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Best Eyeglasses for Kids

The perfect way to spruce up your child’s school wardrobe is with a new pair of glasses. Vizio Optic has an amazing selection of kids eyeglasses just in time for the holidays!

LINDBERG Kids 1501 eyeglasses are great for any occasion. They are sophisticated, yet still young and fun. They are perfect for the upcoming fashionista.


Especially in tortoise, these frames are an amazing back to school look!

For your son, LINDBERG Kids 1505 frames are the next big thing.


These glasses are stylish and won’t cause an argument about having to wear glasses to school. And, the best part about LINDBERG Kids frames is their durability. No matter how rough and tumble your son is, you won’t have to worry about his glasses snapping! These glasses are long-lasting and won’t need regular repairs . The screw-less hinges and titanium temple design are super durable, so no need to fear playground damages!

If glasses tend to get lost in your house, we recommend keeping a backup just in case! Your kids could even have a pair for school and a super fun pair for playtime, like these Etnia Kids Metroville eyeglasses. The transparent turquoise bottom and patterned black and white top of the frame is so fun and stylish!



Etnia Kids has eyeglasses in so many colors and shapes, your kids won’t know how to choose! These Etnia Kids Melmac eyeglasses are a perfect look for your daughter if she wants a more simple, yet still fun, look!


When choosing a new pair of glasses for your children, style and fit are of the utmost importance and here at Vizio Optic, those are our top priorities!

Randolph: Made in the USA

So many products are made out of our country these days. However, one of our favorite brands of designer eyewear is made right here in Massachusetts! Randolph Engineering was founded in Randolph, Massachusetts in 1972 and remains there to this day! The company is most well known for their aviator sunglasses US fighter pilots have been wearing for almost forty years!


These aviator sunglasses were invented by Jan Waszkiewicz. As the current CEO of Randolph Engineering, his son, Peter Waszkiewicz, is proud to keep his company in the US. When Randolph was first founded, 90% of eyewear was made in the United States and at the moment only 3% of designer frames are currently produced here!

While most companies took their production overseas, Randolph kept their company in the US. Waszkiewicz is thrilled to have stayed right where his father built the company. “We stayed. … And we love it and we’re on the forefront of bringing optical manufacturing back to this country” he said.

Putting the “Made in the USA” stamp on their eyewear is only one of the perks of their high quality production. “We’re well-known for our quality and are so confident, we’ll guarantee our frames for life” said Waszkiewicz.

Vizio Optic now carries a wide selection of styles from Randolph Engineering and we are proud to welcome this all American brand to our designer collection!

Best Tortoise Eyeglasses

Tortoiseshell eyeglasses have been a trend for as long as designers can remember. Whether you want to add a bit of a classic flair into your look or just want to keep up with current fashions, tortoise frames can do both.

At Vizio Optic we carry a huge selection of tortoise eyeglasses. Some of our favorite designer tortoise frames selection include the brands LINDBERG and Oliver Goldsmith.

If you are in the market for a modern style, but enjoy the classic appeal of the LINDBERG design, LINDBERG 1020 in tortoise is a great option, not to mention that it comes in 4 sizes to ensure a really great fit.


These frames work for both men and women and are the perfect everyday accessory to complete a look.

Oliver Goldsmith Annabel eyeglasses are a perfect example of classic tortoise frames. These Oliver Goldsmith designer spotted tortoise frames are a great option as a pair of up-to-date stylish women’s eyeglasses.

The classic pattern and modern shape of tortoise designer frames can dress up even the most boring work outfit and turn it into a chic look.

Oliver Goldsmith Annabel Eyeglasses

LINDBERG Air Titanium Rim

In 1993, LINDBERG introduced the revolutionary Air Titanium Rim collection. These frames feature a hypoallergenic titanium alloy that lends an unprecedented amount of flexibility to the design, which is further enhanced by a unique spiral hinge with no screws or soldering.



After the titanium alloy is formed, it is stretched and straightened by machine, creating a specific wire thickness. Titanium, while it is very light, is immensely strong, so Air Rim frames are special in that the wire is only one millimeter thick! All the frames are then assembled and adjusted by hand and lenses are grooved to allow the frame to sit inside the edge.

In order to create a wide variety colors in both matte and shiny finishes, the titanium is exposed to a specific number of volts. This electrolytic process, called anodization, “pulls” the color out of the metal itself and cannot be scratched away. Some specialty colors, such as red and orange, are painted onto the wire.

LINDBERG Air Titanium Rim frames are available in a variety of shapes for both men and women. Pictured below are the Glenn frames for women which are exceptionally light and fashionable round frames:



and Hermod LINDBERG Air Titanium Rim frames, one of our most popular frames for men:hermod

Best of Boston Eyeglasses 2014

Vizio Optic is honored to once again be named the optical of choice in Boston Magazine’s Best of Boston 2014. This is the seventh time and third consecutive year Vizio Optic has won this prestigious award.

Every year the editors at Boston Magazine, with the help of an online readers’ poll, chronicle the best this city has to offer and we appreciate the recognition of not only our vast selection of designer eyewear, but also our amazing staff.

Thank you so much Boston Magazine! We can’t wait to see what the next year brings!


Best of Boston Party 2014