Beausoleil is back!

Beausoleil sunglasses

This ad for these stunning Beausoleil sunglasses was one of our favorites this season, perfectly illustrating a warm summer’s day with the perfect pair of shades and a luscious red lip. The retro silhouette paired with the white-hot color makes for the ultimate pair of elegant and chic designer sunglasses for the summer. And they were a hot commodity at Vizio Optic, selling out quickly. Luckily, we have great news: Beausoleil CS12-700 sunglasses are back in stock at our store in Brookline, MA!

Beausoleil CS12-700 Sunglasses

Check them out – the U-shaped white rims are complemented by a ridged gold bridge and arms, with dark lenses that make you look like a diva while protecting your eyes from the sun. Fancy and fashionable, this style will sell out fast, so make sure to contact us if you are interested in purchasing your own pair.

Join the eyewear A-list with a pair of Beausoleil shades this summer. To try on this pair of Beausoleil sunglasses, visit us at 11 Harvard St., Brookline, MA. Non-local customers can give us a call for more information on how to purchase these beautiful shades at 866-411-9428.

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