titanium Rim Perry

It’s also best to avoid bottom-set temples, as it draws the eye down and brings more attention to the chin. We want to achieve equilibrium, and his can be done by choosing designer glasses with center-set temples, like the above LINDBERG Air Titanium Rim Perry eyeglasses. The location of the temples keeps the details central. Perry is an aviator-style frame with a slim design and double bridge.

Mosley Tribes Dorset sunglasses

As for sunglasses, try out a butterfly shape – this silhouette starts small in the center and flares outward towards the corners at equal lengths on the top and bottom. A great example is the above Mosley Tribes Dorset sunglasses. This is a butterfly-shaped aviator frame with cool blue mirror lenses. Upswept styles draw the eye upwards, but since your square face is more proportioned, the additional bottom flare keeps everything in line.

Beausoleil is back!

Beausoleil sunglasses

This ad for these stunning Beausoleil sunglasses was one of our favorites this season, perfectly illustrating a warm summer’s day with the perfect pair of shades and a luscious red lip. The retro silhouette paired with the white-hot color makes for the ultimate pair of elegant and chic designer sunglasses for the summer. And they were a hot commodity at Vizio Optic, selling out quickly. Luckily, we have great news: Beausoleil CS12-700 sunglasses are back in stock at our store in Brookline, MA!

Beausoleil CS12-700 Sunglasses

Check them out – the U-shaped white rims are complemented by a ridged gold bridge and arms, with dark lenses that make you look like a diva while protecting your eyes from the sun. Fancy and fashionable, this style will sell out fast, so make sure to contact us if you are interested in purchasing your own pair.

Join the eyewear A-list with a pair of Beausoleil shades this summer. To try on this pair of Beausoleil sunglasses, visit us at 11 Harvard St., Brookline, MA. Non-local customers can give us a call for more information on how to purchase these beautiful shades at 866-411-9428.

Electric Sunglasses For A Bright Summer

Neon shades are HOT this summer, and we’re not just talking sunglasses. Electric hues have special reign over the usual color choices of the season, allowing you to amp up your outfit with a chartreuse dress here, a hot pink heel there, and a psychedelic rainbow of colors when it comes to your sunwear. Don’t know where to start? Take a look at three of the hottest neon designer sunglasses below:

CHANEL 5227H SunglassesCHANEL 5227H sunglasses are brand new from the French fashion house. This elegant and feminine style is a great way to ease into wearing neons if you’re a bit too timid to start off bold. These CHANEL sunglasses are black with squared gray lenses, accented by an electric blue trim. The colored rim is transparent, letting its beautiful color glow in the sunlight. The signature CC logo appears in colored mother of pearl on the temples.

MYKITA Tim sunglasses

For fashionable men, there are MYKITA sunglasses in Tim, a pair of neon orange shades that will stop traffic, and not just because of its HAZMAT color! This modern aviator is made of flat metal, with a closed bridge and geometric lenses in gray. The nose pads and ears are accented with white plastic for the ultimate comfort.

Beausoleil CS12 sunglasses

Last, but not least, are Beausoleil CS12 sunglasses. With color combinations in purple/pink and blue/yellow, there’s no way you won’t be a total knockout in these neon frames. This three-toned frame features U-shaped lenses with a blue rim, mounted atop a silver frame with yellow trim. The metal arms of these Beausoleil sunglasses are capped with comfortable blue-and-yellow plastic as well.